Chapter 3 – Ancient City (part I)

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Imperial Calendar – Year 90/7 month. Main office of the Knights Academi of Materia.

“Captain Eagle Isharu. Excuse me, are you busy?”

Second floor hallway. The captain of each Unit must participate in a periodic report. As they were preparing to return, someone stopped Eagle suddenly.

It was beautiful blonde woman. She kept an elegant smile. By wearing her uniform, you could very well see her plump chest. Her slim body is natural, she is fascinating, she looked with an attractive sight.

“…… Commander, is something wrong?”

“There is something I want to talk about.”



What’s going on? The puzzled Eagle was taken to the nearby commander’s room. The headroom of the regiment was very beautifully organized, and the spotless room had an indescribable noble fragrance.

Her name is Arurena Arato. She belongs to the 54th generation of the Knights of Materia Academy.

The Commander of Knights Academy of Materia must be a second-year student, but there’s an unwritten rule that the seat is intended for best student of whole academy.

Being Commander, you’re guaranteed to become a knight. Because of this, the annual competition to be the Commander is quite intense, but she gained that seat without many difficulty.

Arurena learned a variety of system, all of which are enough to make Regular Knights dumbfounded. And also last year, as a first-year student, she participated on [Festival of Holy Knights] competition organized by freshmen Academy. Whoever wins the festival will be the Leader of the delegation.

Her beauty also made her very popular among students. And she has a very good evaluation on handling the affairs of the Leadership. Not only the Knights of Kirkurus, but also the Knights owned by other lords also invited her to join the regiment. There seemed to be many quite fierce battles under the table.

For Eagle, who won the first position at entrance exam this year, become a Leader of the delegation that’s no big deal to him, but her existence disgusted him.

Because they are always compared to their predecessors.This is inevitable for any successor.

[The students this year are worse than last year.]

[Overall, the level is not low, but there is nothing special.]

[It can’t be helped. Because last year, the strongest Unit in history of academy, Unit 00 appeared.]

Since he enrolled this academy, it was always the subject of conversation.

(Hah! So what if they are Unit 00? Not long ago their unit was disbanded … but since this girl was one of the members, sooner or later she will realize that I’m the real genius.

“Is something wrong with my face?”

Without meaning to, Eagle was looking at her strangely. At that moment, his gaze changed.

“No, nothing. Anyway, Commander need something from me? ”

“Actually, I want to ask you about the commotion at the restaurant that was a while back.”

At that moment Eagle frowned. Although the instructors did not post any problems. Eagle knew he had no evidence to stand trial.

“I saw the girl on my team was being accosted by an indecent man. I wanted to save her. But I accidentally overdo it. I minded myself.”

“I see.”

Arurena responded with interest.

“But I heard you also had a quarrel with a red-haired student after that….”

“Ah, that man. I think his name is Huntis Harmilion. It seemed he was getting upset, so I struggled a bit with him.”

“…… I see.”

Arurena frowned slightly. Eagle did not notice this, so he continue speaking:

“Just by looking at him, it’s obvious that he is a repeat student. This Academy can only operate with large amount of sponsorship from city. To be honest, keeping that guy would only be a waste of taxes.”

He used the attitude of speaking to his senior, but he still couldn’t hide his hatred.

“A guy who has neither talent nor willingness to hard work, should leave early.”

“No, he has great talent.”

Eagle raised his eyebrows at the words that could not be ignored.

“That guy is talented? Hah! Please don’t make me laugh. Do you really know how to evaluate a person who is talented?”

“That guy is talented? Hah! Please don’t make me laugh. Commander, you are hailed as a genius, can’t you even judge others correctly?”

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t a special person like everyone imagined. Compared to “Them”, I’m too weak and immature … that was the case at that time, and it still hasn’t changed now.”

Arurena’s eyes looked into the distance.

“So whenever I am called a genius, I always feel ashamed.”

“….D-did you call me here just to talk about that?”

Eagle asked again without disguising his impatience.

“Oh, I’m so sorry… Actually, I didn’t know that the situation had changed. Recently he was gradually willing to attend class. And the situation of the Unit 29 he belongs to has also become very good, I think it’s thanks to you he changed, I’m grateful.”

“Isn’t such a thing better to ask him directly instead of me?”

“That’s because he doesn’t want to tell me … ”

Because of this kind of thing, Eagle was called to head room, It only made him even more unhappy.

“I don’t know what kinds of things you want me to tell you. But it’s enough, right? I still have things to do.”

Eagle said these words, and then turned around. Even Arurena called him several times to ask him to stay, but did not answer.

(Are you kidding? That guy is a genius? If a man like him is talented, then this Academy full of prodigies.)

Eagle cursed inside his heart, while a grim smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“Unit 29? …… Hmm, it’s true that they’ve accomplished some feats these days, but after all, just a bunch of mortals. I’ll let you know the difference between classes!”


(A murderous aura!?)

Huntis was sleeping, suddenly woke up, almost leaped reflexively.

Just the next second, the sound of *Poo* was heard, It was sound of the cloth being penetrated. Silver hair like a mirror danced in front of him.

Shisurine along with her slender sword had pierced the pillow.

“Good Morning”

She acting like nothing happened. Just greeted him cassualy.

“Good morning your head!!”

He couldn’t help but answering her with a negative phrase.

“The weather today is also very good. It must be a beautiful day.”

