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Chapter 26

When a suspiciously wealthy foreign benefactor visited the orphanage director’s office and learned that Ivan didn’t have a bedroom, she made a big fuss before getting to the point.

The saint calmly listened to Ivan’s story, mostly narrated by Enrique, and then took a sip of tea.

There are at least one or three possessed individuals in the university.

“This is a strange thing.” (Patricia)

“Huh?” (Enrique)

“Enrique, have you ever heard of it? The ones who are pulled in are said to come out about two or three in a century.” (Patricia)

“Oh, right?” (Enrique)

“How many are there now?” (Patricia)

The saint put down her tea and clasped her hands quietly.

Her eyes were now as deep as those of a high priest.

“Maximilian, the demon king, and Ivan. So, three. I don’t know if there are any more in other places, but even then, there would be at most one person I don’t know or at most two.” (Enrique)

“Uh-huh?” (Ivan)

“That was twenty years ago.” (Patricia)

The time when the demon king, Maximilian, and Ivan appeared.

The time was twenty years ago. Not even a century, let alone a generation, had passed yet.

“The stories of the demon king and Maximilian are over. The story of Brother Cyril is not clear, but its conclusion is near. But what if other people appear here again?” (Patricia)

“Huh? What’s the problem with that?” (Enrique)

“It’s not normal. I served Maximilian, who was a ‘brought one.’ Therefore, I know all the old records of the ‘brought ones’ in the cathedral.” (Patricia)

About once or twice in a century.

When they appear, they always stand out somewhere.

Eagerly, as if they were trying to create their own narrative.

After finishing the story of their era and disappearing, after the passage of time, others are brought and turn over a new page.

So, in this era when the demon king is dead and all nations are quiet.

What is the reason for the appearance of a new possessed person?

Even if there are a few nations that still have their military strength after the war with the demon king, and some minor conflicts that arise from the expansion of colonies, they are at best a harbinger of danger.

It’s still too early. The world is too devastated to face another war. No nation now has the resources to dare to launch a full-scale war.

Even if the demon king appears again, will it be a problem? Most of the party of heroes are still alive, and each country has already prepared to check ‘powerful individuals.’

In addition, the demons were scattered by race and enslaved or driven out of the world. Only the remnants that remained in that distant land. They no longer have the strength to sustain the war.

“You said there were a few people you suspected?” (Patricia)

“Three.” (Ivan)

“Nationality?” (Patricia)

“Two are Krasilov. The other is Kalion.” (Ivan)

“One elf and two humans.” (Ivan)

The saint crossed her arms and thought for a moment.

“All three are students, right?” (Patricia)

“Yes.” (Ivan)

“It hasn’t been verified yet?” (Patricia)

“Hmm.” (Ivan)

“Then we need to verify it.” (Patricia)

The saint nodded her head more readily than expected. She thought Ivan might be trying to conduct an inquisition, as there had never been a case where the word “verification” came out of the mouth of a believer without incident.

“Find out who among the suspects are really ‘the brought ones.’ And also find out what stories those children were brought into. After that, we can now know what stories are left in our time, right?” (Patricia)

After the stories of the demon king and Maximilian were over, what stories could the possessed people create in this world? What stories led them?

That was the saint’s plan.

Of course, this world is not a plot like in a game or a novel. No matter what stories they may have experienced in their ‘other world,’ fictional creations cannot affect the flow of this world.

But people are different. The people who are influenced by that ‘story’ are different. What kind of feelings the possessed person has, and what kind of actions the possessed person plans to take. That much will certainly affect this world.

Just as the demon king, the hero, and the countless possessed people before them did. The possessed person will inevitably create events, turmoil, and history.

The saint nodded and buried herself in the sofa. After taking another sip of tea, she suddenly asked this question.

“So, Brother Cyril. What was your story?” (Patricia)

“I don’t know.” (Ivan)

“…Huh? No matter how long ago it was… Well, do you have a story that makes you feel a strong sense of purpose, or a sense of destiny…?” (Patricia)

There should have been one…? That’s what most possessed people tend to do.

