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Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Business Booming, the Enchanting Sister Zi

The Sister Zi was never one to procrastinate.

Li Mo taught her the drawings and methods that day, and she arranged for her workshop to start production the next day.

Three days later, the first batch of finished products was delivered to Purple Orchid Pavilion.

Sister Zi personally taught the girls how to wear them.

After wearing them and covering themselves with a light veil outside and a short skirt over their legs, when they stood outside, the long legs wrapped in silk stockings immediately caught the attention of passersby!

Half covered and half revealed, the hazy sense of mystery was like a series of hooks, making it hard for people to look away!

The girls standing at the door were sharp-eyed and actively greeted familiar faces.

“Mr. Zhang, are you here today to listen to a story or have some tea?”

“Listen… drink… Hiss~ Little Cui, what are you wearing on your legs, why is it so slippery? Come, come, come to the room, let the papa lick you, no, let papa touch you properly!”

Just as a man entered, another attendant arrived.

An eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl immediately entwined herself around him, flirting and asking, “Oh, Mr. Yang, how come you have time to come today?”

Li, the attendant, was stunned and said, “Huh, Xiang’er, it’s been a few days since I last saw you, you’ve grown so big already?”

Xiang’er swayed her body, dazzling with a white light.

“Really? Mr. Yang, do you want to take a closer look again?”

Li’s mouth watered, “Yes, yes, of course!”

Within just a few days, Purple Orchid Pavilion’s reputation was once again established in Xinzheng.

The novel three-piece set directly captured the minds of men.

Half-hidden and half-revealed was the most deadly temptation!

The stockings not only covered the flaws on the skin of the legs, but also decorated the leg shape, giving women a more hazy feeling.

What men wanted was that sense of mystery!

Ten days later, Nongyu eagerly ran into the Sister Zi’s yard with a stack of bamboo slips.

“Sister Zi, Sister Zi, I looked at the accounts for this month and guess what?”

While the Sister Zi was trying on the new silk stockings just released from the workshop, which were also the drawings provided by Li Mo.

Compared to the old style, this new style not only had a lace trim around it, but also two straps extending all the way to the little pants.

Wearing a short skirt to cover the little pants, only revealing the two straps and the thighs wrapped in stockings.

The direct allure and conquest was at its peak!

“Huh~ Sister Zi, this pair feels so seductive when worn!”

Sister Zi had a very good relationship with Nongyu, so Nongyu sometimes did not pay much attention when speaking to her.

With the increase in the seductive power of the stockings and the Sister Zi’s enchanting temperament, Nongyu’s first impression was that it was very seductive.

Sister Zi, with her soft purple hair scattered about, raised her head and gave her a charming look.

Charmedly said, “That’s right, it’s exactly this feeling.”

Not everyone had the enchanting skills like her, so apart from some particularly exceptional girls, there were also some ordinary ones outside.

To retain customers, of course, the more attractive they looked, the better!

And they had to be attractive to those high-status individuals!

To make them linger at Purple Orchid Pavilion!

It was not just a place for romance, but also relying on the girls she trained to gather information!

Men are satisfied, their mouths will become softer than the bodies of the girls!

“What’s the matter? You look so happy.”

Sister Zi straightened her stockings, put down her skirt and hid them inside. She was also wearing the latest high heels.

With every step, swaying a graceful posture, she walked to the table and sat down.

It was then that Nongyu remembered why she was here. Placing the bamboo slips in her arms on the table, she exclaimed, “Sister Zi, I calculated the accounts for the past half month today. Can you guess what I found?”

Sister Zi poured her a cup of tea and leisurely said, “Found that the business improved?”

Nongyu, parched, finished the tea in one gulp, holding the cup with excitement in her eyes: “Not only did it improve, the profits for this half month are almost as much as the previous two months combined!”

“Many customers are acting crazy as soon as they arrive!”

Here, it’s not just about the clear income, it also includes the customers’ appreciation, which is the main source of profit!

Sister Zi raised an eyebrow, seemingly unsurprised. One stocking off at a time, one button undone at a time. Of course, she earned more than before!


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