As she continued to press the pillow with her slim sword, she spoke softly.

“Why do you want to end a nice day like this? …… Do you want to end my life

“That’s why I said this is beautiful day, Hallelujah.”

All rooms in the dormitory do not have locks. But before going to bed, Huntis do some tricks to make sure people outside can never open the door.

“By the way, now it’s time for all groups to gather.”

“Ahh, it’s true that there is a military training today ……”

“Yes, it is scheduled to take place in the ancient city, this time we must fight demons. Although gathering time is nine o’clock at the main entrance, but there is less than five minutes left before nine o’clock. So, please get up quickly.”


At that moment, Huntis shook his head to prevent the thin sword from piercing him.

“Uhm ~ Han-chan, you’re slow!”

Mina complained with disappointment when they arrived at the gathering place.

“Ah! Sorry, haha, something happened.”

Huntis didn’t look sorry at all. He rubbed his hair.

“I see… so something happened.”

“No way, Maron. This man should be sentenced to capital punishment earlier.”

Maron accepted that explanation. Shisurine revealed her cold demeanor. Dank then said:

“Seriously, what time do you think it is now. It’s 30 minutes late. I’m an hour earlier to desperately talk around.”

“And the result?”

“Ha ha ha ha, what a stupid question! Listen, Don’t be surprised! It turned out to be— ”

“Yeah, what a pity. You can try again next time. ”

“Don’t get me wrong! No, actually today is indeed a little bit worse….. Hey don’t leve me!”

The origin of the name Kirukurusu (circle) is as litteraly stated, the shape of the entire city is a beautiful circle, surrounded by high walls to protect the city.

There are old streets on the outer walls. Kobolds are often the easiest monsters to take down by students.

They went to the outer gate.

Kirukurusu, in addition to being the central region, is one of the few regions that has a link to the outside of the city, in total there are twelve. If you want to get to the outer walls, you will have to go through those gates.

Located outside the gate of the southernmost region, they were at the seventh gate. Materia Knights Academy, generally known as “The Materia Gate.”

“Be careful along the way.”

When they went out the gate, the guards gave the students a warning. They are second-years. Another outer gate is protected by regular knights, only here they are an exception. Academy students are responsible for surveillance duties.

They were in the Old City, in the seventh district. When they went out the door, they could immediately see ruins. In the past there was a fortress, but since monsters destroyed it, it has been abandoned.

“Enemy in sight!”

Upon entering the ancient streets, Dank immediately shouted.

About 100 meters away, not far from an abandoned house, there are five or six shadows moving.

It is a group of Kobold.

Their face is like that of a wolf, it also seems to have a certain degree of intelligence, holding iron bars or spears as weapons, they are capable of walking on two feet like humans. The size of their waist is like that of a tall adult male and probably not as large. The reason they occasionally appear on the old streets is to collect scrap metal and use it as weapons.

“Hey, be quite! …… In case you didn’t know, those guys are very sensitive either in ears and nose, first we must make a plan …..”

Just when Huntis whispered this to everyone.

“We must finish off their captain, here I go ~!” Miina suddenly ran away.

“She doesn’t change ……” Huntis muttered.

But it also showed that their results have indeed taken effect.

Six Kobold seemed to have an advantage over her, but Miina’s attacks were so effective that they couldn’t do anything. So Shisurine also used her abilities to defeat another monster.

“—— Darkness please come! Take away their vision and hope!”

Dank used [Blackout]. The Kobolds’ field of vision blurred, so in panic they grabbed some iron bars and started hitting each other. Soon after, the group of monsters was neutralized.

“Ahh, me too…… Ehh… Well …Wind … roll up the frantic wind!”

After Maron chanted her spell, The Heraldic of Wind appeared in mid-air. This spell that borrows the power of Heraldic Spirit of Wind is second level of Heraldic Art [whirlwind].

——However, but somehow the spell was launched under Maron’s feet.

The wind blew from under Maron’s uniform skirt.

“Hyaaaaaaa! No, don’t look …… please don’t look!”

In order to prevent her underwear from being seen, Maron was desperately pressing on her skirt. Her face was red as a tomato.


At that moment, she snuggled in.

“A-anyway, you calm down first”

Huntis reached out and helped her stand up.

“I’m sorry……”

Maron shyly held his hand, with a sad look he stood up.

*Gyun! Gyun!*

At that time, the remaining Kobolds were swept away.

“Uuu …… E-everyone has become strong …… but I, I can’t do anything ……”

Her big eyes were full of tears, Maron was very depressed.

“Come on, don’t worry so much about it. You will definitely get strong little by little.”

“He’s right! You are only 15 years old! You still have a long way to grow! Especially in the breasts!”

“…… Breasts, my breasts will no longer grow …… I wish I had small breasts like Miina ……”

“Muh ~ compared to Maron-chan, Miina’s breasts just a washing board!”

“I-it would be better for me!”

“As long as I have breasts, I can rub it all the time and feel comfortable! I can also bury my face and enjoy it!”

“No, there is no way to do that with your own breast.”

“Really, really!? Then I give it to you, so you can do it! This is an epoch-making idea! I’m genius!”

“Men are really disgusting, it’s really unpleasant to hear them say that, having said that, Maron’s breasts have always been mine”

“You can only daydream. Since it is physically impossible to do.”

After that pause, the group continued to advance towards the depths of the ruins.