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Chapter 333

Chapter 333: One Statement in Chaos, Northern Hebei Army Turns on Itself!

Lin Beifan stepped forward and looked down at Prince of Northern Hebei’s army from a higher vantage point.

“Seeing all of you truly astounds me! Every single person has actually cultivated to the peak of the Postnatal realm! With warriors numbering over ten thousand, you can rightfully be called an invincible army!”

The army of warriors held their heads high, brimming with pride.

“Of course! We are the invincible army of the Prince, specially here to deal with all of you!”

“Under the heavens, who else can be our match?”

“Your court’s misconduct, embezzlement, and corruption, officials shielding each other — retribution is coming!”

“Corrupt officials, prepare to die!”

Lin Beifan shook his head and chuckled, “Don’t get too conceited yet! Your situation reminds me of something.”

Everyone was very puzzled. At this point, why was he bringing up other matters?

But by now, nobody was in a hurry; they listened to Lin Beifan’s narration.

“A year ago, an evil technique emerged out of nowhere.”

“This evil technique is extremely remarkable! Because anyone with a bit of martial talent can cultivate it. Moreover, while practicing this evil technique, it feels as if one has divine assistance, advancing at an astonishing pace!”

“Within 10 days, one can become a ninth-grade warrior! Within a month, an eighth-grade warrior! Within three months, one can become a seventh-grade warrior, reaching the pinnacle of the Postnatal realm! It can be called a divine art!”

“However, the reason this technique is labeled as ‘evil’ is because it’s extremely sinister! Firstly, to practice this technique, one must castrate oneself! Secondly, practicing this evil technique damages one’s life essence and shortens one’s lifespan! The faster you cultivate, the sooner you die!”

“It can be said that this is a technique that exchanges life for power!”

This matter was known among martial artists.

The “evil technique” Lin Beifan was referring to was none other than the notorious Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. As cultivating this technique required self-castration and would eventually shorten one’s life, and since it would be countered by the imperial court once mastered, it was reviled by everyone and no one practiced it anymore.

This incident had happened a year ago, so why was he still bringing it up?

However, sitting on his horse, Prince of Northern Hebei looked at Lin Beifan’s confident demeanor and began to feel a sense of foreboding.

“This evil technique first fell into the hands of the Tianmen Sect’s Sect Master, Leng Ruochen!”

“For the sake of fulfilling his ambition, he crazily had all the disciples of the sect cultivate this technique! Fortunately, his actions were exposed. The major sects of the martial world collectively attacked the Tianmen Sect. The sect was destroyed, and Leng Ruochen fled in defeat. The martial world suffered significant losses!”

“But afterward, this evil technique fell into the hands of various sects and factions! In order to become stronger, they all practiced this technique as well. This led to mutual killings and conflicts in the martial world, causing further extensive casualties!”

“This evil technique has caused two great calamities in the martial world within a year!”

“The Evil-Repelling Sword Manual can undoubtedly be called the number one sinister technique of the martial world!”

At this moment, a martial artist from the Jianghu spoke up, puzzled, “We’re aware of these matters. Now that two armies are clashing, why are you talking about these things?”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “The reason I’m talking about this is because this evil technique has reemerged under a different name!”

Everyone was shocked one after another.

“Evil-Repelling Sword Manual… has reappeared?”

“Don’t they know the drawbacks of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual? At this point, who would dare to cultivate it? Are they courting death?”

“Aren’t they afraid that the martial world will rise up against them together?”

“Who has practiced the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s army was also shocked. He loudly shouted, “Lin Beifan, watch your words and don’t speak recklessly!”

His words carried a strong warning.

However, Lin Beifan paid no attention. Under the anticipation of the masses, he smiled slightly and said, “The current Evil-Repelling Sword Manual is no longer called the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. It has been renamed… the Sunflower Manual!”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s army broke out into furious roars and shouts.

“Impossible! How could the Sunflower Manual that we’re cultivating be the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual?”

“This technique doesn’t require self-castration, and the cultivation speed isn’t that fast. It has nothing to do with the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!”

“I have both techniques, and the methods of cultivation are completely different!”

“I’ve been practicing for almost a year and have had no issues!”

“His Highness the Prince is wise and valiant; he wouldn’t harm us! It must be your nonsense and framing!”

“The other side is too malicious in intention. Let’s not listen to him!”

At this moment, everyone realized that Prince of Northern Hebei’s army of warriors had actually practiced the Sunflower Manual, which Lin Beifan referred to as the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual.

Prince of Northern Hebei quickly tried to reassure the crowd, “Don’t listen to Lin Beifan’s nonsense, everyone! The Sunflower Manual I’ve given you is a genuine divine art, completely unrelated to the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual! I consider all of you as brothers; how could I harm you?”

Under Prince of Northern Hebei’s efforts to calm them, the crowd gradually regained their composure.

“Whether it’s the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual or not, let me explain in detail!” Lin Beifan continued, “Is this Sunflower Manual capable of promoting you to the ninth grade within a month, the eighth grade within three months, and reaching the peak of the Postnatal realm within a year?”

The army of warriors nodded in agreement.

Lin Beifan sneered, “Where in the world can you find such a miraculous technique? Even Shaolin’s Yijin Jing or Wudang’s Tai Chi Divine Art doesn’t possess this kind of ability! On the contrary, infamous evil techniques and demonic arts have this kind of rapid cultivation speed!”

The faces of the warriors turned pale.

“Of course, if you are all unparalleled martial prodigies, then encountering a divine technique might truly grant you such a cultivation speed. But are you qualified for that? Honestly ask yourselves, are you unparalleled martial prodigies among the masses?”

