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Chapter 40

Contrary to the misconceptions of many, Ivan is not particularly fixated on axes. (Dmitri, his immediate successor, did not agree with this statement.)

However, in Ivan’s opinion, the axe was a tool with many advantages.

When chopping or cleaving, it has a stronger center of gravity than a sword.

It can be utilized as a hammer when striking from the back, and along the curved edge of the axe, it can entangle an opponent’s weapon like a hook.

Besides its advantages as a military weapon, there are many other uses; at some point, Ivan had compiled a list of various uses for an axe.

It’s useful for opening bottles, cans, doors, cracking nuts, and anything else that can be tackled.


So, the reason for Ivan’s thoughts was rather simple.

He was currently drawing his sword. Personally, he didn’t particularly like swords, but it was necessary.

He planned to respond to the on-site practical assault with his best efforts. One could feel his sincerity from the fact that he had armed himself with an axe.


Every time he thought of that arrogant elf, it was enough to make his teeth grind. Prepared with all sorts of attack spells, and what for? A test?

On the other hand, he was not bothering to take out most of his weapons, more like going for a casual walk. At most, he had a pistol and an axe!

To justify, that was how it was. Ivan knew he was making excuses, but anyway, he learned an important lesson.

-*Be prepared for the armed state in case a warrior party-level power emerges and becomes hostile at any time.*

Basically, he didn’t care about the type of weapon as long as he could wield it. While there might be more familiar weapons, there was no such thing as an unfamiliar military weapon.

After all, he had been on the front lines for 20 years. Supply weapons often broke, so everything at hand on the front line had to be utilized.

Ivan strapped a dagger to his waist, slung a sword over his shoulder, tied an axe to his lower back, and stuffed a pistol, magazines, and a few explosive grenades into his pouch.


“Isn’t this year’s candidate amazing, Miss Enrique?” (Robert)

“Oh, indeed.” (Enrique)

“I have high expectations. It’s a test personally supervised by Miss Enrique! All the nobles of Frechenkaya wanted to watch together.”

“Is it to make students a spectacle?” (Enrique)

“Oh, no! It doesn’t mean that!” (Robert)

Enrique shook her head with an expressionless face. The guy blabbering beside him was a 2nd-year knight majoring in knighthood. His name… she doesn’t remember.

She had lived for a long time. (She doesn’t admit it.) It meant that she had faced and sent off as many people as her years.

The way undead look at the world is as follows: those who have nothing to remember try not to remember. If you don’t want to spend your life mourning every acquaintance you’re going to say goodbye to, you have to do that.

For this guy, it wasn’t worth it. Enrique didn’t bother to remember the name of this ‘professor’.

“They say Sir Oscar’s skills have improved a lot. I have great expectations.” (Robert)

“Ah, you’re from Tylesse, aren’t you?” (Enrique)

“Yes, you remembered me!” (Robert)

I vaguely remembered. I think he was from some kind of royal guard in Tylesse….

Enrique lowered her head.

“Isabella is also a talented individual. Yuri Frank, that kid is excellent too.” (Enrique)

“Isabella, maybe, but Yuri Frank. I did look at the file for that student, but well… for a commoner, she’s quite something.” (Robert)

“A commoner… you say?” (Enrique)

Enrique chuckled. Well, coming from a war orphan, you could say she’s a commoner.

Would this sleek-looking guy really know? Half of the warrior party were commoners.

Maximilian, Ainar, and her. Enrique.

But what can you do? Nobles want to think that way. Now, with youthful vigor a thing of the past, Enrique shrugged.

“Enrique.” (Ivan)

At that moment, Ivan was approaching from a distance. Ignoring the chattering professor, Enrique raised her hand.

“Oh, Ivan! What’s up?” (Enrique)

“Can I watch?” (Ivan)

“Today’s exam? It doesn’t matter, but why bother?” (Enrique)

“I want to confirm something.” (Ivan)

“Confirm…?” (Enrique)

Enrique stood by Ivan with a sly smile. The expression of the professor standing next to her turned abruptly cold.

What’s with this discrimination? In his eyes, the newcomer who had just arrived looked like a mere gardener.

“Nice to meet you. I am Professor Robert Sennar de Mondrangi of the Knight Department. What’s your name?” (Robert)

“Ivan Petrovich.” (Ivan)

Even just hearing the name, you can tell. Judging by the typical ‘nickname’ of Krasilov, he’s a commoner without a surname.

Robert’s eyes became colder. He furrowed his brow.

“Commoner. You should know your place and find your seat. There must be plenty of trees to tend to at the university. Why bother coming all the way here?” (Robert)

“…?” (Ivan)

What’s he saying? Ivan tilted his head.

It was strange. It had been so long since he faced someone who challenged him like this that it was difficult to give an appropriate response.

Usually, in such cases, Ivan’s tendency was to bring down his axe on the other person’s head. In the military, when people started looking down on him, it led to many troublesome situations.

But this was a university. How should one handle it in society? Ivan took a moment to organize his thoughts.

Fortunately, Ivan didn’t need to intervene directly.

“Hey, Professor.” (Enrique)

“Yes, Miss Enrique!” (Robert)

“Do you want to die?” (Enrique)

“…What?” (Robert)

Enrique glared at Robert with burning eyes.

“Ivan is my guest. He’s a friend in a small sense and a colleague in a big sense. How dare you insult my guest in front of me. Is this Tylesse’s etiquette?” (Enrique)

“That…” (Robert)

“Shut up. I tolerated your foul odor because I have a good nose. Four years ago, that alone would have been enough to kill you. The world has become quite nice.” (Enrique)

Enrique’s aura was oozing with hostility. Ivan reached out his hand to calm down this ignorant and hysterical elderly man.

