Chapter 3 – Ancient City (part II)

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A figure appeared on the ruined street.

It was a girl. Her black shiny hair fluttered in the wind, she was walking on the rubble.

There was no follower behind her, it seemed that she was alone.

Suddenly, from the collapse of a wall, a shadow emerged.

They were monsters.

Their body is like that of a human, they even walked on two legs. But the shape of their head was completely the shape of beast. They groaned and approached the girl.

At that moment, the girl pulled out two swords.

The place quickly seemed like a field of red roses.


The girl attacked the monsters with her swords and they were cut. A large amount of blood fell through the place. Suddenly, the monsters fell apart.

The girl acted as if nothing had happened, she continued on her way as she walked through the corpses.

She looked up.

She was in front of some rubble ruins.

“Long time no see….”

The girl whispered and frowned slightly.


Huntis found this situation to be somewhat abnormal, which happened about an hour after they entered the old street.

(…… Are we being tracked?)

A sigh of breath was heard. And not only one.

They held their breath. This is not a trick that low-intelligence monsters can do.

(In this way…..)

They have slaughtered four Kobolds groups, the total is twenty-three. Members of the group also began to show signs of fatigue. And now it is located in an area surrounded by walls on both sides, and the field of vision is quite narrow.

“Everyone, listen…..”

Just when Huntis wanted to inform them of this situation.


As a signal, the sound of various footsteps could be heard.

“Be careful!”

Huntis warned loudly. A group of masked men sprang out of the collapsed wall.

“W-who are they!?”

“I’m afraid they are thieves! They clearly knew that we are students of the Academy but still attack.”

In total six people appeared. Since they dared to attack students at the academy, they must also can use Heraldic Arts. These people can be a more formidable opponent than the Kobolds.

In addition, their formation is three people in front and three people in the rear. Completely blocked the retreat.

“Dank, use [Blackout]!”

We have five people. I want to eliminate the disadvantages in numbers first. Huntis had such a thought, so he yelled at Dank. After a while, Dank calmed down and recovered.

“Okay —— Darkness please come! Take away their vision and hope…….”

However, he was unable to finish his Spell, a purple bolt of lightning pierced the sky and was going to hit Dank. One of the enemies used a second level of Heraldic Art [Lighting]>. It seemed he had already preparations before launch.

“—— Hye!”

Dank gave a loud cry that interfered with his Spell.

The beam was about to hit Dank, so Huntis immediately took several debris and threw it into the air. The stones collided with [Lightning], and the debris fragments were exploded.

“Y-You saved me ……”

“Concentrate! Or you will die!” Huntis chided Dank.

The attack by the group of thieves seemed to be coordinated. One of the parties could be said to be the vanguard and the other the Rear.

“I’ll take care of these three!”

Huntis went to the Rear. He trusted that he could take care of those three.

Two people from the Vanguard stepped forward to fight Huntis.


In the reject hand of one of the thieves, he held a Tomahawk, suddenly launched a longitudinal cut. Huntis quickly dodged the attack, making the Tomahawk cut short.

From the Tomahawk you could see ice coming out. Apparently this weapon was an Armament of Heraldic Ice.

The Tomahawk can freeze its enemies. Once again an attack was directed at Huntis.

Huntis squatted and immediately the attack stepped over him, then then slashed at the enemy’s abdomen.

It felt very hard. It looked like the other party was wearing something like chain mail under the clothes.

The thief’s spear on the left side was entangled with the whirlwind. It seemed to be Armament of The Heraldic Art of Wind.

Huntis distanced himself from those two, and calmly began to spell his Heraldic Enchantment.

“—— The atmospheric explosion can shake everything, the waves of fire will take away everything!”

It was third level of Heraldic Art of Fire [Blaze Wave].

A red color began to emerge from the air, reinforced by a wave of flaming bombers.

A thief with a with Tomahawk hide behind the his Armament go protect himself.

On the other hand, the thief with a spear jumped hard to avoid the flame.

However, Huntis had already predicted this, and he is the first target. Huntis punched hard at the thief’s face. The thief with a spear flew far, and then passed out.


The other thief took his Tomahawk and launched himself with a murderous instinct. Huntis quickly blocked the attack.

* Plop * There was a sharp thud, Huntis had hit him with his arm. It had been a great blow to the chin. The thief seemed to be losing his balance, then his entire body fell to the ground.

“With this the two have fallen.”

Huntis looked at the remaining thieves. They were doing an Enchantment.

“—— The fury of heaven will fall on earth …!”

“—— Burst and dispersal, the flames will crush you without forgiveness.”

The thief used a third level Heraldic Art, [Thunderbolt]. Huntis used a third level Heraldic Art, [Explosion]. Both canceled each other.

Huntis quickly approached the thief.