The faces of the warriors turned pale once again.

“Anything gained comes at a cost! Your current strength comes at the price of sacrificing your own life force! Just like the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, the faster you cultivate, the faster you die! And you’ve already reached the peak of the Postnatal realm…”

Lin Beifan’s gaze was filled with sympathy, “You only have three to four years of life left. Cherish the time you have!”

The entire city was in an uproar. Prince of Northern Hebei’s army of warriors broke down again, panicking and shouting.


“How could we only have three or four years to live? You must be speaking nonsense!”

“Spreading false information, with wicked intentions!”

However, many warriors turned their heads and asked, “Is what he’s saying true, Your Highness?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s face broke into a sweat as he reassured loudly, “How could it be true? How could I harm all of you? Don’t believe him!”

His gaze turned towards Lin Beifan on the city wall, filled with a deep sense of threat, and he shouted, “Lin Beifan, you treacherous official! Stop spreading false information, or I won’t hold back!”

“How could Prince of Northern Hebei admit to such a self-serving act?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “In fact, besides shortening one’s lifespan through cultivating the Sunflower Manual, there’s another massive flaw. This flaw can completely prove whether what I’m saying is true or false.”

“What flaw?” someone asked.

“After cultivating this technique, you’ll be controlled by others, forced to a life worse than death, and even face a life-or-death dilemma!” Lin Beifan enunciated clearly.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s army broke their defenses for the third time.

“To think you can be controlled by others? Impossible!!!”

“Who could control me?”

“How can there be such a thing in the world?”

“Surely you’re just talking nonsense!”

Even Prince of Northern Hebei was no longer composed.

Cultivating the Sunflower Manual leading to being controlled by others—this was something he didn’t know! A figure popped up in his mind: Tianmen Sect’s Master, Leng Ruochen! Thinking of his character, he found it slightly believable!

“Let me prove it to you!”

Lin Beifan had someone bring a zither and started playing.

The sound was bizarre and lacked any rhythm; those around found it very discomforting, but it was no more than that.

However, the army of warriors below the city wall, upon hearing the music, felt like they were hearing a devil’s tune. They clutched their heads in pain and agony.

Hands tightly covered their ears, they cried out in unbearable pain.

“It hurts so much! My head is throbbing!”

“What kind of tune is this? Ah, it’s so unpleasant, my head feels like it’s going to explode!”

“Stop! Please stop!”

“Please, don’t play anymore!”

Some people couldn’t bear the pain and started grabbing weapons, smashing them against their heads, causing blood to flow.

Some buried their heads in the mud.

Some went mad, smashing their heads against walls and even slapping themselves.

Everyone watched in fear.

The mere sound of the zither caused over ten thousand warriors to suffer excruciating headaches and extreme pain!

Could it be that those who cultivated the Sunflower Manual were really being controlled?

Prince of Northern Hebei felt a chill in his heart.

He had been manipulated by Leng Ruochen, curse it all!

At this moment, Lin Beifan finally stopped, looking at the army of warriors whose faces were twisted in agony and bleeding from their heads. He smiled and said, “How does it feel, everyone? Now, is there any need for me to say more?”

The army of warriors were furious, their spears turning towards Prince of Northern Hebei.

“Prince of Northern Hebei! I’ll kill you!!!”

“I followed you wholeheartedly, and you schemed against me behind my back?”

“You want my life after taking it all from me!”

“You despicable person with a human face and a beastly heart!”

“I misjudged you; now I’ll kill you!”

They rushed towards Prince of Northern Hebei and the Northern Hebei army without hesitation.

Prince of Northern Hebei was panicking, “Heroes, you’ve misunderstood, I didn’t expect this either! Listen to my explanation…”

However, no one was listening anymore.

After being tormented by Lin Beifan’s zither, the truth was right there. How could they calm down?

Only the thought of revenge remained!

They could only avenge themselves by killing Prince of Northern Hebei!

“Quick, stop them for me!” Prince of Northern Hebei shouted to the surrounding Innate experts.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Over ten Innate experts responded.

But, where could they stop them?

Because there were fifty Innate experts who had also cultivated the Sunflower Manual and had their strength boosted after taking medicine. They had been affected by Lin Beifan’s zither earlier, and their fury was already soaring.

“Prince of Northern Hebei, I’ve been following you for so many years, and you actually want my life!”

“After you harmed me, I’ll take you down with me!”

“Today, either you die, or I die!”

“You scoundrel, prepare to die!”

Amidst the Northern Hebei army, they began to kill each other.

Pseudo-Innate warriors killing genuine Innate ones, the army of warriors killing Prince of Northern Hebei’s 300,000 soldiers, all while seeking revenge against Prince of Northern Hebei!

The once favorable situation instantly reversed!


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I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

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In the dangerous world of high martial arts, Lin Beifan traversed and found himself bound to a corrupt official system. It seemed that the only way to become stronger was through corruption – a ridiculous notion, but one that he had to follow nonetheless. He found himself embezzling, accepting bribes, and using his power for personal gain, becoming a despised and hated corrupt official. Yet, secretly, he distributed his ill-gotten gains to the people, leaving nothing for himself. He carried the weight of his bad reputation while still trying to make the world a better place. The empress, who knew the truth, shed tears and said, “My dear, I’m sorry for the injustice done to you. Come to my palace tonight.” The intelligent and beautiful women who knew the truth declared, “No matter how the world sees you, we are willing to stand by your side, through thick and thin!” The martial women of the Jianghu who knew the truth vowed, “If they want to take down Lin, they’ll have to get through us first!” Others were left in shock, “He’s clearly a corrupt official, why are you all protecting him?”


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