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Chapter 269 – Shengzi, let me help you to have a child

Yu Jiao Long nestled in Su Shi’s arms, her cold expression melted, and a glimmer of light flickered in her eyes.

This reassuring feeling made her very crazy.

“Shengzi, your arms are so warm.”

He rubbed comfortably.

Su Shi’s voice moved, “Cough, that’s my gun.”

It was not a mere snake, but a dragon!

Soft and boneless, like autumn water, it almost made her heart skip a beat.

At this moment, Yu Jiao Long thought of something and said, “Shengzi, I have something I want to give you.”

Su Shi asked curiously, “What is it?”

Yu Jiao Long sat up and spread out her palms, her palms shone with aura, emitting a sharp aura.

Su Shi was shocked, “This…”

“This is weapon intent.”

Yu Jiao Long said, “I treaded the path of Spear Dao, and when I was inside the immortal ice, I comprehended the spear intent.”

“Shengzi is a genius of swordsmanship, and spears and swords have similarities, which should give you some insight.”

“This is a New Year’s gift for you.”

The light of the spear was extremely fiery, almost equivalent to Hao Ran Sword Intent.

Yu Jiao Long was originally a cultivator in Tribulation Realm, but her cultivation was temporarily sealed due to the cold poison entering her body.

However, with her Spear Dao, she could easily kill enemies across realms.

The power of this Spear Dao is evident!

Su Shi shook his head, “I don’t want it.”

Yu Jiao Long wondered: “Why?”

Su Shi glared at her, “You think I can’t see it?”

“What kind of weapon intention is this, this is clearly the law of weapons!”

“This is the foundation of your cultivation. If you forcefully remove the Dao from you, not only will your cultivation fall, but you might not even be able to handle cold poison!”

If he hadn’t been to the spiritual realm, he probably wouldn’t be able to see it.

She was about to give away her cultivation base just like that, was this woman crazy?

Yu Jiao Long’s expression was stunned when she was exposed, and she said in a low voice: ‘‘I’m only a cultivator in the Profound Connection Realm now, so there’s no point in keeping this dao… Anyway, with you here, I’m not afraid of any cold poison.”

Su Shi snorted in amusement, “You’re using that just as an excuse to continue depending on me, aren’t you?”

“No, no.”

Yu Jiao Long’s eyes flashed.

In fact, she actually had this idea.

Su Shi had many lovers, so she couldn’t see him for a long time. If she gave him this weapon law, he should be able to accompany her more often, right?

Su Shi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, our relationship will not change whether there is cold poison or not, you can complain to my mother at any time.”

“I see.”

Yu Jiao Long nodded shyly.

Then she frowned, “But I didn’t prepare any other gifts.”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “No problem.”


Yu Jiao Long bit her lip.

Su Shi gave her a gift, how could she not return the gift?

Moreover, today is New Year’s Eve.

Thinking of what Su Renzong said yesterday, Yu Jiao Long hesitated for a moment, and said softly, “Shengzi, why don’t I help you have a child…”


Su Shi’s expression froze, and he looked at her with a frown.

Having a child?

This is too outrageous!

Seeing this, Yu Jiao Long reacted, and hurriedly said: “You misunderstood me. I meant to say that I have mastered the secret technique of refining Qi to its origin, and it will not be affected by my cultivation level. I can teach you this technique, it’s not like me and you having… cough.”

(TLN: It seems like she is referring to dual cultivation)


Su Shi frowned wildly, “Thank you, but I don’t need it for now.”

Her Majesty was still there, how dare she discuss such a topic?

He got up and left the room.

The air was quiet.

Yu Jiao Long’s head was blurred with fog, and the unfinished words choked in her throat, “However, if you really want it, I am willing….”

In the courtyard.

The swing was destroyed.

Yun Qiluo gritted her teeth.

How dare she say this!

Is that woman the same big ice cube who is not good at interacting with others?

“Yu Jiao Long, I really have underestimated you!”

Su Shi walked out of the room and wriggled violently.

The sky has cleared.

