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Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Abundance of Rewards! Bai Zhi’s Humiliation!

The elder of the Eagle Clan was stunned, as if frozen in place, staring blankly at the man before him.

With a handsome face as flawless as a sculpture, a tall and strong figure with well-defined muscles, exuding a powerful and vigorous aura like a surging river, the man’s presence was truly formidable.

Though they had never met before, his appearance was deeply imprinted in the elder’s mind.

“Su, Su Shi?!”

The elder of the Eagle Clan exclaimed in surprise.

When did this man arrive in the Barbarian Realm?

He was already in the Beast Arena, yet they received no information about his arrival.

Being a central figure causing waves in the vortex, the uniqueness of Su Shi’s identity was self-evident.

This was a significant matter! “It really is him!”

Wang Que, a young member of the Dog Clan, gazed at Su Shi, unable to conceal his astonishment. The elder seemed to realize something, and his heart skipped a beat. Without hesitation, he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go get it.”

Then he hurriedly left the room. After a while, the door was pushed open again, and the elder presented a storage ring to Su Shi.

“Please inspect it, Young Master Su.”

Su Shi reached out and took it, and with a sweep of his mind, his eyebrows slightly raised.

The amount of spiritual stones far exceeded his expectations.

Aside from the ten Gold Essence Stones he and Yu Ren’er had wagered, just Bai Zhi, Xing Ke, and Yu She’s bets alone amounted to fifteen thousand high-grade spiritual stones.

The rest of the spectators’ bets varied in quality. If all of them were converted into high-grade spiritual stones, it would be roughly equivalent to nearly thirty thousand pieces!

Even for Su Shi, this was a substantial sum!

Su Shi thought to himself, “No wonder Bai Zhi got tempted. I never expected so many people to place bets.” He casually tossed the storage ring to Yu Ren’er and said, “Keep it.”

Yu Ren’er glanced over and couldn’t help but click her tongue in surprise. The number of spiritual stones also amazed her.

However, it was rightfully theirs, so she didn’t have any psychological burden about it.

Seeing Yu Ren’er put away the storage ring, Bai Zhi finally breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a little pain in his heart.

The Beast Arena in Kodo City opened once every three months. Although the audience was always considerable, this time it was exceptionally grand and impressive, all to please Xing Ke.

The appearance of the Number 1 fierce beast displayed overwhelming dominance, prompting the spectators to place bets. Many people emptied their savings and placed astonishing amounts of bets.

Yet, it all ended up being won by Su Shi and Yu Ren’er!

Not only did he fail to establish a good relationship with Xing Ke, he also offended Su Shi, and even the “management fees” they were supposed to collect also vanished.

He lost both the money and the relation! The clan would undoubtedly hold him accountable for this.

However, Bai Zhi couldn’t think much about it now. Offending Su Shi meant simultaneously offending Linlang and the Fox Clan!

Coupled with the ever-watchful Snake Clan, the Eagle Clan was in a dire situation!

“Young Master, are you satisfied with this?” Bai Zhi asked with a smile.

Su Shi didn’t reply but turned to look at Wang Que. “What do you think?”

“Huh?” Wang Que was stunned.

Did they need to seek his opinion on this matter?

“I…” Wang Que was about to speak but was interrupted by Su Shi. “My little brother almost lost his life. How do you think this matter should be resolved?”

Bai Zhi shook his head and said, “It’s a misunderstanding. If we knew he was a friend of the Young Master, we wouldn’t have opened the bets. Besides… hasn’t the Young Master made quite a fortune as well?”

Su Shi frowned. “Are you implying that these spiritual stones are more important than my brother’s life?”


“That’s not what I meant…”

Bai Zhi felt extremely aggrieved.

If Su Shi truly cared about the life of this member of the Dog Clan, he would have revealed his identity from the beginning.

Instead, he pretended not to care, made a fortune, and now he righteously brings up this matter?

The audacity of his arrogance is just too much!

Yu She couldn’t help but hold back a laugh, discreetly sizing up Su Shi with amusement in her bright eyes.

“This Su Shi… seems different from what I imagined?” The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Seeing Bai Zhi suffer a setback, Yu She felt a sense of satisfaction, and her good impression of Su Shi soared.

Bai Zhi forced a smile and asked, “So, Young Master Su Shi, what do you suggest we do?”

Su Shi replied calmly, “Whatever my little brother can do, I believe Young Master Bai can do as well.”

As soon as he spoke, the room fell silent. Bai Zhi’s smile froze, unable to believe what he heard. “You want me to fight against the fierce beast?”

“I believe Young Master Bai will win,” Su Shi said, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Bai Zhi clenched her fists, her chest heaving, her eyes filled with coldness. How could he, the esteemed heir of the Eagle Clan, be asked to fight alongside beasts?

This was too much! The elder of the Eagle Clan frowned and said, “Young Master Su, I know your identity is extraordinary, but isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Do you have a right to say in this matter?”


Faced with Su Shi’s contemptuous gaze, the elder of the Eagle Clan was enraged but dared not say much.

Bai Zhi lowered her head.

Su Shi remained composed in his seat.

Bai Zhi fell silent for a while and whispered, “Is it enough for me to fight, and this matter will be considered settled?”

“Of course,” Su Shi nodded, “I’m not the type to hold grudges.”

Yu Ren’er pursed her lips, almost unable to hold back her amusement.

Su Shi indeed didn’t hold grudges. If he had a grudge, he settled it on the spot…

Bai Zhi let out a sigh, “Alright, then let it be settled this way.”

“Young Master?!” The elder of the Eagle Clan looked astonished.

Bai Zhi was really going to fight personally?

Wouldn’t that be too embarrassing?

“No need for more talk, go prepare the fierce beast,” Bai Zhi said and was about to leave. Su Shi reminded, “Don’t forget to open the bets. I’ll be sure to support Young Master Bai.”

Bai Zhi’s chest felt blocked, and he left the room without saying a word. The elder of the Eagle Clan hurriedly followed behind.

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Villain: Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine, 反派:临死前,我强吻了女主
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Su Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book. According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword. When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were. Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Su Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry. He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss! “This is the last time we meet anyway!” Su Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction. Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis! After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’ But what Su Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death! Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward. Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?” Su Shi: “…”


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