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Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – White Royal Family Wants to Get Along 4

I am Shiron, the seventh princess of the Whitening Kingdom. Lately, I’ve been a little worried about my younger sister, who is much younger than me. She is mischievous and innocent, and she looks up to me as her older sister, who was born from a maid’s belly. However, she is too defenseless.

“Hehehe. Sister, we are going to meet the Great Mage now.”

A mysterious mage who refused to have dinner with us but suddenly offered to meet tonight with conditions. I wonder what he is planning.

Since mages are said to be eccentric, I don’t want her to be influenced in a bad way.

“Hey, Rula. I want to meet the person who made that mysterious cool stick too.”

“So, you want to meet him too, sister! Alright, I’ll introduce you.”

I followed her to the teleportation circle.

It’s an unusual event for me, who lives a regular life. But Rula always does this.

“Grandpa, can I come too?”

“Oh, it’s you, Shiron-sama! It’s rare to see you serious.”

“Is it okay, Grandpa?”

Grandpa looked a little troubled.

He seems to be having a hard time. So, I’ll take over a little tonight.

I will protect Rula.

“Shiron-sama, it’s good that you have come, but there are a few things to note.”

“Well, could you please tell me?”

The old man seemed to hesitate before speaking.

“The person we are inviting tonight, Aix-sama, please do not use the word ‘work’.”


“Hehehe. It seems that the great mage-sama no longer wants to work.”

It seems that man doesn’t want to work. What a useless guy. There are obligations that come with one’s position. It’s unfair to run away from unpleasant things and only enjoy the benefits. Even though I’m also a bird in a cage.

“Listen, Shiron-sama. Please refrain from asking Aix-sama about work, why he doesn’t work, when he will work, or offering to employ him. It’s strictly prohibited. Today’s purpose is only to get along. Please.”


“Miss, why does your smile look scary?”

With some unease, the banquet with the great mage Aix was prepared.


Aix was sleeping on an empty stomach at an inn because he had no money.

“I’m hungry… If no one comes to get me, I’ll go to Luca’s house in the morning. No, I’ll go to Rina’s house since it’s closer. What’s with all the noise outside?”

Looking out the window, he saw a luxurious carriage parked outside. In a place like this?

He heard a knock on the door. Could it be his ride? He felt a mixture of hope and fear. What if it was a misunderstanding? What if he was embarrassed for nothing? He hesitated, but the person outside didn’t seem to notice and shouted loudly.

“Great Magician Aix, we’ve come to pick you up!”

Wait, what?

The person who came to pick him up said he was the Great Magician? But everyone calls him a defective mage.

He opened the door and met the gaze of curious onlookers who had gathered outside. They smoothly found the missing Great Magician, who wasn’t there. He could understand their feelings.

Irresponsible chatter reached his ears.

“There’s no way he is the Great Magician. Where is he? Did he disappear?”

“You must be blind, you idiot.”

“He’s the Great Magician.”

He felt extremely embarrassed.

Feeling like he wanted to disappear, he was dragged into the excessively luxurious carriage.

Upon entering, I made eye contact with someone sitting on the opposite side who I had assumed was a messenger.

“I am grateful for your invitation.”

“Oh, no, no, no. I am merely a guide, please forgive my presumption. I apologize for not standing up to greet you.”

I had misunderstood. Perhaps the person I was about to meet was even more noble than I had thought. I wish I could go back home. It’s because of my poverty.

I gazed at the intricate decorations in the carriage, feeling as if I were on a wagon bound for the mines.

“We have arrived, Sir.”

As I stepped out of the carriage, I found myself at a cozy hideaway cafe with Luca and Crazy Bear.

I felt like I was being teased.

This was a calming place with coffee scents wafting through a small private room. Would we be having light refreshments tonight? It wasn’t particularly satisfying, but it was good that it wasn’t too flashy.

“Oh… I’ve been here before.”

“I thought so! This place requires a special membership card. It’s understandable that only VIPs like yourself would be difficult to invite.”

After going down the stairs and entering the basement, the guide stopped in front of a mysterious door and opened it with a gold membership card taken from his pocket.


“That’s all for my guidance. As usual, please go ahead.”

Beyond the door, there was a twisted and distorted space, like I’ve heard in rumors, a teleportation gate really existed.

The guide looked at me with a face that seemed to say, “Why aren’t you going?” But I have no idea how to use it, and I never expected there to be a hidden door inside a secret hideout!

“Hurry up, or we’ll be late,” he urged.

And then he pushed me into the teleportation gate.

This unpleasant feeling is similar to the dealings with the residents of the Abyss. I have nothing left to offer as compensation.

I was sucked in.


My teleportation debut!

When I get back, I’ll brag to Luca and Crazy Bear.

And I won’t forgive that guide.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

"I… Don't Want to Work Anymore" I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won't Do It. I Will NEVER Work Again., "Mou.... Hatarakitakunaindesu" Boukensha Nanka Yamete yaru. Imasara, Taiguu wo Kaerukara to Onegai sarete mo Okotowaridesu. Boku wa Zettai Hatarakimasen., もう‥‥働きたくないんです』冒険者なんか辞めてやる。今更、待遇を変えるからとお願いされてもお断りです。僕はぜーったい働きません
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Aix is a 19-year-old E-Rank adventurer. He is a “prodigy” mage that solely specializes in ‘Effect Duration Extension’. He has spent the last five years working like a s*ave around the clock throughout the week. When he finally collapses from exhaustion and wakes up on his doorstep, he finally comes to terms with himself. “I’m going to quit this job!” After quitting his job as an adventurer, Aix announced that he would no longer work. The people who had been enjoying the benefits of the unusually long duration novice magic cause of Aix, panicked when they realized that there was no one to replace him, but it was too late. He smiled and refused all the threats and attempts to coerce him. “I will NEVER work again!” The new life of a novice mage who has been told he won’t work begins now!


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