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Chapter 34

===034 Elimination===

Early the next morning, all the new students gathered in the huge martial arts field. Roughly estimating, there were about 500 students, chaotic and noisy, familiar people grouping together, talking non-stop.

This kind of phenomenon is normal, and there are no teachers from the academy maintaining order.

Su Hao, Fatty, and He Qingqing stayed together, just curiously watching the chaotic crowd around them, patiently waiting without speaking.

Soon, there were new changes. On a high platform in front of the martial arts field, eight people in uniform walked out. They looked like eight teachers, five men and three women, each exuding a strong aura. With the appearance of the eight individuals, they quickly attracted the attention of all the students present, and the scene gradually quieted down.

“Clap clap clap!” At this moment, a round of applause rang out, and everyone followed their gaze.

A middle-aged man with white hair, wearing a white robe with cloud patterns, walked to the front of the eight teachers while applauding. Seeing that he had captured everyone’s attention, the middle-aged man spoke, “Welcome to the Lingyun Warrior Academy!”

The middle-aged man’s voice was low and hoarse, not very loud, but magically, everyone present heard his words clearly.

“I am Xiao Jixuan, the dean of the Lingyun Warrior Academy.”


After introducing himself, Xiao Jixuan, the students present suddenly became noisy.

“So this is Xiao Jixuan, the dean!”

“Oh my god, it’s my first time seeing him in person, he’s so handsome!”

“No wonder he’s one of the three strongest in Lingyun Town, you can tell he’s very powerful!”

“So handsome, he’s my idol!”……

Xiao Jixuan was not annoyed, but waited for the voices to calm down before slowly saying, “You are all promising individuals of our human race, the future of our human race. It is my honor to see all of you here today. Thank you for recognizing Lingyun Warrior Academy, thank you for joining Lingyun Warrior Academy.”

Xiao Jixuan paused for a moment, then continued, “Our human race stands in the world by our wisdom, by the inheritance of our generations. And the Warrior Academy is the most important place of inheritance for our human race. Here, you will embark on the path of warriors, gain great power, resist the invasion of other races, and fight for the expansion and prosperity of our human race.”

The students listened fervently.

“Here, besides martial arts training, you will also learn various knowledge, enriching your understanding, and enabling you to speak with morality, act with restraint, speak with respect, and play with moderation, to make your soul noble.”

“Practicing martial arts can grant you great power to overcome inner cowardice; learning can quietly wipe away ignorance and shallowness from your face.”

“So, I wish you success and the fulfillment of your goals at Lingyun Warrior Academy.”

After Xiao Jixuan finished speaking, he left the stage with a smile. The students below immediately started buzzing with excitement, each of their faces flushed.

Su Hao watched Fatty and He Qingqing’s excited faces and couldn’t help but sigh helplessly, “This brainwashing is worth 99 points.”

After a moment, a burly man in a cloud-patterned yellow robe walked up, his face cold and icy, as if everyone owed him money. Everyone felt the inexplicably cold aura and fell silent, carefully observing this newly appeared teacher.

Soon, the burly man spoke, “Remember, I’m Jin Datong. Listen to me obediently, there are benefits. If you don’t listen, get out of the academy.”

Jin Xiaohan in the crowd covered her face and said, “Third Brother, Big Brother is so embarrassing.”

Jin Dayan’s cold face even showed a slight blush, apologetically saying, “What are you saying? He is your Big Brother.”

Instead, Mo Xin had a infatuated look on her face, “So handsome, so handsome, Datong-ge is so handsome!”

At this moment, Jin Datong continued, “Kids, you think you’ve successfully enrolled? You’re just deluding yourselves. Let me tell you, your chaotic behavior today has displeased me! So, I have decided temporarily to eliminate some people from Lingyun Warrior Academy. Those who came will go back where they came from!”

Everyone was shocked and panicked. Another unexpected turn? Suddenly, chaos and commotion broke out again.

Chubby, beside Su Hao, nervously grabbed his arm and said, “Xiangwu, did you hear that? He’s going to eliminate some people! We’re not officially enrolled yet! What do we do? Will I get eliminated?””He Qingqing also looked at Su Hao nervously, hoping that he would tell her that she would definitely pass.

Su Hao comforted her, saying, “Don’t worry, just handle each challenge as it comes.”

Jin Datong sneered, “Have you all seen the eight teachers behind me? Each teacher can only bring 50 students, so there are only 400 spots available here. But you all… there are 518 of you! That means…”

He paused for a moment and continued, “118 of you will be eliminated.”


There was another uproar from the crowd.

This time, it was even more intense than before. Many of the inexperienced children had worried and helpless expressions on their faces, almost on the verge of tears.

Fatty was anxious and grabbed Su Hao, asking, “Xiangwu, what should we do if we get eliminated?”

Su Hao helplessly replied, “If you get eliminated, just go back to Chashan Pass!”

“No, that’s too embarrassing. If I go back like that, I’ll be laughed at.”

“Then you have to work hard to stay.”

“Xiangwu, you have to help me!”

Su Hao nodded and said, “I’ll help you if I can.”

Fatty and He Qingqing immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Jin Datong spoke again, “Now, everyone, listen to me. Otherwise, you’ll all be eliminated.”

Immediately, someone stood up and pointed at Jin Datong, cursing, “Why should I listen to you? Why should you have the power to eliminate us? I paid my money, I have my student card!”

Jin Datong nodded and said, “Very well, then congratulations, you are the first one to be eliminated. Confiscate his student card and throw him and his belongings out.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man in a black cloud-patterned robe walked in from outside the training field and picked up the eliminated person and left.

No matter how much the kid struggled and cried, it was useless.

It was at this moment that Su Hao noticed that there were more than ten men in black robes surrounding the training field, he didn’t know when they had arrived.

“This is for real!” Su Hao murmured to himself. He immediately became serious because if he didn’t get admitted, his one gold yuan would go to waste.

Jin Datong sneered, “Is there anyone else who dares to defy? Come out together, don’t waste everyone’s time.”

After waiting for a moment and receiving no response, he said, “Then, everyone, run 20 laps around the training field, and I will randomly eliminate those I don’t like! Similarly, the first person to finish will receive a corresponding reward, depending on my mood. That’s it!” Everyone looked at each other, but no one started running immediately.

Jin Xiaohan covered her face again and kept muttering, “So embarrassing, so embarrassing!”

Jin Dayan turned his face away.

“Hurry up and run!” Jin Datong suddenly became furious and roared at everyone, “I’ll count to three, anyone who doesn’t run will get lost!”


Only then did a group of children around the age of ten wake up from their daze and start running in a scattered manner.

Su Hao, along with Fatty and He Qingqing, mixed in the crowd and started running along.

He had noticed what Jin Datong had said, that during the running process, he would eliminate those he didn’t like. But Su Hao was not clear about Jin Datong’s criteria for disliking someone, so for now, he remained neutral, collecting enough information before making a judgment.

He believed that Jin Datong wouldn’t act recklessly and must have a standard for selecting suitable students.

The purpose of the run was actually to eliminate students who were not qualified.


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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