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Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Holy Grail Knight (Part 3)

A brief silence fell.

Rotenhammer asked with a hint of suspicion, “You want to become a Paladin, right?”


“But you won’t join our Briant Knight Order? Do I seem unsatisfactory to you?”

“Of course not, Commander Rotenhammer. I have no doubts about your abilities…”

Isaac pondered how to delicately phrase his decision in a way that Rotenhammer would accept.

Choosing not to join the Briant Knight Order was a conclusion Isaac had reached after careful consideration.

Had he stayed at the monastery, he would have followed Gebel’s guidance. However, his experiences fighting the Wallachia hunters in the valley had led him to realize the life he needed to lead. Up until now, he hadn’t understood this, cocooned as he was in the safe shell of the monastery.

[The Nameless Chaos watches you.]

It signaled a crucial crossroads in life. Even without the implicit warning from the Nameless Chaos, Isaac knew. He dismissed the warning.

‘I know the best strategies for this game.’

Neither Gebel nor Rotenhammer were the players.

Not even the many-eyed tentacled monster that brought him to this world.

‘I’m the one who will see this game’s ending.’

With that resolve, Isaac asserted to Rotenhammer, “I intend to become a Holy Grail Knight.”


Holy Grail Knights.

Righteous knights who wander the world, seeking holy relics, vanquishing evil beings, and aiding the weak. They are the solitary heroes of countless epics and songs. In the game, Grail Knight is a secondary class for Paladin, typically considered part of the same group. However, while Paladin operate in armed units with comrades, Holy Grail Knights are lone warriors, roaming in search of holy relics.

Their never-ending travels don’t just need strong faith but also mean keeping things simple. Hunting for cool relics often involves helping out the underdog and taking on some bad guys.

The one thing they can always rely on is their reputation.

Now, seen as a relic from the past, they’re often considered old-fashioned.

‘But this path is my jam, you know.’

Isaac was chilling in the Briant Knight Order’s camp, lost in his own world.

Choosing to be a Paladin comes with lots of perks: gear, castles, sword skills, cool mentors, buddies, cash, and VIP treatment. However, Grail Knights doing their solo thing have to let go of those luxuries.

In exchange, Grail Knights get a ‘Noble Quest’ boost based on how famous and awesome they are. This boost gets stronger the more foes they take on, especially the tough ones. Finding dope relics amps up their already lit abilities.

Most of their heroic moves are boosted by this vibe.

If they come across a mega-powerful relic, a Grail Knight might even level up to match a whole squad of Holy Knights.

‘But, let’s be real, most Grail Knights bite the dust way before that.’

The real MVP is the ‘The Rite of Division’ relic Isaac scored from Heinkel, on his back. It’s top-notch, linked to the birth of gods. Even if it’s not from the Codex Light and not fully unleashed, Isaac DGAF.

To a Holy Grail Knight, it’s all about the epic relics they discover.

While others may see a relic as sacred, to Isaac, it’s just a handy tool.

‘I can always switch to a Holy Knight Order later if I need their juice.’

In the game, a Grail Knight couldn’t switch back to being a Holy Knight, but this ain’t no game. Now that he can’t do miracles, linking up with a Holy Knight Order later is still on the table.

He just needs that respect and fame of a Holy Knight.

Isaac was just biding his time.

“Yo, you there.”

As Isaac casually kicked pebbles in the open area, a dude in light armor strolled up to him. Isaac didn’t even notice he was being talked to until the guy spoke up again.

“What’s up? You from the monastery? Why you just standing there…”

Thinking Isaac was a soldier, the dude paused as they locked eyes.

Isaac gave him a quick once-over.

‘Fresh Holy Knight right there, shiny armor and all. Probably a newbie, huh?’

Feeling Isaac’s gaze on him, the dude, Ian, got all flustered and awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Hmm, curious about the Knight Order in town, huh? This place is sketchy, full of tough dudes and grown-ups. Let’s get you out of here.”

Realizing Ian got the wrong end of the stick, Isaac ran a hand through his hair.

‘Guess it’s been a hot minute since I got a haircut… Is it really this long now?’

Isaac’s look could easily be mistaken for a chick with just the long locks. He hardly dealt with this mix-up at the monastery, but this innocent Holy Knight seemed way off.

“What’s the holdup? Come on.”

“I got stuff to handle here, can’t dip yet.”

Ian looked all confused by Isaac’s reply. His voice, still kinda unisex thanks to the charm boost, added to Ian’s bewilderment. Then, someone called out to them.

“Ian, what’s the deal with this buddy here?”

Rotenhammer was heading their way.


Once Ian got called out, he stood all proper.

“So, here’s the dude I talked about who managed to dodge those Wallachia hunters all night without a scratch. I mean, I was going to call him out on his crazy move, but then Ian’s jaw hit the floor. The whole hunt for those Wallachia folks ended without nabbing anyone – pretty unsatisfying, right? And now, the real drama kicks in within the Order’s top brass: dealing with the Wallachia Kingdom, diplomacy, all that jazz.

But hey, none of that mattered to Isaac now. His focus was on the area Rotenhammer set up to ‘straighten out’ young Isaac’s wild ideas. ‘Can’t blame the guy, though,’ I bet Rotenhammer thought he was leading a talented newbie straight into disaster.