Ivan, who hesitated at the saint’s question, opened his mouth heavily.

“There were too many.” (Ivan)

“Huh…?” (Patricia)

Kim Sunwoo wrote malicious comments on a total of 8 games, 11 webtoons, and over 30 web novels in his lifetime.

They were of different genres, and it didn’t matter what they were as long as he liked them.

Ivan explained this carefully. He told the saint that there was a superstition in their world that ‘if you criticize a writer, you can become a reincarnator.’

A rebellious young man named Kim Sunwoo wanted to become a reincarnator, so he wrote harsh criticism of all kinds of works, such as a 5,700-word punch of gratitude.

After hearing his calm recollection, Enrique avoided his gaze, and the saint was speechless for a moment.

“Let’s repent, brother.” (Patricia)

The saint held Ivan’s hand tightly and infused him with her divine power. It was warm. It was so warm that it stung a corner of his heart.


It was March, a season when flowers bloomed and the spring breeze tickled the heart.

Yevgeny, Eugene, was reading the Bible, brushing his flowing black hair aside. It was because the damn Bible reading time was approaching.

The theology department and the main hall, which were modeled after a church. The sight of him sitting on a bench under the green trees while reading a book was a picture of itself.

Eugene, who had thrown the spark of corruption into the hearts of many novice nuns, suddenly stopped when he saw a notification flashing in the corner of his vision.





“What, what, what is it! Why all of a sudden!! Don’t be a jerk!”

He reflexively shrank his body and looked around. There was no one.

Again. Again. This damn status bar was muttering to itself again without giving any explanation!

As he was thinking about it, a warning message suddenly popped up. This time, the thing surprisingly started to explain the situation.

“What is this…?”


[Survival instinct lv.3]

[Get up from your seat immediately and walk forward.]

[Do not look back.]

[Act naturally.]

[Even if someone calls you…]

First of all, he had to get out of his seat. Even though the status bar was incredibly unfriendly and useless, it at least didn’t lie.

This concept must be a Neapolitan ghost story. He rubbed his forehead and got up and started walking naturally.

He was sure that the work he was reincarnated into was [Northern Dukedom Swordsman Genius Bastard], and this title was reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire…


He was not from the Northern Dukedom. He was not a swordsman genius. And he couldn’t even be a bastard!

He bit his lips. This seemed more like SCP… or something close to a cosmic horror setting.

At least this damn status bar… No, it’s not a status bar anymore. It’s now called ‘Shitty Bar.’

Eugene bit his teeth and tried to manage his expression. Normally, with a calm face, he naturally hid his trembling hands in his sleeves. Stomping forward.

“Eugene.” (Ivan)

“Yes?” (Eugene)

Act naturally, naturally.

As he was mumbling that, Eugene suddenly turned his head at the sound of his name being called from behind.

At least he had to do well in the academy’s reputation. With a warm and faithful smile.

“As I thought, I was right. Yevgeny is Eugene. China, Japan, Korea. Where did you come from?” (Ivan)


A murderous Santa Claus was glaring at him from behind a tree.

Eugene, glancing at the flashing warning window frantically, slowly and carefully turned his head.

“Uhn~ uhn. Ah, the weather is so nice.” (Eugene)

He behaved as if he turned around not in response to a call but merely to stretch his body. He repeatedly glanced at the warning message, pondering whether there were additional messages or if the frustrating status bar was attempting another narrative twist.


A strong hand landed on Eugene’s shoulder.

Ivan stared into his eyes and thought. His eye contact was awkward. It wasn’t just a sign of being surprised or scared.

Clearly, it was the gaze of someone who was aware of something. Of course, there was nothing in the direction the boy was looking.

Therefore, the most reasonable inference was that ‘there was something that only this kid could see.’”

“What do you see?” (Ivan)

He didn’t know if there were any special privileges for possessed people. At least, he had never received anything like that.

Could Maximilian have been born with some special talent? That is unknown.

But if so.

