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Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Holy Grail Knight (5)

The tent suddenly felt cramped with the three of them inside. Rottenhammer paused as he saw Isolde tending to Isaac’s injury.

“It warms the heart to see such good care between a lady and a gentleman.”

“Don’t worry, Isaac. Just returning the favor to my lifesaver. Commander.”
Although Rotenhammer was just teasing, Isolde smoothly brushed it off.

“Well, just chat with Mr. Gebel about what I said and let me know his choice. It’s kinda important.”

Isolde left with the bandages, knowing that Rotenhammer and Isaac were about to get serious. Isaac was curious why his decision was so crucial in Gebel’s situation, but he missed the chance to ask. Rotenhammer watched Isolde go and then turned to Isaac.

“I never thought we’d see another genius in our time.”

Isaac didn’t inquire about this mysterious genius, only thinking to himself, ‘That genius has been well absorbed into my stomach though…’

Deciding to play down his talents, Isaac said, “Was his name Ian? Seems like he’s got some serious skills for a young one…”

“Newcomer? Haha!” Rotenhammer chuckled. “Ian is my son and my apprentice. Even as a trainee, he fought alongside me during the Barbari suppression. Though lacking in fancy swordsmanship, I’m pretty sure no one his age can beat him.”


“I was planning to send someone else, but after seeing your skills, I quickly changed my mind.”

Isaac was surprised that such a person was seen as the future of knights. It appeared that the general knight quality wasn’t as high as expected.

Or maybe, the talent Isaac absorbed from Calzen was exceptional.

Rotenhammer sensed Isaac’s thoughts and grinned. “I might sound old-fashioned, but those who have experienced the Dawn Army are on a different level. Recently, the knight standard has dropped significantly. Bandit hunts and the Crusades are not the same.”

“Ah, I see,” Isaac quickly caught on.

Even Gebel had some serious skills. Although Rotenhammer hadn’t seen him fight, the vibe he gave off was at least on par with Gebel’s, if not stronger.

“Once there was hope for the coming generations, though it was sadly derailed.”

Another mention of Calzen. There must be a reason why it keeps coming up. By talking about Calzen, Rotenhammer expressed regret, a sense of déjà vu, and a warning to Isaac.

“However, today, I see a new potential here.”

“Well, you seem to have high hopes for me.”

“How could I not expect great things from a genius who easily bested my apprentice? Especially when that genius opts for the noble path of the Grail Knight, with all its challenges and obstacles.”

‘Is he mocking me or trying to discourage me?’

It was probably the latter. The recurring mentions of Calzen gave it away. Thus, Isaac braced himself for Rotenhammer’s next words.

“So, for the final time, I urge you. Isaac, think about joining the Briant Knight Order.”

Isaac remained quietly thoughtful, looking at Rotenhammer.

“You’d have my full support, even for the position after me.”

“Ian wouldn’t be happy.”

“If he objects, I’ll make sure he gets on board, even if it means a little scuffle.”

Rotenhammer seemed sincere. The chance to fully utilize the resources of the knight order was a big opportunity, but Isaac’s choice remained firm. Rotenhammer’s determination to persuade Isaac implied there might be another reason beyond his skills.

To keep an eye on him.

“Hey, don’t worry about me wandering off and going rogue. That’s not my style,” Rotenhammer chuckled wryly, not bothered that his motives were out in the open. He gazed confidently at Isaac.

“You’re thinking about Calzen Miller, right? Just say it straight,” Isaac suggested.

“Exactly. I knew Calzen personally back when he was just starting out. Quiet, humble, and kind. No one saw the apostasy coming,” Rotenhammer remarked, a hint of pain in his voice.

“Sometimes the most shocking betrayals come from the true believers,” he added, almost to himself.

“You know, seeing you reminds me of him. Not as humble or kind, but your talent at such a young age is uncannily similar,” Rotenhammer observed.

“So, are you keeping tabs on me then?” Isaac inquired.

“Yeah, I am. Any issues with that? Calzen had everything – honor, wealth, even the chance to be a Seraph. But he chose to go rogue,” Rotenhammer explained, his voice tinged with curiosity.

He paused for a moment before speaking softly, “I do wonder what pushed him over the edge without a word to anyone.”

Isaac chose to ignore the last comment, sensing the potential risk associated with being linked to an apostate sympathizer.

Rotenhammer’s dedication to the Codex of Light was clear, but even he was shaken by Calzen’s betrayal.

“He kept to himself a lot. Maybe that isolation played a part in his decisions. Which is why…” Rotenhammer trailed off, looking at Isaac with concern.

“I was just worried that if you went wandering solo in the wild, you might fall into a similar trap,” he added.

Isaac let out a deep sigh, “As I said, no need to worry.”

“Why’s that?” Rotenhammer pressed.

Isaac touched his forehead, “I’ve been through the Faith Proof with Abbot Evhar.”

The trial that burns if your faith wavers in the Codex of Light. Isaac had faced it years ago, a tough ordeal that had left an impact on Rotenhammer.

“Proof of Faith? Done on someone as young as you?” Rotenhammer’s surprise was evident.