You know how they say the path to hero status is littered with bodies? Very few Grail Knights make it to retirement; most meet their end on some epic adventure. “Ready, Isaac?” Rotenhammer wasn’t about to let this kid walk into danger. Nope, he planned to teach him a tough lesson.

“Don’t forget your promise, Rotenhammer.”

“Yeah, yeah. Three victories and you’re good to go.”

But Rotenhammer wasn’t going to be the one to school Isaac. It wouldn’t look good for him to do it himself, and it’d be weird for Gebel, the guy who vouched for Isaac. So, he offered up a challenge.

“If you beat me…”

“If you win, you get to be a Paladin in the Briant Knight Order and officially recognized as a Holy Grail Knight on a sacred relic mission under the Codex of Light.”

“Deal. What are the rules?”

“One-on-one, real swords, try not to kill each other since we’ve got priests around. Win three duels, and you’re in. But—”

“But what?”

“If the fight drags on for more than 30 seconds, a new opponent joins in.” Isaac wasn’t thrilled. The rules felt pretty tough, but Rotenhammer wasn’t messing around. “Grail Knights fly solo, take on multiple opponents. If you can’t finish a fight quick, tough luck.” Isaac realized Rotenhammer meant business. This was more than just a lesson for a young guy; it was a test to see if he had what it takes to be a Grail Knight. Rotenhammer could’ve handled discipline alone if that was all it was about.

“To be a Grail Knight, I gotta start as a Holy Knight. Not a bad deal.” And so, Isaac agreed.


First up, a trainee whose name slipped Isaac’s mind. Seemed solid, but one twist of Isaac’s wrist had the guy all bent out of shape. Rotenhammer swiftly booted him off the field.

Next, an older trainee who seemed more seasoned. Isaac knew he was on his way to Holy Knight status, but to Isaac, he was just another opponent. ‘Gotta make Rotenhammer look good,’ he thought. They sparred, but the trainee caught on that he was being played. Frustrated, he lunged, and Isaac capitalized on the opening, ending the match with a swift strike.

“Nice one!””

Woah, someone shouted out at Isaac’s slick move. The Holy Knights shot him looks of disapproval, but when they found out it was Isolde who cheered, they had to hold back their grudges.

But hey, a sense of unease started creeping in.

Isaac was basically the baby of the Briant Knight Order trainees. Yet, even the veterans couldn’t stand a chance against him for more than 30 seconds. One dude was on the brink of leveling up to Paladin status!

The big question was: could the Holy Knights themselves have done any better?

‘Looks like I’ve got some serious skills,’ he thought to himself.

It might sound crazy considering he took down the Duke of Wallachia, but truth be told, Isaac never really tested his swordsmanship objectively.

Beasts, Zihilrat, and Wallachia hunters weren’t really measuring sticks for him. Facing off in a proper knightly duel, apart from Gebel, was a whole new ball game.

‘If top-notch swordplay is what makes a good Paladin… am I at least average?’

So, it was kinda no wonder the other trainees couldn’t keep up.

Isaac squared up to Rotenhammer, gearing up for the next contender.

“Who’s stepping up next? Anyone planning to swoop in after just half a minute?”

Gebel shot Isaac a look that said ‘take it easy’, feeling a sense of pride. His young protege, kind of a successor to the Avalanche Knight Order, was wiping the floor with the other trainees.

“Hey Ian, you’re up.”

“Huh, me?”

Ian looked surprised at being called out, not even on the original dueling roster. Rotenhammer didn’t repeat himself. Ian hesitated but swallowed his pride and stepped up.

He unsheathed his sword and advanced.

Isaac, remembering Ian was an official Paladin, was a bit caught off guard. This was where he’d really see how he measured up.

Ian gave Isaac a piercing look, twisting his face in scorn.

“Survived the Wallachia hunters, did you? You seem so fragile and delicate, probably overlooked ‘cause there was no blood worth sucking out.”

‘What’s his deal?’

Isaac wondered at Ian’s hostility, then it clicked that Ian was bringing up their earlier awkward run-in. He was just poking fun at Isaac’s appearance. Or maybe, Ian was using the tactic of riling someone up in a real fight.

‘A real deal Holy Knight, huh? Pulling out all the stops to show off his faith, huh?’

Ian wasn’t done and kept on with the insults. But Isaac stayed cool, closing the gap with measured steps, sword at the ready. Ian, acting all flustered by his own words, trembled a bit.

“So, staring wide-eyed with that cute face, expecting me to fall for your tricks again—”


Rotenhammer’s shout cut off Ian’s trash-talking. In that moment, Ian’s blade was in motion.

Isaac’s slow approach suddenly turned into a clash.


In that split second, locking eyes with Ian, Isaac was kinda impressed. Ian’s earlier agitated moves were just a setup, his eyes now cool and calculating.

‘Ah, so that was just a setup.’

Ian threw insults, faked agitation, and then lunged with a surprise attack. And this was some next-level swordplay from Ian’s side. He was really going all in.

But that’s where it peaked.

For Isaac, it felt like time stretched out as he pondered.

‘If he’s going all out, I should at least show some respect in return.’


Paladin of the Dead God

Paladin of the Dead God

죽은 신의 성기사
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
The only Paladin of the forgotten god, Nameless Chaos, and also the only Pope, Priest, and Worshipper.


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