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Chapter 45

The practical training of the Knight Department at Jan’s University was targeted by terrorists. When this information reached the intelligence headquarters, Dmitry grimaced and said, “Punish those bastards.”

“Yes, sir.”

The intelligence headquarters closely monitored the university event. Naturally, safety measures for the training site were impeccably prepared.

As for the Crown Prince’s faction, they remained quiet since the last incident.

Foreign anti-government organizations, disabled fools, what could they possibly do?

And demons? Do they have the resources to deploy forces near Frechenkaya?

So, based on objective evidence and rational inference, Dmitry believed there was no threat to Jan’s University.

What kind of idiot would plant a terrorist organization in the capital and try to disrupt a university event?

And blow up the royal palace in the meantime. And to top it off, Enrique personally leads her students on a training exercise?

Those lackeys. What have they done so far? Are they just eating a blind salary?

As a result, when the third informant told the same story, Dmitri had a grimace face, wiping his dry face.

“…Deduct my salary.”

“Yes, Colonel.”

He turned.

He grabbed his coat and left the headquarters. He had to meet his senior. Being on-site, he might know something.


“Hey, Essi.” (Isabelle)

“Sure, fine.” (Ecdysis)

“We haven’t begun our conversation yet.” (Isabelle)

“This is the fourth time I’ve heard it.” (Ecdysis)

Ecdysis regarded Isabelle with a solemn look.

When news of the terrorist attack during the practical training spread throughout the university, she rushed to find her longtime, almost only friend.

But when she arrived at her house, there was no sign of the victims of the terror.

Next to six broken wooden swords, she smashed a scarecrow with a new one, detailed with meticulous beard drawings.

“Still, listen. I feel like I’m losing my sanity and feeling confused,” Isabelle expressed.

“Hmm,” Ecdysis responded.

“Don’t misunderstand. This is about a friend.”

Ecdysis halted just before the harsh reality, refraining from blurting out, “You don’t have any friends except me.”

She’s such a kind and delicate music student.

“Whenever I’m in peril, he materializes, rescues me, handles everything, and goes as far as meeting me in person to confide secrets. I believe he has feelings for me.” (Isabelle)

“That’s quite a particular interpretation…” (Ecdysis)

“Then, is there another explanation? He can’t possibly see me only as a friend.” (Isabelle)

Maximilian was practically a vegetative. Due to political and economic reasons, that’s almost the same as being missing for four years—essentially treated as dead even in South Korea.

So, Isabelle is informally in a stepfamily. Her mother was common, so aside from the favors Tylesse Palace provides, she has no special social or economic background.

It might be unjust for a real orphan like Yuri to hear, but Isabelle genuinely believed that.

“That’s… is it?” (Isabelle)

It might be unjust for a truly poor girl to hear, but from Ecdysis’s perspective, Isabelle is economically vulnerable. (Isabelle even has a two-story house with a yard.)

Ecdysis is a princess of a country, Einar’s eldest daughter, and his most cherished child. She is so wealthy that she could smack a bandit over the head with a musical instrument that costs as much as a house.

Therefore, their conversation showed a peculiar understanding.

Honestly, there’s probably nothing to gain by approaching Isabelle. Isn’t this just poking fun?

When their discussion reached this point, Isabelle felt unfairly treated, pounding her chest.

“Then why does he always refuse whenever I invite him to eat?” (Isabelle)

“No, listen. A girl who’s ten years younger, attractive, kind, excels in school and sports, and leads a good life. If he doesn’t like her, why is he pushing her away?” (Isabelle)

“You really seem to be obsessed with that friend of yours…” (Ecdysis)

When an incomprehensible result is reached, people start interpreting the situation in the direction they want to believe.

Confirmation bias is a scary thing.

In the end, Ecdysis nodded and said, “I’ll look into it. My uncle mentioned that he’s close to that guy. You never know. He might be a huge flirt, fooling around with everyone.”

Was it to that extent? Isabelle thought, contemplating Ivan’s face. A flirt… messing around with various women…?

Hmm. From the perspective of a man as cool as him, that’s possible… is it? Yeah, it seems likely.

Isabelle was in confusion!

Sadly, Yuri, who could have appropriately intervened, was currently lying in the theology department’s infirmary. Therefore, there was no one here to explain that the mad ax-wielder John Wick would kill ten more people in the time it took him to approach a woman…


Ivan’s day is busy. Operating the orphanage, going to university to manage the trees, providing security for the warrior trainees, organizing daily reports and the orphanage’s financial records – only after all this can he have some rest.

His rest usually involves cleaning his sergeant’s gear. Grinding the axe blade until the cotton is cut without a sound, disassembling and cleaning the firearms, then leaning back on the couch after oiling them, he closes his eyes for a moment.

That was Ivan’s day.

The crucial point is that it has now become past tense. After the practical training terror incident, several days in a row, Enrique has been occupying his precious resting place, protesting and refusing to leave.

