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Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Zombies on the Defeat 1

On the way back, I ran into a trio that I didn’t like.

They were called the Zombies, a clan that always picked fights with me during my adventurer days. They seemed irritated today, but it’s no longer my concern.

Even though it was none of my business, Batts spotted me and approached me with a grin on his face. His hand reached out towards me.

“Hey, defective mage. What are you doing walking around here? Get lost!”

He pushed me hard, causing me pain. If it were the old me, I might have reflected on my own dullness, thinking it was my fault.

“Hahaha. Falling flat on your ass like that is a disgrace to adventurers.”

“He’s a former adventurer, Dwarf. Don’t lump him in with us.”

But now I understand.

There’s no point to it.

I was pushed down just to release their stress, without any meaning.

I wonder what the old me would have done. Would I have laughed it off?

“Gyahahaha. What’s with that look, defective mage?”

But now I’m different.

I stand up and reject them with a fierce look.

The words that escaped my mouth, overflowing with hot anger, surprised even myself.

But they were chillingly cold.



They probably thought I wouldn’t say anything back, just like I always did. They looked like they didn’t even know what I was talking about.

I repeated it slowly.

“Apologize. That’s what I said.”

“Are you crazy? I’ll turn you rust with my magic sword Ignition!”

Batts was furious and grabbed his sword hilt, threatening me. Drawing a sword and intimidating someone was a classic adventurer style, but I wouldn’t stand for it.

“Ice Enchant!”

“What did you do?!”

“Bam! Ice +1 was added to Batts’s sword. Originally a support magic for allies.

Just a weak little magic +1.

Bart tries hard to pull the sword out of the scabbard, but the blade swollen with ice won’t budge.

“What happened?” he asks me with a stupid look.

“If you don’t understand, I’ll tell you.”

“That sword won’t come out for a month.”


Bartts’s greatest weapon, the magic sword Ignition, was sealed. A sword meant to be pointed at monsters should not be aimed at civilians.

Did they get angry because their comrade fell? The dwarf wields an ax, and the elf man points his staff.

“You’ve been pretty cheeky.”

“For a beginner magician, it’ll cost you dearly.”

I’m the one who’s angry.

Why do I have to be belittled by you guys even after I quit being an adventurer?

I’m not good at holding back.

How far do I have to go before they back down?

Today might be the first time I kill someone.

Suddenly, a rough voice from the bystanders broke the tense atmosphere.

“I can’t stand it! Three against one, enough already!”

“Aix! Big sis is here to help.”

What? Could it be my ally?

I looked at the intruder who appeared.

I know the dog girl from the set meal shop with two forks. But who is the tough-looking old man with a kitchen knife? Could he be the manager of the set meal shop? I might have seen him for the first time.

Batts jumps on him.

“Huh? Who are you? We’re here to teach this guy a lesson because he’s a failure.”

“Ahhh! Shut up the fuck up! You cowards, you want me to show you what I’m made of? If you want to say something, first of all.. Pay up for last month’s bill!”

“You’re three days late!”

The set meal shop duo doesn’t back down.

The Zombies thought they were the heroes of the town and that no one would oppose them.

“Hey, do you think you can mess with us without any consequences? Hey, everyone!”

However, Batts’s voice as a hero didn’t carry any weight.

The onlookers, who were expected to move, remained motionless.

Before I knew it, I was laughing.

“You guys aren’t that great.”

The counterattack begins.

“Sharpener (+1 sharpness).”

“Wow, nice. As I thought, I’m handsome.”

“Manager, I prefer the Tsukemen.”

The set meal shop owner gazed at his shining knife and felt a thrill of excitement.

Dog girl licked her fork.

(TLN: The manager saw a reflection of himself in the knife that was so sharp that he could use it as a mirror. Dog girl replied with Tsukemen (one of the traditional Japanese dishes), the pronunciation is almost the same as ikemen (handsome).)

She piled on more strength.

Increasing attack frequency, even by one, was a threat.

“Support one!”

“What the…? I’ll take you apart!”

“I’m so hungry! It’s now three versus three. Great, Aix!”

The hero Butts’ face turned pale as not a single person in the town supported him.

What will you do?

Oops, it’s time to run away.

“Stop taking everything seriously. You’re such a bore. I’ll pay you back soon. Let’s go.”

How naive.

I won’t let you go!


Butts’ face twisted in anger.

So what? I won’t let you go until you apologize!

The onlookers’ eyes seemed to be on my side today.


Hearing the voice that sounded full of regret, I accepted the apology and watched the three of them leave without a fight.

I defeated the zombies.

…I thought they would be more persistent, but they were just so boring.

The onlookers cheered.

“Nice one!”

When the zombies treat them to drinks, their opinions will change 180 degrees.

Still, I felt the reality of having won against the zombies. Ah, I defeated them as a hero.


Yeeesss! Feels good!

I know. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Overflowing gratitude.

“Thank you very much.”

“Hmph. You’re a regular here.”

“Aix, what’s your order?”

The goddess of luck was the gruff uncle who rubbed his nose in embarrassment and the dog girl who wagged her tail and looked for scraps.

I expressed my gratitude and got carried away.

No, please let me get carried away.

I offered a big silver coin!

“A deluxe full-course special, please!”

“Coming right up, a deluxe full special!”

“I’ll show you my spirit!”

Today, we celebrate our victory at the diner.

“What the…? Did you get too excited and cut through the cutting board?”

“Wait, what are you doing, boss?”

I apologize in my heart for the little trouble from the kitchen. Sorry.

A hungry, delicious smell fills the air.

Dog girl slams the food on the table with a smile.

No, actually, she just placed it there, but the table shook as if she had hit it.

“Thud!” A mountain of stir-fried meat.

“Gefuu~” (gagging sound)

“Thud!” A skewer mountain.

“Thud!” A mystery meat steak.

“… ”

Afterwards, the mountain dish arrived…


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“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

"I… Don't Want to Work Anymore" I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won't Do It. I Will NEVER Work Again., "Mou.... Hatarakitakunaindesu" Boukensha Nanka Yamete yaru. Imasara, Taiguu wo Kaerukara to Onegai sarete mo Okotowaridesu. Boku wa Zettai Hatarakimasen., もう‥‥働きたくないんです』冒険者なんか辞めてやる。今更、待遇を変えるからとお願いされてもお断りです。僕はぜーったい働きません
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Aix is a 19-year-old E-Rank adventurer. He is a “prodigy” mage that solely specializes in ‘Effect Duration Extension’. He has spent the last five years working like a s*ave around the clock throughout the week. When he finally collapses from exhaustion and wakes up on his doorstep, he finally comes to terms with himself. “I’m going to quit this job!” After quitting his job as an adventurer, Aix announced that he would no longer work. The people who had been enjoying the benefits of the unusually long duration novice magic cause of Aix, panicked when they realized that there was no one to replace him, but it was too late. He smiled and refused all the threats and attempts to coerce him. “I will NEVER work again!” The new life of a novice mage who has been told he won’t work begins now!


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