“S-Stop, please … I’m just instructed–”

Huntis fearlessly pierced the thief’s chest with his sword. The third thief gave a little moan and then fell to the ground.

“Well, I have controlled the battle!”

Huntis said in a low voice. But just as he turned around, he saw something he couldn’t believe.

Shisurine fell to the ground, blood flowing down her feet.

“…… M-Maron …… …… A-Are you alright?”

“S-Shisu-chan …… ….. I-I …”

She had protected Maron. Although Maron does not appear to be injured, Miina had some minor injuries, everyone was panting with fatigue.

On the other hand, three enemies were unharmed.

The thief on the right is of medium height, the one on the middle is tall and portly, and the last one could be said to be a woman, her body is slim.

It seems that the boss is the thief in the middle.

In his right hand he holds a long sword, and in his left hand a shield. Judging this guy, it could be said that he is very different from the other opponents.

While in the previous battle he had already consumed a large amount of physical strength, on the other hand, the situation of these four people would get worse and worse due to fatigue. Huntis had an expression of bitterness.

As if one by one, the boss of thieves took a few steps and stopped.

“…… Very good”

Huntis raised his sword.

They looked at each other for a time.

(However, this guy looks like ……)

A weird feeling emerged spontaneously. But just before Huntis figured out where this feeling came from, the thief boss approached him in one breath and continued to make sharp stabs.

Huntis jumped back, trying to avoid his front, but the boss of the thieves quickly caught up. Huntis, who was confined to the defensive position, could only dodge and use the sword to pick up the successive blows. Just when he took a step back, he found that he had been forced to the weathered wall.

But when he was forced to the corner, the situation turned around and Huntis launched an offensive. After seeing through the opponent’s slash, he bounced off his long sword and jumped into the opponent’s arms. Then, avoiding the shield, and wielding a sword to prepare to cut off the opponent’s right thigh-


Suddenly, countless needle-like objects shot from the surface of the shield.

Huntis quickly jumped back. Avoiding the skewers that hardly almost stab him.

“I see, that shield is an Heraldic Armament……”

Such a shield is not seen as frequently. But when the shield came from Heraldic Armament, not only serves for defense, it also can used in attack.

So you can’t be that close to that guy. Huntis thought, it was best to keep a certain distance. However, the chief of thieves began to cast an Enchantment.

“—— The weak and the fool must die, fall, the cold of death will cut you off!”

A gray Heraldic Art appeared like four swords crossing in the sky, and a large number of sharp pieces of iron shot from it.

This is the third level Heraldic Art [Iron Hail].

Huntis kicked the ground and jumped aside. Arrow-like iron pieces cut away the stones on the ground, and the fragments are scattered.

“—— Burst and scatter, the flames will crush you without forgiveness!”

Huntis was not going to allow himself to be defeated, so his Heraldic Enchantment [Blaze Wave]. The boss of thieves remained motionless as flames engulfed him.

“… What a convenient Heraldry Art.”

Huntis was impressed.

After the flaming tsunami passed, a red-hot iron wall with a strong smell of steel left behind.

From behind the iron wall, the boss of the thief showed his unscathed figure. It seems that the shield is turned into a literal [iron wall], protecting the owner.

Whether it is fighting at a long distance or close range, that shield is really difficult to deal with.

(His Heraldic Armament is strong …… Still, I will attack from the front)

Huntis exposed a fearless smile. It was unknown what he planned, but he jumped towards the other party.

The Head of the thieves when seeing this movement, could not stop laughing out loud:

“Hah, you idiot! You jumped into the air where you can’t escape! —— The weak and the fool must die, fall, the cold of death will cut you off!”

The arrow of iron struck Huntis in the air.

However, Huntis’s figure seemed to be fading. After a moment, his figure disappeared. The iron arrows pierced nowhere.


“Behind you”

Huntis was behind the boss of the thieves.

At that time the boss of the thieves had had a concussion, he was on his knees on the ground. Huntis had somehow ripped off the Shield, his Heraldic Armament. The moment he disappeared, Huntis took that opportunity to end this battle.

“It’s over.”

Huntis pointed at the thief chief’s nose with his sword.

“How? H-how …… how did this end like this ……?”

“I have no obligation to explain. Well, I’ll take that mask off you—” Huntis placed his hand on the mask.

“Don’t move! Otherwise, I don’t care what happens to your subordinates!”


The two remaining thieves summoned the shackles formed by the Heraldic Art to bind four people except Huntis.

“Throw away your swords!”

“Kya ……!!”

Hearing the scream, Maron had a dagger around her neck.

(They even took hostages ……)

Huntis can only drop his sword as he said.


The thief boss stood up, his angry eyes in the mask staring fiercely at Huntis.

