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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Changing houses, Jing Ni has been seduced

Li Mo was stunned. He asked, “Why are you thinking about this?”

Jing Ni’s breathing hadn’t calmed down yet, and she said with some urgency, “We can buy a farther one, not too big.”

“This way, husband won’t have to rush back and forth for over an hour each day.”

“It’s fine on fair weather days, but what if it’s windy and rainy?”

“Slippery roads are already unsafe.”

“Wouldn’t it be more convenient to buy a house in Xinzheng city?”

Jing Ni had long considered this issue.

The place where the two of them currently lived was outside Xinzheng City, taking over three hours round trip.

And the place, now renamed “Purple Orchid Pavilion,” was a place of leisure, only doing business at night. When Li Mo finished telling the stories, the two of them would return almost at midnight.

Just now, they had just finished being intimate for a while, and it was already turning light outside.

Li Mo was moved. His wife’s consideration for him was so thoughtful! With a wife like this, what more could he ask for!

Touched, Li Mo accurately found Jing Ni’s rosy and enticing little mouth to taste.

It wasn’t until Jing Ni was almost out of breath and pushed him away that he let go.

Li Mo held Jing Ni, whose delicate body had melted, and said, “Or should I change my occupation. It’s not a long-term plan to tell stories there.”

It didn’t matter before, but now that he had a wife, going to the brothel every day felt a bit awkward.

“Isn’t storytelling good?”

Jing Ni looked at him puzzled. She had seen all the daily earnings from Li Mo during this period. Not only did he earn a lot, but it was also easy.

For a blind man like him, this job was perfect.

Li Mo teased, pinching her dainty nose, “Those places are brothels, aren’t you afraid that one day I won’t be able to control myself and be seduced by those women dressed up?”

Jing Ni grabbed his hand, lightly bit his hand back, and said, “If you can really be seduced by them, would you still wait until now?”

“But let me make it clear first, if you can’t help yourself and need to find someone, find someone who hasn’t had clients, someone clean.”

“It’s okay to spend more money.”

“What I care about is if those women are touched by others every day, you find them, and then come back to me, that’s not okay.”

“It feels weird to me if you’ve been fooling around with someone else.”

Li Mo shook.

Damn it, how can there be such a good wife in the world?

“I’m just joking, don’t take it seriously, honey.”

Jing Ni wasn’t joking. It was fine if they were clean; she just felt uncomfortable if they were not.

“By the way, do we have enough money to buy a house?”

He didn’t really know about the housing prices here. But thinking about it, he knew. Xinzheng was a vassal state of Han, equivalent to a first-tier city in the past, and every inch of land was precious.

“You have no idea how much money you have?”

Li Mo shook his head, “I haven’t really counted, just threw it into the jar every time I came back.”

Jing Ni found it funny and exasperating how he didn’t even know how many money he had.

“With this money, you could buy ten houses in Xinzheng.”

Li Mo was shocked, “That much?”

“Yes, what did you think?”

Li Mo pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s buy a bigger one, it’s fine if the location is a bit remote, the environment should be good. Then we can buy a few maids to serve you at home.”

Jing Ni laughed and said, “I have hands and feet, what do we need maids for.”

She used to be accustomed to being alone and really wasn’t used to being served by others.

She even thought the maids weren’t as efficient as her!

The two of them had just discussed buying a house today, and the next day they came to Xinzheng early to look at houses.

Anyway, with money, they could buy what they wanted.

The earlier they buy, the earlier they could enjoy!

Under the guidance of realtor, the two of them finally selected a satisfactory set after three days of viewing.

Although it wasn’t in the center of Xinzheng City, it was much closer than where they had lived before.

It was only about half an hour’s drive from Purple Orchid Pavilion.

And the roads in the city were easy to walk on, so even if Jing Ni didn’t accompany him to go storytelling, she could trust him to go back and forth on his own.

The new house was a three-entry building with several rooms in it.

Just the front hall alone was bigger than the entire yard where the two of them used to live.

There was a well in the yard, ready-made, so Li Mo didn’t have to dig one himself.

After finishing setting up the last room, Jing Ni looked at the cozy little house she had arranged and couldn’t help but smile.

This was how ordinary people lived.

They had a house, a courtyard, and a husband.

In the future, when he went storytelling, she could cook at home and wait for him.

Eating together, chatting together, and then… doing something they both enjoyed together.

Jing Ni rubbed her flushed cheeks, how did she think of such things.

It’s all that guy’s fault, always being annoying, so she would think randomly.

Hmm! It’s all his fault!

Jing Ni, with her face red, shifted blame directly to herself.

Li Mo, who was about to go out to tell stories in the yard, sneezed twice in a row!

Strange, it seems like someone is cursing at me!

“Honey, I’m leaving first, please be safe on your way out of the city.”

Now that they lived closer, Jing Ni didn’t have to accompany Li Mo every night out and back under the stars.

Although the two of them had moved here now, they couldn’t forget the village leader who had taken in Li Mo before.

She still had the title of his distant nephew.

Jing Ni was preparing to send some money to the village leader.

Also, to retrieve her sword buried at the village entrance!

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Others who transmigrate into Great Qin (Ancient China/Qin Dynasty) either become the Sons of the Ancestral Dragon or noble princes. But Li Mo, who traversed here, became a blind man who couldn't even find a wife, starting with a catastrophe! Fortunately, though, heaven closed one window for him but helped him lift the roof: awakening simplified talents and heavenly eyes in cultivation. Gaining inner strength: breathing! Strengthening the foundation: sleeping! Five Thunder Heart Palms: generating electricity through friction! Viewing the world with the heart, transcending all beings! To increase the population, the court mandates marriages, dragging those who don't marry into forced labor camps and providing partners for those without. And this is a good thing? Li Mo just went with a bamboo pole! Who cares if the wife is ugly? Anyway, he can't see, as long as the well water comes out! But unexpectedly, he ended up marrying a dollfish, which gurgled as soon as he dug the well. Seeking the Ancestral Dragon's military strategy? Let's understand "The Pulley Language". Not enough troops for the battle? One sulfur, two saltpeter, three charcoal, add some white sugar, and Big Ivan, let's understand it. Eight-year-old Xiaomeng wants to become a disciple? Let's cultivate an understanding! You say I'm blind? Have you ever seen a blind person massaged by the Moon Goddess, having his legs pressed by the Eastern Sovereign, and fed fruit by the Flame Princess?


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