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Chapter 283

Chapter 283 – The Problem of Yu Jiao Long, the Secret Stronghold of Netherworld Rakshasa Sect

Next morning.

Su Shi, who was still sleeping, suddenly felt itchy nose.

He opened his eyes in a daze, and saw Yu Jiao Long lying beside him, holding a strand of hair and constantly poking his nose.

Seeing him wake up, she hurriedly put down the hair and closed her eyes to pretend to be asleep.

Su Shi laughed and said, “Stop pretending, I see you’re awake.”

Yu Jiao Long didn’t seem to hear him.

Su Shi was about to get up, “Then go back to sleep, I’ll go first.”

“No, you are not allowed to go.”

Yu Jiao Long couldn’t stand it anymore, and hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

Seeing his smile, her pretty face flushed instantly, and she snorted: “I hate it, Shengzi is teasing me again.”

The corner of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly.

In his impression, Yu Jiao Long has always been a valiant strong woman, but the awkward and gentle appearance last night almost melted the heart.

The two embraced in silence.

The atmosphere was warm and warm, and the air was full of tenderness.


Yu Jiao Long said softly, “I am very happy to be with you.”

The two really didn’t get along for a long time.

But whether it was the first battle in Huangyuan City or the opportunity in the depths of the desert, everything was so unforgettable.

Not to mention that Su Shi also helped her remove the cold poison and saved her from pain.

Yu Jiao Long was shy and not good at interacting with others, but Su Shi’s appearance was like a ray of sunshine shining into the darkness.

Give a touch of warmth to her cold life.

Su Shi pinched her cheek, “I’m happy too.”

At this moment, she recalled something and asked, “You said last time that it was because someone conspired against you that you were frozen by immortal ice for ten thousand years. Who did that?”

Yu Jiao Long’s expression froze.

A trace of strong hatred appeared in her eyes, but then quickly disappeared, shook her head and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s already the past.”

Su Shi frowned slightly.

Intuition told him that this matter was not simple.

But the other party was unwilling to say it, and he didn’t want to ask too much.

Yu Jiao Long leaned on his shoulder and said, “It’s not that I want to hide it from Shengzi, but some people’s names should not be mentioned lightly, otherwise it will bring very troublesome things, I don’t want Shengzi to become involved in this matter.”

“Besides, now that I have Shengzi, I don’t really care about other things.”

She has “died” once.

Compared with the so-called revenge, she still values today more.

Su Shi stroked her hair.

Yu Jiao Long was a cultivator in the Peak of Tribulation Realm and a Saint of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect. No matter her strength or background, very few could match her.

If one could make her suffer, you could imagine how powerful the other party was.

Su Shi sighed: “You are not alone now, don’t always think of bearing the burden alone.”


Yu Jiao Long hugged him tightly, the warmth in her eyes could not be changed.

In front of the restaurant.

Wang Mao hesitated slightly and said anxiously: “General Yu, I drank too much yesterday, did I say something strange?”

Yu Ze scratched his head and said, “I don’t remember either.”

They drank too much yesterday, and they couldn’t control their drinking.

Drinks added with special spiritual ingredients, if drunk too much, even a cultivator would not be able to stand.

Both of them became heavily intoxicated in the end.

Yu Ze even forgot how to return to the City Lord Residence.

“Don’t worry about it, and besides, Duke Su is not a stingy person.”

Yu Ze patted his shoulder.

Wang Mao sighed, lifted his foot and entered the restaurant.

“General Wang, General Yu, you are here.”

The waiter saw the two and rushed out to greet them.

Wang Mao asked: “Where is the younger brother who drank with us yesterday?”

“Oh, you mean that guest.”

The waiter said, “They left half an hour ago.”


Wang Mao frowned.

He left without saying goodbye?

Sure enough, it was Duke Su’s style.

“Then Yu Jiao Long should go with Duke Su.”

Yu Ze hesitated for a moment and said, “Do you want to send a letter to Weiyang Capital about hee coming to Huangyuan City?”

The Saints of Demonic path were the focus of the palace’s attention.

Moreover, Yu Jiao Long was now a powerhouse in Tribulation Realm.

For the Imperial Court, a powerhouse of this level could not be tolerated in the Northern Region.

Wang Mao shook his head and said, “When did Yu Jiao Long come to Huangyuan City, why don’t I know?”

Yu Ze was surprised, “General Wang?”

Wang Mao said lightly: “I only know that Duke Su brought his dao companion, and the two are together, as for the girl’s real identity, I don’t know.”

Yu Ze regained his senses and silently gave a thumbs up.

“General Wang is right. I don’t know who that girl is.”

If Yu Jiao Long came alone, they would certainly not be able to sit and watch as court officials.

But since Su Shi was here, Yu Jiao Long’s identity was no longer important.

There was no need to ask for trouble.

Wang Mao said helplessly: “Unfortunately, Duke Su left too hastily, I still want to continue drinking with him today.”

Yu Ze nodded and said, “I heard that Duke Su is a master of sword and literature, it’s a pity he didn’t leave behind poetry.”

Both of them secretly sighed.

The next time they saw Su Shi again, the two of them would not let him go easily!

One hundred miles west of Huangyuan City.

In the mountain pass in the dense forest, there is a hidden mountain gate, which is blocked by a layer of formations, and the dense fog makes it difficult to see clearly.

The two figures slowly fell from the sky.


A cold and stern voice rang out: “This is a forbidden area, leave quickly, or you will bear your own risk.”

The two people did not listen.

A tall figure appeared in the thick fog, and several figures surrounded the two of them.

“Leave in three breaths, otherwise, don’t blame us for being cruel.”

The tall man said in a deep voice.

Looking through the mist, he saw that the visitors were a young man and woman.

The man was handsome and unpretentious, and the woman was beautiful and charming, looking like a beautiful couple.

The tall man frowned, feeling that the other party’s appearance seemed a little familiar…

Suddenly, he thought of something, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

Picking up the sect jade, he saw that the jade was flashing with a faint light, and the other party’s identity was already revealed.

The man hurriedly fell to one knee on the ground.

“This subordinate pays homage to Shengzi!”

The rest of the people were stunned for a moment, and then quickly responded.

They all knelt down and said in unison: “This subordinate pays homage to Shengzi!”

Su Shi nodded, “Everyone get up.”

“Thank you, Shengzi.”

Everyone dared to stand up.

The tall man asked in a low voice, “Shengzi suddenly came, I wonder what happened?”

This is the stronghold of the Netherworld Sect, which was built after the Huangyuan City incident.

Its purpose is to grasp the movement on the border.

They move very secretively, not even many people in the sect know this stronghold, how could Shengzi suddenly come here?

Su Shi said: “It’s nothing, I came here with Saint Yu.”

“Saint Yu?”

Everyone was stunned.

The tall man looked at Yu Jiao Long, “You mean… this girl is an Eastern Saint?”

Su Shi nodded, “That’s right.”

“This subordinate pays homage to the Eastern Saint!”

The people who had just woken up hurriedly knelt on the ground again.


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