Suddenly a punch hit him, Huntis felt a strong pain from his right cheek. Immediately after being punched by the opponent’s left gyration, he kicked his abdomen, causing Huntis to kneel to the ground.

“Can’t beat your opponent, so you take hostages … How despicable!”


The boss of the thieves kicked, then his body that was on the ground flew up. After getting up, Huntis spilled some blood.

“S-S-S … S-Senpai.. …”

“N-No ………… T-This ….. Goes too far ……”

One of the thieves quickly protested. It was the one with the slim body, when listening to her voice, she is certainly a woman.

However, the boss of thieves ignored her.

“I am the one giving the orders! You only need to suppress that girl!”

He screamed, the boss of thieves pointing his sword at Huntis. You could feel a cold air that certainly made goose bumps. But Huntis provoking him said:

“… If you are really thief, don’t play these tricks, take away valuable things already and escape with your tail!”

“You … I really want to kill you …!”

The boss of thieves was holding sword with exerted a little force, and a red line appeared on the skin of Huntis’ cheek.

“No, no !!!”

Suddenly there was a loud cry from the scene.

At that time, Maron made an incredible move, she used her second level Heraldic Art of Wind, [Wind Blade]. Everything around her was cut.

“…… Impossible, how could she use a spell without doing the enchantment? …… Damn ……”

The medium-sized thief panickedly planned to suppress Maron who was about to stand up.

– Thud!*

“Ghg !?”

“Ehh … Ehh ……?”

The thief made a sound like a frog was squashed, clutching the lower part of his body and fainted. It looked like Malon’s head had just hit his crotch.

“What the hell-?”

“It is not time to look away.”

Huntis slammed into the boss of the thief in one breath, and grabbed his wrist with a twist. The sword fell off his hand, and Huntis kicked it away. Then he returned a punch to the thief boss’s face.

Huntis picked up his sword and walked towards Shisurine and others who were still binded. The thief, who seemed to be a woman, lost her will and fell to the ground.

“Look at what you have done!”

After Huntis cut off the restraint and gave Dank freedom, he immediately pounced on female thief.

“Let me see your face!”


“The more you say “stop” the more I want to rip your mask! ”

Dank stretched his hand toward the mask and ripped it off arbitrarily.


Dank’s eyes widened. The female thief was the girl he talked to a few days ago.

“I’m….I’m sorry…..”

She lowered her head apologetically, Dank quickly waved his hands and said:

“No, no, it’s okay. After all, you’re so cute–hey wait, Isn’t this Leona-chan?”

“It seems that these people are all students of the Academy.”

“Really? No wonder I seem to have seen that man’s face before.”

Hearing Shisutine, Mina Also responded loudly.

“It seems that these people are all the students of the Academy”

“Okay, do you want to continue to fight? Eagle Isharu?”

“B-b*stard ……”

Huntis had recognized the identity of the thief boss —— Eagle had a look of fury.

“These people are members of your unit. What are you trying to do?”

“… Hum. We just intend to accompany you all [Weakest Unit] to practice. You should be thankful.”

What he said were full of nonsense. Huntis replied sarcastically.

“I see … then I really thank you for your assistance and guidance. But since you want to do this kind of thing, I hope you don’t bring such a small force that will fight against the generals, you should go find some stronger troops.”

“S-shut up! Don’t you think you’re better than me!”

“No, I think I just beat you. ”

“He is right. Even though his personality is poor, his power is real. By the way, something is wrong with his head. Not only that, many people think the same.”

“Are you still going to keep talking about me like that even in this situation……?”

Upon hearing Shisurine’s statement, Huntis turned to see her, but this time she was smiling.

At that moment.

* Boom * * boom *

It was unknown where that sound came from. The ground shook, and pieces of building materials fell from the crumbling buildings.

“Earthquake? No, it’s not an earthquake. Is this …… footsteps?”

When Huntis came to that conclusion, something was approaching behind the walls—

Goaaaaahg !!!

—— Everything destroyed in an instant.

Everything was covered in dust.

The wall over three meters high was destroyed, a giant figure could be seen.

But she was not human.

“O-Ogre ……!?”

Huntis was puzzled by this unexpected situation.

Ogres have a similar appearance to humans, but their bodies are so large that they are called giants, and the skin on their entire bodies is green. Despite the fact that their intelligence is not high, they have incredible strength power. People are afraid of such fierce monsters that can eat people.

But although their habitats spread all over the continent, the number is very rare. Because of the fear of humans in this neighborhood, these monsters should go to the northwest of the forest to establish small settlements and live there. Never heard of it appearing in such a place.

The ogre roared loudly, waving a large log in his hand, his footsteps shaking the ground, the best thing to do was to attack him from a long distance.

“Ghg ……!”

