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Chapter 29

“When is that object going to depart?”

“Well, it’s uncertain what the Privy Council has in mind.”

“Hold on, why is the Privy Council engaged in this matter? It falls under the jurisdiction of the Naval Command!”

The elves, who had started their normal school life, were in a state of confusion at this time.

Even elves with high self-esteem and patriotism have their limits. They were now grinding their teeth in the midst of empathy-based shame and human subtle contempt.

On the first day the warship floated above their heads, the elf students proudly said to themselves:

“Look, how badass are we to be able to float a warship in the middle of the human capital and everyone just watches?”

These amazed people, who witnessed the launch of a warship at their entrance ceremony, began to sense something subtle after a week had passed.

“Nevertheless, given that warships are currently unnecessary, is it acceptable to proceed with this?”

This was a fear that was close to a survival instinct.

After all, deploying a war weapon in the capital of another country is an enormous military provocation.

Even if it is unlikely that anything will happen, they will suddenly switch from students to prisoners if a war breaks out due to that military provocation.

There is no Geneva Convention in a primitive pre-modern fantasy world.

Although there is no law explicitly allowing the execution of prisoners openly in border disputes of the Union Kingdom, and they wouldn’t decapitate the sons and daughters of noble families, some of whom have received education abroad.

But that is something that can only be said in a world where “common sense” is prevalent.

So, just imagining what kind of frenzy the human kingdom, which is believed to be devoid of common sense (according to the elves), would commit, makes their survival instinct twitch.

And finally, a week later, after fifteen days.

Still looking at their proud aerial battleship floating in the sky, the elves finally showed their tribal characteristics.

They are the pioneers of civilization, parliamentary politics, and constitutional monarchy democracy.

Therefore, according to their tribal characteristics, they finally formed a party. This means that the factional struggle has begun.

The elf students have now begun a civil war, divided into the Privy Council faction and the Naval Command faction. (Civil war is also one of their tribal characteristics.)

Of course, this does not solve the problem of who will hold the kingship. Even if they elect a first-year student council president, a perfectly good warship will not return home saying, “Congratulations.”


Outside, there is human contempt and threat.

Inside, there is the elves’ cozy political activities.

And above, there is that warship, floating in the sky, without any communication.

In this chaotic era, where peace has become a vulgar joke.

A gardener and a human noble youth visited the elf students’ dormitory.

This is the day after Dmitry carefully handed Ivan a “command.”

Let’s go back in time to the day before. So, the day that Elizaveta decided to chop down the elf captain’s neck.

Dmitry headed to the orphanage where he had been annually hand-picked and cleaned the royal treasury and then put it in his back pocket.

Elizaveta was basically a shy girl (his personal opinion), so this matter had been handled without informing Ivan.

In other words, Dmitry had been the biggest sponsor of this orphanage so far. In the name of “veteran’s privilege” and “back-up for a retired lieutenant colonel who couldn’t get a military pension,” but whatever. Anyway, the hand that put the money in was his hand.

“Oh, hey. Hi, kids?”


Dmitry walked down the corridor with a friendly smile on his face to these creepy students who were walking around suspiciously quietly.

It felt like walking through the corridors of the Political Correction Facility of the Intelligence Headquarters. Mostly because the observers were silently staring from a corner without making any noise.

“I don’t intend to touch my respected senior’s personal hobby, but isn’t this within the scope of being able to charge you with treason against the state?”

“How did you even think of collecting orphans to use them as field agents?”

Dmitry walked to the principal’s office, rubbing his creepy nape.

Squelch, squelch. Dmitry passed by a Drovian soldier, who was making a suspicious noise as he squeezed the laundry. He then passed by a new teacher, who was being lynched by the children, wearing a strange hat turned upside down.

“Senior, are you here?”

“You came through the door today.”

When Dmitry opened the door to the principal’s office, he saw Ivan, still sitting in a surprisingly bleak interior. Ivan was looking through a pile of documents with a cold eye.

“What’s it?” (Ivan)

“Well, um. We have a guest?” (Eugene)

“Oh, it’s your friend, Brother! Don’t mind me, go ahead with your business!” (Eugene)

“… Brother…?” (Dmitry)

It seemed that his senior had unexpectedly acquired a younger brother with a significant age difference.