The courtyard was white, the pond water condensed into ice, and the bricks, stones, and roofs were all wrapped in snow.

It had snowed heavily for a day and a night, and although the servants had cleared it away, the thick snow remained above the ankles.

The air was filled with a cool aroma unique to winter.

Everyone in the Su family went to Mount Taiwang to worship their ancestors in the morning, and the entire Su residence was much quieter.

It made sense that Su Shi should also go with them.

But after all there are still guests in the Su family, so many “future daughters-in-law” cannot be left unattended.

In the past ten years, Su Shi had never worshipped his ancestors, so plus today it wouldn’t matter too much.

Su Renzong and his wife did not call him.

“Berother Su Shi, did you just wake up?”

When Yu Ren’er saw him, her eyes suddenly lit up and she ran over quickly.

She took out a jade box and handed it to him, “Happy New Year!”

Su Shi laughed, “Did you prepare a gift for me?”

“Of course.”

Yu Ren’er smiled brightly.

Su Shi opened the box and saw a jade pendant lying inside.

It was warm and transparent, with a faint pattern of nine tails on it, and the sun flickered and disappeared.

“What is this?”

Yu Ren’er said: “This is a spiritual jade blessed by the ancestor. It has the function of attracting good fortune and rejecting bad luck.”

Su Shi was stunned.

A fox clan ancestor?

It was the only Supreme Being left in the Barbarian Realm, a powerhouse with sky-high strength!

“The Great One is personally blessed?”

“It seems that this is to show his favour to Linlang.”

Friction broke out between the Barbarian Realm and Linlang, so the ancestor of the fox clan decided to intervene.

Now that he had been given this jade pendant, that theory was self-evident.

Su Shi hung the jade pendant around his waist, and in a trance, there seemed to be an invisible aura surrounding him.

But if you looked closely, you couldn’t catch anything.

“It seems to be more than just attracting good luck and rejecting bad luck.”

Su Shi thought to himself.

At this time, Cen Yiren came over.

After what happened in the morning, her eyes were erratic and she didn’t dare to look at Su Shi.

“Well, this is for you.”

She tossed the storage ring to him.

Su Shi asked curiously, “What is this?”

Cen Yiren said: “You can see for yourself.”

Su Shi’s mind sank into it.

He saw that there were some fire seeds in this storage ring.

And the energy was extremely pure, clearly not of low quality.

Cen Yiren said: “You mastered Divine Flame and are proficient in the Dao of Refinement, so you should need this thing, right?”

Su Shi nodded and said, “I really need it, thank you Senior Sister Cen.”

Cen Yiren lowered her head and said, “Don’t thank me, this is from my father, and it has nothing to do with me.”

“What is this?”

Su Shi took out an object from the storage ring.

It was a concentric knot made of brocade ribbons, interlaced with each other, and exuded a fragrant scent.

Cen Yiren blushed, “This, this is what I accidentally put in, quickly return it to me.”

“Isn’t it a taboo to ask for back an item you gave away?”

Su Shi hung a concentric knot next to the jade pendant, “Does it look good?”

Cen Yiren’s cheeks flushed even more, “It’s ugly.”

Having said that, there seemed to be a bright wave in her eyes.

1. Dual Cultivation is a type of cultivation system, wherein male and female cultivators pair up and cultivate by having s3x. During their ‘cultivation sessions’, they imbue normal s3x positions and techniques with their Qi and combined them with unique Dual Cultivation techniques to extract absorb and refine each other’s Yang Qi (Male Sp3rm) and Yin Qi (Female Cum) respectively.

2. The “concentric knot” is a flower knot made of carefully woven silk ribbons in an interlocking palindrome style in ancient times. Usually two knots are connected, and it is commonly used as a symbol of unwavering love and to express lovesickness. Another interpretation is “growing old together in mutual support and harmony”.


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Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Villain: Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine, 反派:临死前,我强吻了女主
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Su Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book. According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword. When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were. Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Su Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry. He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss! “This is the last time we meet anyway!” Su Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction. Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis! After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’ But what Su Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death! Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward. Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?” Su Shi: “…”


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