Eagle immediately summoned his Heraldic Armament Shield to block the log that the Ogre smashed. But the monster’s arm strength was too strong, and he was about to be overwhelmed.

To make it worse, the ogre raised a big fist and punched Eagle’s flanks.

“Ahhhg …… ……”

Eagle suffered a strong blow, he emitted a barely audible moan, and flew out like a piece of paper. Finally, the ogre crashed the wall of the ruins, and the whole person was buried under the rubble.

The ogre made another huge roar as if to celebrate the victory.

Unit 29 and Eagle’s unit are unable to continue fighting due to their injuries. Eagle, too, passed out. Anyway, they are not able to fight with this state against an ogre.

Huntis made a decision and shouted.

“Take the wounded people and escape together! I’ll stop this thing!”


“I’ll be fine!”

Maron’s face was pale, Huntis had to resist the force of the ogre.

The ogre waved it log, you could hear the sound of the wind. Huntis headed forward after an attack. At the same time, he dodge the ogre’s attack. With his sword he began to cut his abdomen. But the ogre felt nothing. This monster’s skin is too strong, its body is too thick, so it cannot be hurt.

Huntis flashed from below to try to grab his hand and stab at the toe of the monster. Blood splattered, and a huge roar came from. However, this attack did not threaten the life of the ogre.

The ogre gave another roar, while giving a violent kick.

Although Huntis immediately jumped, he was unable to fully escape the attack, due to the log attack earlier, his muscles tore and blood began to appear. He frowned in pain.

Huntis touched the ground with his left foot and chant the heraldic spell [Blaze Wave] immediately after a certain distance.

“—— Burst and scatter, the flames will crush you without forgiveness!”

The huge ogre’s body was surrounded by flames. However, it roared louder and jumped out of the torrent of fire.

Huntis desperately block the log that seemed can smash the human head with one blow. However, the ogre did not stop the attack, constantly beating its opponent with a log. The cheap long sword made a wailing metal sound as collided together.

Finally the long sword made a knock, and the sword was cut in two pieces. Fortunately the log’s trajectory was deflected and did not directly hit his head, but Huntis’s shoulder was severely impacted.

“Ghg …..!”

The ogre attempted to kill Huntis, who lost his weapon, and launched a new wave of fierce attacks.

“Wind … roll up the frantic wind!”

At that moment, a sharp gust of wind hit the ogre’s head. The ogre stopped.

It was Maron who enchanted [Whirlwind].

“SS-Senpai! A-Are you alright !?”

“S-stupid …… why didn’t you run away !?”

The ogre immediately ran towards Maron. She yelled “Kyaa”. She didn’t even try to escape, she stayed still. Although Huntis wanted to help her immediately, the leg injury was unfortunately worse than expected. It was late to stop the monster.

In front of the ogre, Maron snuggled in fear.

“Ah ah ah ah ah……”

“Stop, stooooop !!!”

Huntis cried loudly. The scene “at that time” flashed in his mind.

Just as the ogre waved its weapon roaring, preparing to land on Malon’s head with closed eyes, a ray of transparent light flashed in front of the monster.

The log disengaged from the ogre’s right hand and flew in an incredible direction.


Because it was something unexpected, Maron cautiously opened one eye, she wanted to see what had happened.

A crack suddenly appeared in the ogre’s right arm. At that moment, a bright red liquid began to appear all over its arm and then it separated from his body.


The ogre’s arm had been severed.

Surprisingly, the ogre’s arm had been severed.

Maron blinked with a mixture of fear and surprise.The figure that caused the miracle appeared in the eyes of Huntis.

Right behind Malone, a young girl stood upright.

Gwaaaaaa! The ogre roared painfully. The blood did not stop, the floor was dyed a bright red.

The girl jumped over Maron’s head and fell into the pool of blood. Then he looked at the ogre and shot a beautiful bright pale blue light.

The ogre’s hard skin began to be cut with Swords that appeared to be made of water. The upper and lower parts of the body were cut.

The sword dance of the girl suddenly stopped. The monster’s huge body spouted blood like a waterfall and lay down on the ground. The double swords completed the mission and disappeared from the girl.

“Why are you here……?”

Huntis said in a low voice struggling. Hearing his voice, the girl’s eyes turned to Huntis.

The girl’s eyes are like obsidian, they are beautiful—

“…… Hun … tis …..?”

The girl’s eyes were wide with surprise.

As they looked at each other, the atmosphere was filled with bitter silence.

“…… You’re back——”

Just as Huntis broke the silence, the girl suddenly turned around and walked away without looking back.

“Sa ……”

Huntis wanted to stop her, but he swallowed back the words that came to his mouth.

He couldn’t say anything to her.

Looking at the back that disappeared into the ruined streets. Huntis could only watch her leave silently.