Dmitry stared at the young man’s face for a long time, then snapped his fingers. He recognized the face, as it turned out.

“Are you Sir Karamzin? It’s a pleasant surprise to find you here!” (Dmitry)

“I’m just a student, sir, if I may point that out!” (Eugene)

The sudden enrollment of the notorious troublemaker in the local seminary had been a buzzworthy topic around Frechenkaya for some time.

He is the youngest son of the Karamzin ducal family, which has produced several defense ministers.

Such a man, calling our senior, who had never been interested in politics, “brother”…?

Dmitry’s eyes shone sharply, and Ivan hit the table.

“Eugene. Get out.” (Ivan)

“Yes, brother! Work comfortably! I’ll be doing volunteer work!” (Eugene)

“Monitor the ongoing progress of Mord’s laundry tasks.” (Ivan)

“Yes, brother!” (Eugene)

Eugene left the principal’s office with a sly smile on his face. Dmitry, who was watching him with a blank expression, tilted his head slightly.

“Your taste seems to have changed quite a bit, senior. Didn’t you dislike such fellows…?” (Dmitry)

“The kid is well-behaved.” (Ivan)

“Come to think of it, your impression seems to have improved a bit, senior. It must be because of Enrique.” (Dmitry)

Ivan thumped the desk heavily. Anyway, he has a quick temper. Dmitry pulled out a letter from his pocket.

“Colonel Kirillovna…?” (Ivan)

“She’s the Royal Chancellor. Anyway, well, the situation is a bit complicated. And only senior can do it.” (Dmitry)

Dmitry handed the letter and stretched out on the sofa.

“Even though I give you a lot of money every year, why don’t you use a more expensive sofa?” (Dmitry)

Ivan, who ignored Dmitry’s words and read the letter, frowned.

This is a bit of a big deal.

“Are you serious?” (Ivan)

“Where would our princess be the kind of person to joke about something like this?” (Dmitry)

Infiltrate the Kallion warship floating above the Jan’s University and threaten the captain.

However, at the same time, avoid any loss of life to the crew of the warship.

“Why?” (Ivan)

“Ah, this is a bit complicated.” (Dmitry)

Dmitry frowned. Where should I start explaining this?

“Right now, it seems that the warship is malfunctioning. Even if those bastards are crazy, they wouldn’t have a reason to provoke the capital with military force for over two weeks. There’s no reason.” (Dmitry)

“Then?” (Ivan)

“We’ll orchestrate a plan to ensnare His Highness, Alexander, capitalizing on this moment.” (Dmitry)

Dmitry slowly straightened his back. A face without a smile, the face of a lieutenant colonel of the Internal Inspection Division of the Counterintelligence Command Headquarters.

“The people of Kalion know very well that our country is in a mess. And in the meantime, our princess herself came to “threaten” them.” (Dmitry)

“If the warship is actually threatened in the meantime, the captain will definitely try to shake hands with the crown prince.” (Dmitry)

Dmitry smiled bitterly and stood up.

“We will seize the Kalion warship. We will condemn those elves who dared to point their cannons at the Great Krasilov Royal Palace. Then, we will declare that the crown prince is in cahoots with them and plotting a coup. We have already prepared to send an official letter of protest to the Kalion Privy Council.” (Dimitry)

“Kalion will try to cover up the incident as a rogue act by a single captain. In return, they will…” (Dimitry)

“They will have to approve our request to dock the ‘damaged’ warship in the outskirts of Frechenkaya for ‘repairs.’” (Dimitry)

“Airships are the only war machines that Kalion has.” (Dimitry)

“However, as is always the case with technology, there is always a risk of it being leaked.” (Dimitry)

“Therefore, we will seize the warship. After seizing it, we will attempt to reverse-engineer it under the pretext of repairing the ‘damaged’ warship.” (Dimitry)

“From Kalion’s point of view, this is not a total loss. If you consider the cost and labor required to build a warship of that size, Krasilov will never be able to maintain a fleet that surpasses Kalion’s navy.” (Dimitry)

“However, Krasilov desperately needs those few airships. Krasilov, which does not have a permanent port, completely ceases maritime trade during the winter.” (Dimitry)

