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Chapter 230

Chapter 230 “Bone Demon”

With the help of Su Hao’s large pincers, Yashan finally resolved the urgent situation.

However, a new problem arose; Yashan’s appearance was now unbearable!

While Su Hao brainstormed solutions, he comforted Yashan, saying, “Yashan, trust the boss. I’ve identified the issue and will fix it in a couple of days. But for now, stay in the dormitory and don’t go anywhere. If anyone comes in, I’ll handle it for you.”

In reality, Su Hao was concerned that Yashan might be captured for research!

Unable to prevent it, Su Hao focused on quickly resolving Yashan’s issue of uncontrollable transformations.

Su Hao skipped sleep, delving directly into the pinball space to research. After careful comparison, he discovered the problem: the ‘controller’ gene didn’t act independently but functioned as part of a whole with neighboring genes. Connected to the ‘database’ and ‘arsenal,’ Su Hao had overlooked this detail.

Identifying the problem, Su Hao immediately made corrections, addressing other issues and cultivating corresponding ‘gene modification liquid’ from various parts of his body.

This process was estimated to take eight hours.

Under Su Hao’s cover, no one noticed Yashan’s abnormality.

Considering how few people genuinely cared about others’ actions, everyone was busy with their own concerns.

Except for the village’s busybody aunties.

In the evening, Su Hao successfully cultivated the second batch of gene modification liquid.

However, Su Hao’s complexion became unusually pale, appearing weaker and less energetic.

The ‘gene modification liquid,’ grown from Su Hao’s flesh and blood, lacked the powerful regenerative ability of the ‘Bone Demon,’ causing significant damage to him.

Carefully extracting the cultivated ‘gene modification liquid’ from various parts of his body, Su Hao purified it using a homemade device.

Ready for administration, Su Hao reassured the anxious Yashan, “Rest assured, Yashan. Once this injection is done, you’ll be fine!”

Yashan eagerly looked at the syringe, saying, “Boss Wei, alright!”

Tormented by scales that shouldn’t have grown, Yashan had endured a miserable day.

With one injection, Yashan slept for another four hours. During this time, the scales grew twice and then receded, making Su Hao realize that his human version of the ‘Shenjia person’ was a success.

This meant a smooth journey from the second to seventh levels in the future.

Upon waking, Yashan tested his smoothly retracting and expanding ‘Shell person,’ expressing deep admiration for Su Hao, “Boss Wei, you’re incredible!”

He couldn’t fathom how Boss Wei achieved all this.

Evolving into a mutant without devouring flesh and blood?

Moreover, seemingly able to freely alter a person’s body to achieve any desired effect…

Truly god-like!

No, in Yashan’s eyes, even the gods he imagined couldn’t accomplish such feats.

And why did he remember dying in battle, yet now he became this peculiar human child?

Why did he come back to life?

It was undoubtedly related to Boss Wei!

Yashan couldn’t find words to describe his boss anymore! All he knew was that Boss Wei was his golden thigh! Just hug and never let go.

After a half-month of recuperation, Su Hao began evolving into the “Shell person.” Following Yashan’s successful experiment, Su Hao’s evolution went smoothly without any surprises. After four hours of sleep, Su Hao successfully evolved into the “Shell person.” His body strength increased significantly, and his vital capacity also greatly improved, allowing Su Hao to confidently use runes for self-defense.

However, this wasn’t enough for Su Hao! A month later, Yashan prioritized evolving into a second-level “Rampager.” After confirming no issues, Su Hao also smoothly evolved into a second-level “Rampager.” Next was the third-level “Thorned Beast.”

Six months later, both of them evolved into “Bone Demons” with the ‘undying’ attribute. During this period, their roommate Bai Jingchun slept soundly every night, and his mild insomnia symptoms significantly improved. The girl in charge of their meals, Xiaotian, complained that the food expenses had exceeded the budget. She kept pestering Sister Bai to increase the budget, or she would have to cover the excess herself!

What puzzled her was why Jingzhong and Jingyi, the two little guys, with their small stature, could still stare at her eagerly after eating a big bowl of food, holding out empty bowls and pitifully saying, “Sister Xiaotian, hungry~”

How could their stomachs hold so much?

This year, Su Hao and Yashan were already six years old. These six-year-olds didn’t look like the cute porcelain doll type but had robust and resilient physiques that seemed resistant to beatings—except for their faces!

Their tender faces remained irresistibly adorable, lacking any sense of resistance to beatings. Holding bowls larger than their heads, they squatted in a quiet corner, eating and chatting.

Yashan said, “Boss Jingzhong, I’m already a ‘Bone Demon’ now. When are you going to tattoo runes on me? It feels weird without runes!”

Su Hao replied, “Let’s talk about tattoos later. We can’t transform freely now; try to keep a low profile. Besides, we might have a medical examination at school, and having tattoos all over might label us as problem children. I’ve designed a composite rune that can imprint multiple effects into the body. I’ll prepare it in the next few days and tattoo it on you.”

Yashan’s eyes lit up. He had experienced the refreshing feeling of the ‘rotation’ rune being imprinted into his body.

Excitedly, Yashan asked, “Boss Jingzhong, does it include the ‘lightning’ rune?”

In the previous life, Boss Wei’s ‘Fire Dragon Thunder Domain’ left a deep impression on Yashan. He couldn’t forget the ‘Level 2 – Lightning’ rune. If he could make it his main rune after advancing to the ‘Child of Destiny,’ Yashan would wake up smiling from his dreams.

Thinking about advancing to the ‘Child of Fate’ with the ‘Level 2 – Lightning’ rune, Yashan’s eyes became extremely eager.

Strength didn’t matter; the key was to look cool!

Su Hao said, “Of course, I’ve already improved it. There are multiple combination options, each with up to four effects. I’ll let you choose when the time comes.”

Afterwards, Su Hao added, “Hurry up and eat! We’ll have a school examination later, and it seems like you have a lot left to complete!”

At the mention of ‘school examination,’ Yashan became lifeless. He couldn’t understand why this world was so crazy to invent something like ‘school examination.’ After all, he was just a six-year-old child. Shouldn’t six-year-olds be happily playing? Why subject them to such inhumane torture?

Seeing Yashan so disheartened, Su Hao laughed, “Yashan, this is just the appetizer! We’re already six years old. Sister Bai said we officially start school in three months; that’s when the real fun begins, hahaha!”

Su Hao even forgot to call Yashan by his alias ‘Jingyi,’ showing how cheerful he was at the moment.

Yashan widened his eyes in disbelief, “What? There’s more?”

Two days later, Su Hao successfully cultivated the ‘gene modification liquid’ and used a gene recording composite rune on Yashan, aiming to advance to the Grandmaster level in one go. However, Yashan was still an experimental subject, and Su Hao couldn’t succeed in one attempt. He needed to locate the human body, establish a rune coordinate system, and give it another shot.

Yashan chose the ‘lightning,’ ‘fire dragon,’ ‘rotation,’ and ‘penetration’ runes, taking the extravagant route.

Su Hao directly injected the full needle into Yashan’s arm, waiting patiently.

As expected, four hours later, it failed just as Su Hao anticipated. The resulting rune pattern had many missing parts, unable to form a complete blood qi network.

Yashan widened his eyes, curious, “Huh? Why didn’t it work?”

Su Hao reassured, “Don’t worry, Yashan! Composite runes are not that simple. It requires several follow-up procedures to succeed.”

Yashan realized, “I see.”

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My Divine Diary

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