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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Knowing how to reason after losing a fight? Too late!

The target’s pale face under the hood showed a look of surprise. Since being scattered from the group with the Peerless Ghost, he had been lurking in the city for two days, afraid to show himself.

It wasn’t until he couldn’t bear his hunger that he came out looking for food.

Unexpectedly, it was a trap set under the cover of night waiting for him! The dumpling stall owner overturned the stall directly, pulling out a long knife from the bottom of the cart.

A pot full of boiling water rushed towards Li Mo.

Li Mo’s mind moved, and everything he perceived suddenly slowed down. The trajectory of the boiling water coming towards him became clear. He took two steps to the side, perfectly avoiding it.

The dumpling stall owner’s action towards the target suddenly stopped. He looked at the still steaming hot water on the ground. Then he raised his head, looking at Li Mo in disbelief.

“He is not blind, kill him!”

The dumpling stall owner shouted loudly! Not to mention a blind person, even a normal person with both eyes intact might not necessarily be able to avoid a pot of hot water coming so close!

This person was not only not blind but also had skills! His words quickly spread through the crowd like a signal.

Those who participated in this operation are well-trained assassins, who immediately dispatched a group of people to kill towards Li Mo.

Long knives fell from all directions, but Li Mo raised the bamboo pole in his hand and swept through the crowd.

The clanging sound continued non-stop.

More than ten long knives were swept away by him in one move.

The owner of the wonton shop was shocked, the blind man’s skills seemed even stronger than he had imagined!

“Everyone, I just mistakenly entered this place, you do your thing, I’ll do mine, what do you think?”

Li Mo calmly reasoned with them.


The wonton shop owner squinted his eyes, showing no intention of letting him leave.

Whether Li Mo really entered here by mistake, or he was in cahoots with today’s target, the principle of not letting a potential threat go was always their creed!

Li Mo’s face darkened, “If you don’t listen to reason, then I have no choice but to let the King of Hell deal with you.”

His awareness expanded to the extreme, instantly covering a range of sixty meters in all directions.

Even the hidden straw-hat guest was exposed to his senses.

To him, a group of aggressive assassins all had glaring weaknesses.

The bamboo stick in his hand was like the scythe of death.

Every strike would claim a life.

The bamboo tip, like a deadly snake, always managed to bypass their weapons at unimaginable angles and hit their vital points.

Once hit, the internal force in Li Mo’s body would shatter their hearts or throats through the bamboo stick.

In just a few breaths, all the dozen or so assassins approaching him fell to the ground.

The hidden straw-hat guest only reacted at this moment.

With a look of shock on his face, “I’ve really misjudged!”

He realized that his subordinates were no match for Li Mo.

Picking up the fishing rod leaning nearby, he swung it towards Li Mo.

On the fishing rod, an invisible fishing line quietly wrapped around Li Mo’s neck.

However, this nearly invisible fishing line appeared crystal clear under Li Mo’s perception.

He flicked the bamboo stick in his hand, carving a sword flower in the air, entangling the fishing line completely around the stick.

With a light flick of his wrist, a strange force transmitted along the fishing line towards the straw-hat guest.

The straw-hat guest suddenly felt a numbness in both hands, and the fishing rod slipped out of his hands.

He broke into a cold sweat!

The angler was caught by the fish!

“Who are you, sir?”

The straw-hat guest didn’t dare to underestimate this blind man in front of him anymore.

How could a blind man casually kill a dozen well-trained assassins at a glance!

Not even someone caught in a trap could achieve this with such ease!

“I was an outsider just now, now I am an insider!”

Since he had taken action, everyone here had to be thoroughly eliminated.

Not a single survivor should be left!

Otherwise, there would be no peaceful days ahead!

Even that black-robed figure like a zombie (their original target)!

The straw-hat guest frowned and pondered, “There may be a misunderstanding in this matter. Our target is him, and it’s none of your business. Since you have mistakenly entered this place, I will let you leave.”

“I promise, I won’t trouble you in the future!”

Li Mo smiled.

Do you think I’ll believe that?

You didn’t listen when I reasoned with you before.

Now that you can’t win, you want to reason with me again.

He shook his head.

Taking a step forward, the space trembled like water.

He suddenly disappeared from the spot!

The straw-hat guest was taken aback!

What kind of body technique is this?

He couldn’t even see his shadow!

Before the straw-hat guest could find where Li Mo had vanished, he felt a tightness on his back.

Something like a finger pointed at his back.

Cold sweat instantly dripped from his forehead.

He thought of the bamboo stick in Li Mo’s hand!

“Sorry, it’s too late.”

Li Mo’s voice echoed behind the straw-hat guest like a ghost, and at the same time, he released his internal force in his hand, instantly shattering the latter’s heart!

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Others who transmigrate into Great Qin (Ancient China/Qin Dynasty) either become the Sons of the Ancestral Dragon or noble princes. But Li Mo, who traversed here, became a blind man who couldn't even find a wife, starting with a catastrophe! Fortunately, though, heaven closed one window for him but helped him lift the roof: awakening simplified talents and heavenly eyes in cultivation. Gaining inner strength: breathing! Strengthening the foundation: sleeping! Five Thunder Heart Palms: generating electricity through friction! Viewing the world with the heart, transcending all beings! To increase the population, the court mandates marriages, dragging those who don't marry into forced labor camps and providing partners for those without. And this is a good thing? Li Mo just went with a bamboo pole! Who cares if the wife is ugly? Anyway, he can't see, as long as the well water comes out! But unexpectedly, he ended up marrying a dollfish, which gurgled as soon as he dug the well. Seeking the Ancestral Dragon's military strategy? Let's understand "The Pulley Language". Not enough troops for the battle? One sulfur, two saltpeter, three charcoal, add some white sugar, and Big Ivan, let's understand it. Eight-year-old Xiaomeng wants to become a disciple? Let's cultivate an understanding! You say I'm blind? Have you ever seen a blind person massaged by the Moon Goddess, having his legs pressed by the Eastern Sovereign, and fed fruit by the Flame Princess?


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