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Chapter 28

Eugene was desperate. He kept talking incessantly to prove his worth.

“That guy?” (Ivan)

“Lily Downer. Second year in the Knight’s Department! Level 32. Just a normal level, brother!” (Eugene)

“Then that guy?” (Ivan)

“Who? Oh, the one with the black hair? Marie Phillipson, also a second year in the Knight’s Department! Level 29. Looks like she’s not very good at studying!” (Eugene)

Ivan looked at Eugene with new eyes.

In order to find the reincarnator, Ivan had once scanned the profiles of all the undergraduate students at Jan’s University. He couldn’t remember everything, but he was good at memorizing personal information because of his long career in the Cleansup Unit.

Ivan now realized that this guy’s accuracy was almost 100%.

‘A walking profile page…?’

Ivan and Eugene were walking through the campus at the moment. The university campus, which was in full swing, was bustling with students.

Since there were enough experimental subjects, Ivan could learn more about the performance of Eugene’s status window.

‘It organizes the things you can perceive.’

This guy is like a database with access restrictions.

It shows the information that Eugene can now know and access. Things like the opponent’s level, name, and title.

More detailed information requires “understanding” of the target. This means that the more intimate you become, the more detailed profile you can obtain.

In other words, this guy is…

‘This guy was born to be a spy, right…?’

His background is excellent. The son of a duke. He is a person who has no problems going to any country within the United Kingdom.

In addition, if the condition required to know the advanced information of the opponent is just “intimacy”, it is even easier. This means that information can be obtained simply by entering the social scene, even without trying to engage in information operations.

In addition, there is one more way to use this “information access restriction” status window.

This guy’s status window doesn’t perceive information he can’t access.

In other words, to put it the other way around.

The information that this guy doesn’t perceive means that it is a target that cannot be grasped at the student level. How many people are there that the son of a duke cannot perceive at Jan’s University?

So, this guy is….

“He is specialized in detecting spies, limited to the school.”

After learning this, Ivan searched the entire university with Eugene in tow. As a result, he found that about seven people had different names from their admission documents.

‘The levels are either too high or invisible, names are different, and positions are not visible at all.’


Ivan thought as he walked. It’s less than he expected.

There are three main types of people who could plant people in Jan’s University.

The Prince’s faction, spies from the United Kingdom’s allied countries, or demons.

The three groups would have infiltrated with their own purposes, so the seven revealed are not a large number. There are 10 countries in the United Kingdom alone, right?

“They planted agents even among ordinary students.”

Either they were raised as agents from a young age, or they were planted without even realizing that they were government agents.

If we exclude a few countries like that….

“The guys with too high levels are more likely to be demon collaborators.”

Those classified as “strong” among the core members of the Prince’s faction are already under surveillance by the Counterintelligence Command.

Given Princess Elizaveta’s resourcefulness, the Crown Prince faction would never be able to cultivate strong people in secret.

“Uh… um. Brother. But her real name is Yuri, right? Yuri Frank is right?” (Eugene)

“That’s not a problem. Didn’t you say my name came out as Ivan?” (Ivan)

“Oh, that’s right. Then how do we find out?” (Eugene)

“Persuasion.” (Ivan)

Ivan nodded and walked to the courtyard of the campus.

Three female students were chewing on sandwiches on a bench under a tree.

“Oh, uncle!” (Isabelle)

“”Eek!!”” (Ecdysis and Yuri)

The contrasting reactions of the two students. Ivan’s suspicions deepened.

There is also a high probability that she is not a possessed person. It is only speculation to suspect it with information about the name.

However, the reaction of that student is clearly suspicious.

Since Ivan was a former agent who had been thoroughly trained, he was very good at disguising himself as a normal appearance.

In other words, it is suspicious to be afraid of the appearance of a gardener who looks harmless and ordinary to everyone.