Isaac cursed the Abbot internally but chose not to delve further, aware of the repercussions.

“Yep, and the Abbot’s wrist turned to ash as a result,” Isaac explained calmly.

“The Abbot lost his wrist?!” Rotenhammer’s outburst turned heads, clearly a shocking revelation.

Isaac hushed him quickly, “Let’s keep this quiet. Don’t want any trouble for the Abbot.”

Rotenhammer nodded in understanding, connecting the dots between Isaac’s trial and Calzen’s recent apostasy nearby.

Mentioning the “Proof of Faith” seemed to have sealed the deal for Rotenhammer. He now trusted Isaac wholeheartedly and was keen on recruiting him into the Briant Knight Order.


“I think it’s about time we upped your training…”
Realizing he couldn’t convince Isaac, Rotenhammer reluctantly agreed to acknowledge him as a knight. Becoming a knight wasn’t as simple as just saying “I acknowledge you,” it was more complex than that. Unlike regular knights who were given land and pledged their loyalty, joining a knight order in games usually involved finding a monastery linked to them, taking on quests, and that’s about it.

In this world, it required a high-ranking knight and a priest to vouch for someone’s skills. So, a ceremony was set up to officially appoint Isaac as a knight, conducted in the same clearing where his duel took place. Finding a priest and knights to witness wasn’t an issue, given Isaac’s abilities and Rotenhammer’s status. Isolde, the inquisitor, also volunteered to be a witness.

The trouble started after that. Each knight order had its own “tradition” that had to be carried out. Isaac felt a bit nervous here. Gebel had mentioned how each knight order had different initiation rituals, and the examples given were all pretty strange.

Having to drink until vomiting at least five times, getting beaten up by a group of knights, being slapped across the face… Since they were military organizations, it seemed like most traditions involved some form of physical impact.

“Ready?” Rotenhammer asked as he approached Isaac with a mischievous grin. Isaac braced himself for the worst, thinking he might lose a tooth or two. However, when Rotenhammer drew his sword, Isaac gave him a serious look.

“Bow your head.”

Luckily, it didn’t entail getting hit with the sword. Surprisingly, Rotenhammer followed a traditional knighting ceremony, placing the flat side of his sword on Isaac’s shoulders.

“I, Rotenhammer, Commander of the Briant Knight Order, in the name of the Codex of Light that brings order and light to the world, ask you, Isaac.”


“Do you swear to help those in need and stand up for the weak?”


“Do you swear to fight against evil and oppose the injustices of the powerful?”


“I, Rotenhammer, Commander of the Briant Knight Order, bless the noble journey of Knight Isaac in the name of the Codex of Light that brings order and light to the world.”

Tap. Rotenhammer gently tapped Isaac’s shoulders with the flat side of the sword. It wasn’t painful. Rotenhammer then helped Isaac to his feet. Knights and trainees from all around came to celebrate Isaac’s knighthood.

Isaac accepted the well-wishes with a bewildered feeling.

It ended more smoothly than anticipated. Was that all? Just then, Rotenhammer whispered in his ear.

“It’s a shame. Had you joined our knight order, you’d have had the ‘honor’ of being covered in dung and punched by every knight… but since we’re stopping at the knighthood ceremony, you’re skipping the initiation rites.”

Isaac managed a wry smile.

That’s when a notification appeared, dispelling any doubts Isaac may have had.

[You have been class-changed to a Knight.]

[Class change conditions met!]

[With a holy relic in your possession, you qualify for a class change to a Grail Knight.]

[Would you like to change your class to Grail Knight?]

This felt more real than the ceremony itself.

Isaac hesitated momentarily before selecting ‘Yes’, not because he was unsure, but to gather his thoughts. Just like countless times before, Isaac made his choice.
It wasn’t just because the buffs were awesome, or because traveling solo was convenient.

‘I gotta fly solo.’

Isaac gently rubbed the bandaged palm of his hand, lost in his thoughts.

Taking down Heinkel had been an eye-opener. Despite Heinkel’s impressive sword skills, Isaac’s fragile body had its limitations. He had to utilize all his resources to survive in this realm.

Sure, getting the ‘Noble Journey’ buff as a Grail Knight was a big deal. But for Isaac, the real deal was honing his skills when he’s flying solo.

With his current swordplay level, Isaac wasn’t a match for Rotenhammer or Gebel. Even facing just two regular knights would be a challenge.

On the flip side, using tentacles brought a whole new level of unpredictability against any opponent.

Having taken out Calzen, who was on track to be an angel, Isaac had proven he could handle nearly any foe.

However, joining a knight order came with perks but using tentacles covertly was crucial to avoid unnecessary enemies.

‘That’s why I rolled with being a Grail Knight.’

Results are what count.

As long as his tentacles stayed under wraps, Isaac’s reputation for successful perilous missions was secure.

But sure, he didn’t plan on soloing forever.

‘2 years. Just chill as a Grail Knight until the Dawn Army revs up.’

During this time, Isaac aimed to cautiously build his status, conquer tough challengers, and boost his power by discovering sacred relics.

Maybe by then, the tentacles wouldn’t be necessary anymore.


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