If there is something special about a “possessed person,” we can make a few rational inferences based on Kim Sunwoo’s “common sense.”

Status bar, attribute bar, or something similar.

Generally, it appears frequently in early game possession stories. A convenient blue-colored display augmented reality screen that is visible only to you.

Maybe what he had longed for is visible in the eyes of this kid.

On the other hand, as soon as he heard Ivan’s words, Eugene thought reflexively.

The monster in front of him is definitely another “possessed person.” Probably of Korean origin.

Damn it. Double protagonist… That’s a shortcut to ruin. Isn’t it too old-school style?

Eugene pretended to be as normal as possible. If another possessed person who had lived in this world for a longer time than me, would they be more likely to be friendly or hostile?

At least this man had a history of throwing a stone filled with murderous intent as soon as he recognized him. In other words, it means that it is a hostile monster.

Eugene’s head spun. He recalled the first quest.

Kill Ivan Petrovich, or conceal information, or persuade.

Death in case of failure.

“Uh, uh, who, who are you… Do you know me…?”

“I intend to find out from now on.”

“If you do this, the department head will not be still… .”

“It is an approved matter by Saint Patricia.”

With a loud crash, Eugene’s faith, which had been dwindling from the start, shattered. She was led away by Ivan’s hand.

[Warning – canceled -]

[Survival instinct lv.3]

[Get up from your seat and walk forward right now. – canceled -]

[Do not look back. – canceled -]

[Act naturally. – canceled -]

[Do not answer anyone who calls you. He is not your ally. – canceled -]

[Leave with the gardener. Do not resist. He is your ally.]

Didn’t you die if you saw this kind of message in a Neapolitan ghost story?

Eugene stared blankly at the status bar and thought.

It was a pleasant March with a warm spring breeze.


Looking down at the peaceful scene of the seminary, the saint made the sign of the cross quietly.

A possessor.

A possessor who had suffered alone for thirty years.

Not knowing his own story, lost in his goals. A possessor who faded away as a supporting character.

She watched Ivan leaving and silently prayed.

I wish that the taciturn lumberjack would now have a goal in life.

So that, at the end of it, he may have even a handful of happiness in his hands.

“The student you said you needed for the ‘special class’… is first-year magic student Oswald. Is that right?”

“Yes, that was the name. Is there a problem?”

“Well… there’s nothing really wrong with the child himself. He’s a very diligent and talented student, but….”

The head of the magic department looked at the saint with a strange expression on his face.

He was an elf from the Kalion Islands. Until just before the start of the semester, he was a respected mage active in Kalion.

Elves are few in number. Compared to humans, they are significantly scarce. Therefore, most descendants of prestigious families know each other very well.

He was no exception. If the student mentioned by the saint was a student who could come from the distant land, he must have been from a prominent family, so he could easily recall the personal details she mentioned.

Oswald Eastbelfen. The heir to the prestigious Kalion mage family and the son of the current Privy Councilor. He is a young nobleman who is diligent, intelligent, considerate, and talented.

It means that he is a promising young man, but he has a few minor problems.

“A bit… unfortunate, isn’t he?”


“He is a young man who was engaged to the daughter of the Privy Councilor from birth, but he was recently divorced. But… um.”

How to explain this.

Ernbert, the head of the magic department, wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed.

Elves are a race that is almost perfect in most cases, but one flaw that a god left behind in jealousy of that perfection.

Their flaw is “obsession.” (It is not arrogance. It is natural for elves.)

Obsession with success, obsession with fame, obsession with knowledge. The types are diverse, but in this case…

Evelyn Rustfist, the daughter of the Privy Councilor, was strangely obsessed with Oswald.


(Oswald’s pov)

[The Villainess Obsessed with the Genius Wizard] was the worst novel of my life.

Damn it. I mean it. It was a pile of trash. I even dropped it after 30 episodes and didn’t leave any hate comments or criticism.

I left cleanly. The author probably doesn’t even know me as a reader. But why.

Oswald tried to ignore the sharp gaze he felt on the back of his head and looked up at the sky.

“My life is f*cked.”

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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