“Enrique. It’s okay.” (Ivan)

“No, this guy is making a disgusting sight!” (Enrique)

“Let’s start the exam. The students are waiting.” (Ivan)

“Ugh, seriously.” (Enrique)

Enrique cleared her throat and turned away. Exposed to her aura, Robert was still trembling.

Ignoring him, Ivan also walked alongside Enrique. Students had gathered in the clearing of the forest.

It was the first major exam for the 1st-year students of the Knight Department. The [Ambush Response] had begun.


There were a total of 52 1st-year students in the Knight Department. They stood on the platform, each armed with the basic equipment provided by the university, gazing at Enrique.

Enrique raised her hand and opened it wide. A small bead was clutched in her hand.

“This exam is an ambush response. My specially trained individuals are scattered throughout this forest. They are planning to directly attack you.” (Enrique)

The students didn’t waver at Enrique’s words. It was within their expected range.

“But that makes it lack discrimination. Just by luck, there might be students who won’t be targeted. Now, if you manage to defeat the attackers who are targeting you, you’ll receive bonus points. And one more thing.” (Enrique)

She shook the bead as she spoke.

“I’ll give each of you this bead. It’s a magical device with a simple location detection spell. If you arrive at the opposite side of the forest while protecting this bead, you pass. Additionally, if you have more than one bead, extra points will be added.” (Enrique)

There was a commotion among the students at her words.

The best way to respond to an ambush is to form a group. Basically, if there are several gathered, you can eliminate blind spots.

But what about those conditions? In that case, what if they formed small groups, held off the attackers, and then escaped with the beads while the attackers and other students were in turmoil?

“Not everyone can pass. The top five who escape the forest first will receive the highest points, and deductions will be made based on the escape time. Total of four hours. Protect the bead and pass through the forest within that time. Understand?” (Enrique)

Ivan nodded his head as he listened to Enrique’s words. It was a curriculum almost identical to the one used to train new recruits in the Cleansup Unit.

That alone was strange enough for an exam, but in a different sense, this method was also ‘familiar.’

‘It’s such a favorable environment for external hostile forces to intervene.’

This forest is within the Frechenkaya territory. Moreover, if you go a little further from the outskirts of the forest, there is a military base stationed there.

In other words, it’s a perfectly safe space. So, planning such an intense exam and getting approval from the university would be understandable.

However, this is an academy field exercise. Therefore, there will definitely be an external attack.

Then, let’s think about ‘how’ excluding ‘why.’

‘I can’t lurk in the forest. Enrique’s subordinates have probably already searched it.’

So where would the attack start?

It wouldn’t be from the sky. After the incident with the elven aerial battleship, Krasilov was sincerely committed to air defense.

It’s almost impossible for a ground attack. Even if there was a way to reach it, the Situation Command is now very sensitive due to the recent train terrorist attack in this area.



According to the elimination method, the only place where attackers could appear is underground.

You should be sure that an attack will happen for this to be possible, but Ivan was a sensible person, so he didn’t doubt it.

‘Those average guys.’

Assuming that attackers would come through the underground tunnels, the only race that came to mind was Dwarves.

Those communist shorties. If those guys were planning an underground attack, it would be almost impossible to prepare in advance. It’s because it’s unpredictable where they would emerge.

Considering their tactical goals, deduction was possible. Assuming that Dwarves were attacking, if the Demon Army deliberately targeted the entrance exam of the academy, the target was already decided.

‘Isabelle or Oscar.’

The members of the hero party are targets of hatred for the Demon Army. A party that slaughtered most of the Seven Dragons and even defeated the Demon King. Although they themselves are now integrated into various social strata and it’s difficult for them to be directly hit, it’s not the case for their children.

Seeing those who drove the entire demon race into a pit happily raising their children, it would be a twisted situation from the demon’s perspective.

From that point of view, from Ivan’s perspective, this incident is very transparent.

If the motives, methods, and goals of the terror are specified, it’s no longer terrorism. It’s just a riot.

Ivan looked at Isabelle, who was holding the bead, from a distance. She was giggling, seemingly lost in thought.


Ivan, sidestepping his hips, placed his hand on the sword.

To deal with Dwarves, he drew his sword. Dwarves were a race difficult to handle with axes.

So, it means preparations are complete.


“What is it… really, Uncle.”

Isabelle looked at Ivan, who was standing in a corner of the platform, sidestepping an ill-suited sword like a knight. It looked quite sturdy and confident.

Ivan is a gardener. Strictly speaking, he is a national secret agent, but at least on the surface, he is a gardener.

So, if this Ivan, who is a gardener, is here to witness this exam, there must be a reason.

“You worry too much. Really.”

Isabelle turned her gaze, carefully managing her expression. Deep down, the old man is worrying about her. And probably, he wants to confirm the education he provided.

Yeah, let’s show him.

Isabelle shrugged her shoulders, firmly gripping the hilt of the sword.

Let’s proudly show the results of the dreadful training over the past few days and snatch the top spot.

And then, thank him for helping with the training, naturally leading to a meal, well… or even coffee. Hmm… or maybe a play.

After all, Krasilov is a country renowned for its cultural arts.

Isabelle, for a moment, imagined Ivan watching an opera and laughed, thinking how terribly mismatched it would be.


At that moment,

Ivan, being an extremely efficient person, was preparing to shave the Dwarves.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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