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Chapter 249 – Does Your Majesty really love Su Shi?

As soon as these words came out, the air fell silent.

Chen Qingluan was dumbfounded.

Didn’t I hear it wrong?

Holy Empress, the supreme ruler who rules the Nine Regions, actually wants to marry Su Shi?

Thinking of Feng Chaoge’s previous actions, an unreasonable idea surfaced in her heart.

No wonder she did not approve of my marriage before, so Her Majesty also likes Su Shi?

This is too absurd!

Feng Chaoge was embarrassed in her heart, but her expression was still cold, and she looked at Chen Qingluan, “Miss Chen, do you mind?”

“I…. cough, I don’t mind.”

Chen Qingluan lowered her head.

Ridiculous, in front of the Holy Empress, who would dare to object?

Feng Chaoge looked at Yu Ren’er again, “What about you, do you have any opinions?”

“Me, I will listen to Brother Su Shi.”

Yu Ren’er was a little nervous.

This mysterious girl’s aura was too amazing.


Feng Chaoge’s eyes stopped on Xin Ling, “This childhood sweetheart, do you agree or disagree?”

Xin Ling’s pretty face was even redder than her clothes, and she whispered, “Miss Huang misunderstood, I don’t have such a relationship with Su Shi.”

The two had not seen each other for more than ten years.

Why did she have to get caught up in this topic while they had just met?

“Very good.”

Feng Chaoge withdrew his gaze and said to Mo Yulan: “The discussion is over, unanimously approved, and I will be the main wife.”

Mo Yulan’s throat moved.

Is this worthy of being called a discussion?

It was definitely intimidating!

This mysterious girl is not only powerful, but her status is also terrifying.

Even Miss Chen was scared.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There were too many girls around Su Shi, and with this “discussion”, it could calm things down and prevent fights.

Mo Yulan nodded and said, “If that’s the case, we should quickly choose a good day for the wedding ceremony. Where does Miss Huang live?

Feng Chaoge said: “Weiyang Capital.”

The two old couples looked at each other.

Sure enough, the one who came was really the Holy Empress!!!

Mo Yulan gulped and said: “It’s a common thing that before we get ceremony, we have to visit the bride’s family to discuss marriage matters...”

Feng Chaoge said lightly, “No need, my mother and father passed away a long time ago.”

Mo Yulan was stunned for a moment, and cautiously said, “Are there any other elders in your family?”

“All are dead.”

Feng Chaoge’s voice was calm, “I have no parents, no brothers and sisters, and no relatives. I am the only one left in the entire Huang family.”

The royal family was already extinct, and the only prince died in her hands.

She was alone, a true loner.

Su Shi saw her, and couldn’t help but feel a little depressed, and secretly took her slender hand.

Feng Chaoge struggled.

In the end, she let him hold it.

Mo Yulan sighed.

She did not expect this mysterious girl to have such a tragic life.

As a woman, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“Don’t worry, Miss Huang, whatever the situation is in your family, it won’t detract from the perfection of the wedding ceremony.”

“We will be a family from now on.”

Mo Yulan’s voice was sincere, and her eyes were slightly moist.

Feng Chaoge was a little surprised.


This word was too far away from her, and she had not heard it for a long time.

“Thank you.”

Her eyes softened.

Mo Yulan rubbed her eyes and said with a smile, “We’ve all become family, why are you being so polite?”

Of course, Mo Yulan didn’t forget about others.

She pulled Yu Ren’er, Chen Qingluan, and Xin Ling’s hands together, and said softly: “When you enter the door of the Su family, you are all my good daughters-in-law, don’t worry, my husband and I will definitely treat you all the same.”

The girls lowered their heads shyly.


Xin Ling’s pretty face turned red.

She clearly came to drink with Su Shi, how did she suddenly become the Su family’s daughter-in-law?

“Aunty, I still have something to do, so I won’t bother, see you another day.”

Saying that, she got up hurriedly and walked out.

Mo Yulan glared at Su Shi, “What are you doing, why don’t you send Ling’er over immediately?”

“She is my daughter, look what I’ll do to you later if you make her sad!”

Su Shi: “????”


Xin Ling walked out of the dining room, crossed the courtyard, and walked quickly towards the gate.

What happened today was beyond her expectation.

She did not expect that she would meet him again after thirteen years. She had just met Su Shi again, and was already one of his “concubines”?

That was too absurd!

“I didn’t expect him to be able to have so many lovers.”

“But he does attract girls easily.”

Xin Ling sighed.

The identities of the three girls were very extraordinary.

Especially that mysterious girl, looking at her young age, her strength is extremely strong!

In comparison, she seemed a little ordinary.

There must be a sense of loss in her heart

“Miss Xin.”

At this moment, there was a call from behind.

Xin Ling stopped her steps.

Su Shi walked up to her and said, “My mother has always had that kind of temper, so please don’t take what happened just now personally, Miss Xin.”

Xin Ling whispered: “It’s okay, my relationship with auntie… is pretty good.”

Su Shi nodded and said, “I know Miss Xin has helped the Su family a lot, and I will keep this kindness in my heart.”

To avoid suspicion, he rarely went home in recent years.

Xin Ling not only accompanied his parents, but also helped the Su family solve many problems.

It is no exaggeration to say that she is the benefactor of the Su family.

Xin Ling shook her head, “I didn’t help much, Sir Duke doesn’t need to worry about that.”

Su Shi did not speak.

The other party didn’t want to receive any favors in return, but he would definitely find an opportunity to reciprocate.

Xin Ling was silent for a moment, then said, “Are those three girls your lovers?”

Su Shi said calmly, “That’s right.”

Xin Ling blinked, “It seems that you have a lot of experience these years.”

Su Shi touched his nose awkwardly.

Seeing this, Xin Ling was slightly amused, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “In that case, do you remember what you said to me back then?”

“Back then?”

Su Shi froze for a moment.

How could he remember what he said thirteen years ago.

“How about… Miss Xin reminds me?”

“Hmph, remind it yourself!”

Xin Ling glared at him in annoyance, “A man’s mouth, a trickster indeed!”

“Sir Duke can stop here, no need to escort me away.”

Then she turned angrily and left.

Su Shi scratched his head, “What did I say back then?”

Xin Ling’s voice rang out in the distance:

“Don’t forget, you still owe me a drink!”

Inside the room.

Feng Chaoge sat on a chair, and Chen Qingluan stood in front of her with her head bowed.

“Your Majesty, why are you here?”

Chen Qingluan asked in a low voice.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you this question?”

Feng Chaoge said indifferently: “If I remember correctly, the day of leave hasn’t arrived yet, Miss Chen left the capital without permission, wouldn’t that be considered neglect of duty?”

Chen Qingluan’s expression froze, “I have already received permission from the commander.”

Feng Chaoge sneered and said, “Isn’t the commander of the Demon Extermination Division your father? Are you trying to fool me here?”

“I dare not!”

Chen Qingluan hurriedly wanted to kneel down.

But an invisible force restrained her, unable to bend her knees at all.

Feng Chaoge frowned and said, “You must not kneel down, if Su Shi sees me, I will think I am bullying you.”

The last time that person was angry because of this.

Chen Qingluan’s voice moved and carefully said, “Your Majesty, do you really love Su Shi?”

“Cough cough!”

Feng Chaoge’s jade cheeks were slightly red, and he said with a frown: “Don’t ask things you shouldn’t ask!”

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Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

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Su Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book. According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword. When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were. Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Su Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry. He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss! “This is the last time we meet anyway!” Su Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction. Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis! After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’ But what Su Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death! Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward. Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?” Su Shi: “…”


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