“Isabelle, how have you been?” (Ivan)

“Ahaha, has it been that long since we last saw each other? Our first class was just yesterday!” (Isabelle)

“Hmm.” (Ivan)

“Have you eaten, uncle? Who’s taking care of you? Our school food is really bad, but would you like some of this?” (Isabelle)

“Ah, ah….” (Ecdysis)

Ecdysis moaned as Isabelle pulled out a sandwich and handed it to Ivan.

Taking the sandwich from Isabelle’s hand and taking a bite, Ivan stood in front of them.

“Oh, did I forget to introduce them? Let me introduce Yuri Frank, who focuses on Knight Studies, and Ecdysis, who is working towards a degree in Music.”

“Uh-uh!!” (Yuri and Ecdysis)

“Ahaha, right. Uncle, wait… um.” (Isabelle)

Isabel narrowed her eyes, looking at Eugene standing next to Ivan.

He’s a newcomer. Who is he? Is he a government agent too?

“Shall we talk privately?” (Isabelle)

“Hiiik?! B-Bela! Just a moment!” (Yuri)

Brushing off Yuri’s strange attempt to stop her, Isabel walked with Ivan.

After distancing themselves from the group, she spoke.

“I wanted to talk after class, but you suddenly disappeared. Are you okay?” (Isabelle)

“Hmm?” (Ivan)

“No, you’re a government agent, right? Wasn’t it supposed to be a secret between us?” (Isabelle)

Isabel glanced around seriously and whispered, “Except for August from Tylesse, I don’t know who else they sent. But they must have sent at least one more. How can you blatantly reveal it in such a situation?” (Isabelle)

“Reveal?” (Ivan)

“Your skills! Mister, you’re a secret agent!” (Isabelle)

Ivan tilted his head, looking down at Isabelle.

The petite figure, standing tall only to his chest, scanned the surroundings with a slightly lowered face, speaking with a tense voice.

“I don’t know what the Krasilov government is hiding here, but since I owe you… well. How about I find out a bit too?” (Isabelle)

“What?” (Ivan)

“Oh, right, a spy dispatched from Tylesse! I don’t know if they’re among the freshmen, but let’s check!” (Isabelle)

Isabelle nodded firmly with trusting eyes.

Ivan raised an eyebrow as he watched her.

Betraying her own homeland so easily. Does she lack patriotism?

Then, after a moment of reflection, he realized he had never acted out of patriotism himself. He simply admired the king personally.

“No need for that.” (Ivan)

“Huh? This is a valuable opportunity. If you miss it, you’ll regret it. When I graduate here, I could rise to a high position in Tylesse. Don’t you need human resources? And you’re a government agent?”

Does this child have a distorted view of the word ‘agent’?

He knew she grew up in the palace, but the initial impression and the discrepancy were too much.

Ivan nodded expressionlessly.

“If you want to do that, go ahead.” (Ivan)

“…Well, your attitude is really bad.” (Isabelle)

Isabelle shook her head and suddenly asked, “By the way, what exactly are they hiding here that the elves are still lingering around?” (Isabelle)

She pointed towards the sky.

Over a week had passed since the start of the new semester, about a month since the entrance ceremony.

Kalion’s warship was still docked in the airspace above Jan’s University.

Initially confusing, most students now reacted with a “Well, elves will be elves” attitude.

But for Ivan, it was somewhat perplexing. That ship is a military ship from another country. Jan’s University is even in the capital.

Even if the crown prince had a different intention, Elizaveta would never have allowed such a thing. Moreover, the royal palace and the metropolitan area are supposed to be within Elizaveta’s sphere of influence.

“Well, who can understand the minds of elves.”


“Alright, Sir Veilchest. How was your report today?”

“It failed, Your Highness.”

“I see. Failed again today.”

Ernest nodded with a subtle smile.

“What does the Krasilov government say?”

“They warned that if we don’t withdraw within three days, they will shoot us down.”

“Those guys said the same thing three days ago. Don’t worry about it and continue with your duties.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Sending off the technical officer, Ernest, alone, took out a handkerchief and wiped away the cold sweat.

“Why on earth…?”

All warships undergo thorough technical checks before departure. The “Glory of Boil,” led by him, was no exception.

