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Chapter 5: Teasing with Master’s wife in front of master’s daughter

Huan’er, you’re ……”

Ning Zhongzhi’s eyes were mesmerized and her heart raced.

Although she and Yang Huan had already had sex, but between them, there was no love.

The reason she sought Yang Huan was to take revenge on her husband and to satisfy her personal desires.

She never thought of having any feelings for this young disciple.

But at this moment, her heart was truly touched.

She could feel the deep love in Yang Huan’s eyes.

For a moment, she didn’t know how to deal with Yang Huan.

“Mother, are you ready?”

Just when Ning Zhongzhi was in a daze, Yue Lingshan outside the door brought her back to reality.

“Huan’er, your words today, I’ll pretend I never heard them, between you and me…”

“We’d better be careful.”

Originally she wanted to say that whatever happened between the two she wanted to pretend it didn’t exist, not mention it again in the future, and never come again.

However, considering Yang Huan’s earnest memory and the deep love in his eyes, she finally couldn’t help herself.

“Mom is ready, why so hasty?”

Ning Zhongzhi quickly dressed and forced herself to endure her discomfort and walked out of the door.

After all, she was a martial arts practitioner, and that little discomfort didn’t affect her much.


Mount Hua, in front of the
mountain gate.

Yue Lingshan hugged Ning Zhongzhi, with Lin Pingzhi following behind her.

A group of three, intending to go to the town for shopping.

“Madam, Senior Sister, Senior Brother Lin, where are you going?”

Yang Huan quickly caught up and smiled at the three curiously.

Seeing Yang Huan coming, Ning Zhongzhi glared at Yang Huan, but Yang Huan pretended not to see it.

“I came down the mountain with your Senior Sister and your Brother Lin to buy some things, but you, what are you doing here, instead of practicing martial arts properly?”

Ning Zhongzhe winked at Yang Huan frantically, telling him to stay on the mountain and not cause any trouble.

But since Yang Huan was here, it was obvious that he was here to make trouble!

In fact, his main reason for coming is to see if there is a chance to defeat Lin Pingzhi and trigger the system reward.

Besides, he had never been down the mountain even after transmigrating, so he didn’t know much about this world.

So, he really wanted to go down the mountain to see if he could get more useful information.

“In answer to madam, this disciple has not been feeling well lately and intends to go down the mountain to see a doctor.” Yang Huan casually found an excuse.

Ning Zhongzhi frowned slightly as if to say, “When I was in bed earlier, I didn’t find that you were not feeling well!”

“Oh, really? Let me check.” Ning Zhongzhi came forward and was about to take Yang Huan’s pulse.

However, Yang Huan grabbed Ning Zhongzhi’s hand and placed it on his forehead.

When she touched Yang Huan’s forehead, Ning Zhongzhi was shocked!

It was so hot that it could fry an egg!

“…… this is indeed quite serious, so let’s go together.”

Ning Zhongzhi knew that Yang Huan was definitely not suffering from sickness, it was obviously his own doing!

However, Ning Zhongzhi had no way to expose him on the spot, so she could only take him with her.

“Madam Ning, I am ….. a little dizzy and weak …….”

Yang Huan pretended to be weak and leaned directly on the madam’s body.

Ning Zhongzhi subconsciously caught the fallen Yang Huan.

But who would have thought that this man would tease her!

His head looked up at her arrogantly and triumphantly, and his other hand slapped her ass ……

He did this in front of his daughter and future son-in-law… clearly he was up to something!

[Ding! Ding! Tease the master’s wife and trigger the evil system, getting rewarded with internal power for one year].

One year of internal strength wasn’t enough for Yang Huan to break through the realm, but it was better than nothing.

He also just patted her butt and got a generous reward, this is not bad at all.

“Pingzhi, you carry your brother Yang.”

Ning Zhongzhi pushed Yang Huan away to Lin Pingzhi.

Lin Pingzhi caught Yang Huan in a panic, with a reluctant look on his face.

However, Yang Huan was not polite with him and jumped directly on Lin Pingzhi’s back, saying, “Senior Brother Lin …… please help …… “

“No… no need to be shy….” Lin Pingzhi smiled immediately.

A group of four people, just like that, went down the mountain.

It was a difficult journey for Lin Pingzhi.

Yang Huan intended to go after him, so he used his energy to suppress him.

Lin Pingzhi felt that he was not carrying a human being, but a piece of hot iron!

It was hot and heavy, and every step he took was extremely difficult.

[Ding! Bully fellow disciples and trigger the evil deeds system, and reward one year of internal strength].

The fact that this can even trigger the system is also something that Yang Huan did not expect.

However, in this case, it was exactly what he wanted.

“Lingshan, Mom will go to the fabric shop with you.”

“Pingzhi, take your brother Yang to the doctor.”

Ning Zhongzhi instructed.

“Yes, mother-in-law.” Lin Pingzhi replied with a difficult nod.

He then carried Yang Huan on his back and turned to head towards the medical house.

At this time, Ning Zhongzhi admonished, “The town is dangerous, Pingzhi, you have low martial arts skills, don’t take the long way.”

Ning Zhongzhi was afraid that Yang Huan would kill Lin Pingzhi, so she deliberately warned him.

However, Lin Pingzhi obviously did not listen to these words.

The two of them turned into an alley, but at that moment Yang Huan, who was on Lin Pingzhi’s back, slammed his palm against Lin Pingzhi’s back with great force!

The force of his slap was truly devastating!

Lin Pingzhi’s whole body hit the ground with a violent frontal slam, in pain ……

Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Yang Huan crossed over to [The Smiling, Proud Wanderer] world to become Yue Buqun’s disciple, only to be seduced by the master’s beautiful wife at the beginning! At that time, he activated the ‘Evil Deeds System’, which allowed him to earn rewards for doing evil! [Ding! The host has cheated on the master’s wife, earning a reward: Long Rainbow Sword Technique!] [Ding! The host has killed a fellow disciple and humiliated a senior sister, receiving a reward: Red Fire Divine Skill!] [Ding! The host has deceived his master and killed an ancestor, receive the reward: Demon Heart Crossing!] [Ding! Betrayed the sect and became an imperial dog, receive the reward: Demon Sword with a Thousand Blades!] [Ding! You have conspired to usurp the throne, assassinate the sovereign and destabilize the palace.]


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