“If the operation is successful, the princess will gain tremendous leverage.” (Dimitry)

“One conspiracy will not bring down Alexander, but it will at least put him under enough political pressure to make him unable to maneuver for the time being.” (Dimitry)

“In addition, if we acquire the “airship design, we can move the military, which has been expressing neutrality between the internal conflict between the crown prince and the princess. Naturally, powerful war machines will go to the military.” (Dimitry)

“Profit, leverage, and support.” (Dmitry)

“We are targeting three goals at the same time with a single operation. Even if we do not get the best results, there will be no harm to the princess. Wasn’t it the elves’ fault in the first place to dock a warship in front of the palace?” (Dmitry)

Dmitry continued to persuade Ivan.

“It’s impossible without you, senior. All the agents we can move are exposed, and it’s difficult to carry out the operation with undercover guys.” (Dmitry)

Currently, the only force that the princess can move in Pretchenkaya is the Counterintelligence Command.

Since Enrique does not follow the orders of the court, the princess’s strongest card is Ivan.

Lumberjack, butcher of the Seven Dragons, executioner of the Great King.

“If this matter is handled well, you don’t have to bother with the existing operation, senior. If the crown prince becomes a vegetative, there is no need to protect the guests of the Jan’s University. If you need any other price… Well, the princess told me to tell you this.” (Dmitry)

Dmitry hesitated for a moment and said carefully.

“I’ll provide a seat in the Royal Court… or something like that.” (Dmitry)

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” (Ivan)

“Um… well. I think the princess will be hurt.” (Dmitry)

“Convey that to Her Highness. Tell her she’s gazing at the sky.” (Ivan)

Ivan said as he stood up.


“Has anything changed?” (Ivan)

“Yep, brother! The text on the [Quest Window] has changed!” (Eugene)

Ivan nodded at Eugene’s words.

After Dmitry left, Eugene returned to the principal’s office and quickly wrote the changed quest window text and handed it over.

[“B-rank linked quest” Krasilov palace intrigue]

[The princess wants to seize the palace by holding the crown prince’s weakness. Now, the fate of the Krasilov royal family rests on your choice!]

[Objective: Prove the collusion between the captain of the Kalion airship and the crown prince, following the orders of the princess.]

[Optional objectives: Survival of all members of the airship crew]

[Optional objectives: Capture the airship]

[Optional objectives: Report the truth of the conspiracy to Crown Prince Alexander, and proceed to the next linked quest]

[Objective reward: ????]

[Failure penalty: ????]

After reading the memo, Ivan nodded.

“You have to come with me on this operation.” (Ivan)

“…me? I do?” (Eugene)

“We need to make sure what the success reward is like and how the quest progresses.” (Ivan)

This “quest” is generally listed before the “event” occurs.

Of course, it is a matter of course. It is impossible to throw a quest at you for an event that has already ended.

Therefore, the quest serves as an early warning of what is to come.

In fact, the quest that appeared before Dmitry’s visit was [Court Intrigue]. It was a type of quest that asked you to identify the conspiracy involving the airship and to proceed with the mission on the side of the princess or the crown prince.

In other words, it is a “faction selection” quest.

Although the faction selection has not been completed yet, the content of the quest changed as soon as I heard the princess’s plan. In the form of conspiracy and whistleblowing.

A real-time early warning. It is a very useful resource.

Ivan looked at Eugene, who was becoming more and more valuable, and thought.

‘The only possessors I know are the Demon King, the Hero, and me.’

The common point of the three is that they were beings who had reached the pinnacle of their respective fields.

And if you consider that this guy, although still immature, has the potential to do so.

‘There is a possibility that other possessors are the same.’

What kind of abilities do they have?

What kind of stories do they hold?

And what kind of ending will they face?

At the end of that ending, what form of ending credits will they see?

The Demon King is dead, the Hero is gone, and I’m still here.

So what about other possessors? If they end their stories, will they die? Will they disappear? Or will they stay?

There was a lot to find out, a sure way to find out, and a reason to know.

“I’ll persuade Oswald, an elf, and Yuri tomorrow morning, and the operation will begin tomorrow night.”

“What should I do then, Brother?”

“Assist me.”

This guy needs to be trained as an agent. Iván nodded with that thought.


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30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

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