Even though it wasn’t an actual deployment, just a light show of military presence without reaching the level of sparking diplomatic disputes, it only went through routine maintenance-level technical checks.

But still, it was Kalion’s aerial battleship.

During the last war, it dominated the skies with terror. There might be minor malfunctions, but there had never been a disruption in the ship’s navigation.

Then, a knock was heard beyond the cabin door.

“Your Highness, someone from the Krasilov palace has come.”

“I mentioned that I have an appointment this afternoon; tell them to come back in the evening.”

“I, I did explain it like that, but…”

A commotion was heard from beyond the door. An urgent voice of an officer, “This is a difficult situation,” “This is a diplomatic breach!”

Elves naturally have sensitive hearing, especially indoors.

A clicking metal sound, footsteps resonating sharply on the ship’s deck.

Sensing who had come, Ernest sighed deeply.

“Come in.”

“Just as I intended.”

Without any courtesy, the door beyond the cabin was opened abruptly, and a graceful woman with silver hair appeared.

Elizaveta. The leader of these monkey-like creatures in this country.

Ernest coughed, trying to manage his expression.

“Such impoliteness. Do you realize that a warship is comparable to the territory of its nation?” (Ernest)

“Indeed, I do. That’s precisely why I refrain from shooting it down when it enters the airspace of my country,” (Elizaveta)

Elizaveta confidently walked over and sat across from Ernest, her lavish uniform sparkling under the indoor lighting.

As she flicked her gloved hand, the man standing behind her approached, opened a black case, handed her a cigarette, and stepped back politely.

Before anyone could complain about smoking in the captain’s cabin, Elizaveta’s sharp eyes glinted.

“So, tell me. How should I… no, how should I treat you all?” (Elizaveta)

“What…?” (Ernest)

“Our government’s official stance has been conveyed. ‘Three days.’ But that’s not my stance. Elves. You must choose one.” (Elizaveta)

Elizaveta shook her hand. With a flick, the cigarette ignited, accompanied by a magical reaction.

Swoosh, sigh.

Amidst the rising smoke for a moment, violet eyes gleamed like a beast’s.

“First, explain what you’re plotting, and then seek cooperation.”

“And if we refuse?”

“I’ll send a lumberjack.”

As the cigarette smoke dispersed, a beautiful royal face with a gentle smile appeared.

As if the momentum until now was a lie, Elizaveta smiled and said, “It’s fortunate, your warship is not wooden.”

“Insulting…!!” (Ernest)

A lumberjack to an elf…? There could be no greater insult within the bounds of diplomatic rhetoric.

As Ernest got angry, Elizaveta shrugged and stood up.

“An insult, it seems. I guess that serves as an answer.” (Elizaveta)

“You alone cannot represent the will of the royal family. Do you really think you can get away with this?” (Ernest)

The conflict between the crown prince and the princess was already internationally famous, surpassing the scope of a simple power struggle and approaching an imminent civil war.

Amidst such circumstances, is it right to openly antagonize a powerful nation of the United Kingdom? If Kalion takes the side of the crown prince, the princess’s position will be significantly shaken.

Growling with such intent, the princess laughed softly.

“Threatening the Royal Chancellor in Capital Frechenkaya. What an amusing joke, Captain.”

“Elizaveta…!” (Ernest)

“And, Captain. Take this to heart.”

As Elizaveta opened the cabin door, she glanced back for a moment.

Violet eyes, reminiscent of birds of prey, sparkled.

“I am the soon-to-be will of the royal family.”


“Your Highness, the foreign minister is urgently inquiring.”

“Only a man of royal blood would be so impatient.”

Elizaveta walked on the deck, chuckling.

There was no way to avoid the expected. That author of hers.

“Proceed as planned. Summon Vanca.”

“Will you meet him in person?”

“Sir Cherkatov. Didn’t I tell you? We must reunite at a more appropriate time and place.”
No romance.

Elizaveta brushed past Dmitry once and changed her steps.


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30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

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