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Chapter 253 – Marriage between Violet Emperor and Feng Chaoge

Feng Chaoge was a little embarrassed.

At that time, she didn’t think much about it, but thinking about it now, it’s really absurd.

As the ruler of a country, how could she be fighting over a man?

But seeing that handsome face, her heart became even more determined.

No matter what, even if she was embarrassed!

How could she give up Su Shi to someone else?

Of course no way!

“You don’t have to worry, I have my own plans.”

Feng Chaoge said lightly, “But don’t forget, since I’ll be your wife. If you dare to secretly marry another woman, I will… I will crush your dick up!”

Su Shi shuddered.

Isn’t this too cruel?

Feng Chaoge hummed: “It’s good to know that you’re scared, but I’m serious…ah!”

The words stopped suddenly.

She was stiff, her pretty face flushed, “What, what are you doing?”

Su Shi put down her skirt and said angrily, “Why isn’t Your Majesty wearing stockings? Back then, you agreed to let me touch your legs.”

“Stop lifting my skirt!”

Feng Chaoge glared at him.

Fortunately, she was wearing pants, this guy was getting too much!

Seeing Su Shi’s lost expression, Feng Chaoge was both angry and funny.

Is this what this man had been thinking all day?

She hesitated for a moment, then whispered: “Those stockings are so embarrassing, how could I wear them so often? When I came here, I didn’t know you had returned to Nanli.”

Su Shi smiled and said, “So, Your Majesty did it specially for me before?”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes flashed, but she did not deny it.

Su Shi looked at her carefully.

This was the first time he had seen other party in casual clothes.

Pure white plain clothes like frost and snow, looking a little less majestic, and a little more innocent and shy like a girl.

“Your Majesty’s dress is quite cute.”

Su Shi said sincerely.

Feng Chaoge lowered her head, hiding the embarrassment in her eyes, “If you like, I can often wear it for you to see.”

Su Shi nodded, “It would be better if paired with stockings.”


Feng Chaoge rolled her eyes at him in annoyance, “You pervert!”

At this moment, she saw something and wondered: “You seem to have successfully broken through the realm?”

He looked from his aura, completely different from the feeling during the day.

Su Shi nodded and said, “This is indeed a breakthrough, my cultivation base is now Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm.”

“So fast!”

Feng Chaoge was slightly surprised.

With a slender hand grasping Su Shi’s wrist, she felt a powerful spiritual force, which was indeed a true Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm.

Moreover, his blood was like a dragon, his muscles and bones were like jade, and there seemed to be purple energy lingering and coming out.

Just like a true dragon!

Feng Chaoge was puzzled and said, “Your physical body… seems to have transformed?”

Su Shi shrugged, “I killed the Scaled Dragon, purified its qi and blood, absorbed it, plus some divine pill, it naturally became like this.”

Feng Chaoge frowned slightly.

She knew what happened in Xuefeng City.

But it was only a Half Scaled Dragon, and the dragon qi in its body was very thin, and even if it was absorbed by Su Shi, it would not be able to reach this level.

She thought for a moment and asked, “Then can you control dragon qi?”

“Control dragon qi?”

Su Shi recalled the divine power he had just obtained, “I’ll give it a try.

He closed his eyes, his mind became clear, the Violet Emperor Star trembled, and purple qi bloomed.

Slowly opening his eyes, his pupils had turned pure purple.

His clothes fluttered as the powerful dragon qi spread out, like a supreme king ruling the world!

Feng Chaoge looked at him blankly.

“Violet Emperor?”

Su Shi had never felt like this before.

Under the blessing of dragon qi, whether it is physical body, spiritual power or soul power, they have reached a new height, and their strength has been enhanced in all directions.

His heart was full of pride and arrogance over himself.

It was as if he was in control of the world.

“Is this the effect of the ‘True Dragon Power’?”

Before he could feel it properly, a fragrant wind swept over, and the ethereal body slammed into his arm.

Feng Chaoge looked at him with bright eyes, “So, you are really my Violet Emperor!”

“Violet Emperor?”

Su Shi was a little confused.

Feng Chaoge explained: “When I was young, there was a holy monk who was doing prophecy and said that I was destined to get the mandate of heaven, and there would be a Violet Emperor accompanying me. I didn’t expect it to be you!”

Su Shi was a little surprised, “You all like prophecy.”

Tianji Pavilion had predicted the Fated One, and now the Violet Emperor had appeared.

But he had to admit that this power of prophecy was right on target, they could predict the changes in the plot precisely.

“I wonder what that Violet Emperor is doing with you?”

Su Shi asked curiously.

Feng Chaoge blushed and said softly, “That is, I’m going to marry him.”

Su Shi laughed and said, “I did not expect Your Majesty to obey an ordinary person.”

Feng Chaoge said shyly, “I was too young back then, so I didn’t think much of it…”

Su Shi shook his head and said: “What would you do if the Violet Emperor wasn’t me.”

Feng Chaoge said seriously: “Then I will kill him as if the prophecy never existed.”

Knowing fate does not mean believing in it.

She believed in her own heart more than fate.

Regardless of whether Su Shi was Violet Emperor or not, since she had decided in her heart, then other men meant nothing in her eyes.

“Of course I have confidence that Violet Emperor is definitely you.”

“If Violet Emperor is not you, then that bald donkey’s prophecy must be wrong.”

Feng Chaoge’s voice was firm, and there seemed to be stars in her eyes.

Su Shi couldn’t help but be stunned.


Three o’clock at night.

Outside the room, a figure crept up the wall.

Moonlight shone on his handsome face.

It was Chen Qingluan.

“Su Shi seems to be staying in this room.”

“It’s late, Your Majesty should be asleep.”

She didn’t say a word to Su Shi during the day, she was tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep, so she only came to chat with him.

Just wanted to ask.

What happened between Su Shi and Her Majesty?

When she got to the door, Chen Qingluan raised her hand and knocked, and said in a low voice, “Su Shi, are you asleep?”

There was no answer in the room.

She wanted to open the door, but found that it didn’t move, as if it was locked from the inside.

Even the windows were tightly closed.

“Really, this guy locked his own room Doesn’t he want anyone to come in?”

Chen Qingluan looked helpless and left dejectedly.

In the room.

Su Shi breathed regularly and fell asleep.

Feng Chaoge curled up in his arms, the corners of her mouth slightly raised.

“Hmph, I knew that bitch wouldn’t give up.”

“Sorry, but Su Shi has been taken care of by me.”

Snorting in satisfaction, Feng Chaoge closed her eyes contentedly.

After a while, there was a sudden stomp, and a blush flew to her cheeks.

“This man is so depraved in his sleep!”


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Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Villain: Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine, 反派:临死前,我强吻了女主
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Su Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book. According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword. When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were. Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Su Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry. He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss! “This is the last time we meet anyway!” Su Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction. Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis! After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’ But what Su Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death! Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward. Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?” Su Shi: “…”


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