“Enrique, it’s time to go home now.” (Ivan)

“What are you talking about? I made a promise, right? A promise that can’t be broken, huh? No camaraderie?”

“…Isn’t it simply that you don’t want to go to work?” (Ivan)

“Master is upset. Young Ivan always believed everything I said. Bring back my old Ivan.” (Enrique)

Since the practical training terror incident, Enrique had secluded herself in the orphanage director’s office.

As the main culprit who entangled around 50 noble trainees in the terror incident, she was being pursued and avoided by everyone.

“I feel unjust. I mean, did you think it was me? If there’s a kid who expects the dwarves to suddenly barge in, they should catch him and torture him. F*ck.” (Enrique)

“Well.” (Ivan)

In an instant, Ivan, who became a demon spy, nodded without saying a word.

“That’s what I’m saying. And hey, don’t try to dump it all on me just because you don’t want to take responsibility. You’re not quite an adult.” (Enrique)

Those words of yours aren’t quite adult, Ivan thought inwardly.

Ivan believed that even if he lived for over a century, he didn’t want to grow old in such a way.

“So, what I’m saying is, um. How about I express my remorse and retire? No matter how I think about it, it seems like I’ve been living too hard. Isn’t it time for a break, even just a little?” (Enrique)


“How about a trip? How about the sea? I don’t like mountains.”

“Why does it sound like I’m going with you?”

“Well, because you’re going with me?”

As a practical person, Ivan had no intention of entertaining the ramblings of an elderly person from over a century ago.

He snatched Enrique’s teacup and said, “Anyway, the university won’t hold you accountable for anything special. It was literally an accident.”

“Th-that’s true?”

“Yeah. Initially, the responsibility should lie with the intelligence headquarters. Preventing the infiltration of hostile forces is their job.”

“Really… Good!”

Enrique stood up, applauding. It seemed like she simply wanted comfort since she couldn’t have missed something so simple.

Ivan knows how to respect the elderly. Unlike this undeveloped world, South Korea has established Confucian principles of ethics, morality, social norms, and the longevity tradition. (There is room for controversy.)

He is such a polite person.

“So, now, go back. I have a lot to do too.”

“Oh, Master is sorry for taking up your busy time!”

“It’s nothing.”

Saint Basilicia Orphanage was his masterpiece, created with all the connections and assets he had accumulated throughout his life.

Ivan, who originally had no plans to turn this place into a nursing home for vampire elders, chased Enrique, who had a wounded expression, out of the director’s office.

“Oh, right. Going to the sea is not a joke. Since it turned out like this, experiential learning. Should we try something like that again? Besides, I heard whispers from the royal court.”

“The royal court?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Why, Krasilov is struggling a bit with the tourism industry. University students are all from noble families, and later they’ll be in their own positions. Let’s do some promotion in advance. It’s like a national project!”

“…It might be better to give up.”

The idea is understood, but it’s a very foolish choice.

Academy group tourism always leads to a terrible crisis.

If it’s the sea, bizarre tribes like mermaids or krakens might inexplicably pop up.

But Ivan is a practical person. He had no desire to be treated like a vampire goblin or a prophet, so he had enough courtesy not to force his ‘common sense’ on others.

After roughly seeing off Enrique, he sat down and let out a deep sigh.

Now I can finally rest a bit.

He took out his cherished axe for mental stability, and, after oiling it, began the careful process of wiping it with an oiled cloth.


While Ivan enjoyed a quiet time with his sentimental axe, Ecdysis was secretly making contact with her uncle, who was volunteering at the orphanage, to gather intelligence.

‘Professor Enrique shared the same room for three days…?!’

Ecdysis couldn’t bring herself to share this shocking information with her long-time friend. After all, Professor Enrique is her father’s friend and a member of the hero party!

Ecdysis remembered her well. While she behaved like a quiet professor at the university, her true nature was that of a vampire.

During her active duty days, soldiers who fell for her charms were countless across a front line. A bewitching beauty with overwhelming magical power, she secretly admired Enrique back in those days…

Honestly, when compared to Enrique, Isabel has very little chance. Excluding the fact that she’s younger, how could she compete with the hero of the warrior party?

Ecdysis sobbed, recalling her friend’s sad love. Her pure heart crumbled amidst the despicable love games of adults (no, it’s not that).

‘I have to keep Bella unaware…’

Ecdysis wasn’t bold enough to calmly reveal the fact that the person actively pursuing her friend (no, not that) regularly engages in physical relationships with university professors (no, not that either), a dreadful womanizer (it’s a misunderstanding).

Holding her three-month-old baby (violin) tightly, Ecdysis swore to handle the man within her limits.

For the sake of her friend and brothers, a warrior of Drovian doesn’t hesitate to stain her hands with blood.

And she is the best warrior in Drovian, the daughter of King Einar. She firmly vowed to become a just warrior sworn to her father’s honor, dedicated to eliminating cunning adversaries.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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