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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Why am I not on this list?

The dense forest was lush with branches and leaves.

Beams of sunlight pierced through layers of branches like sharp sword rays, illuminating a beautiful and exquisite face.

The woman lifted her head, her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, feeling the warmth of the sun on her perfect face.

Her cloud-like hair cascaded freely behind her.

She exuded a dreamlike charm from head to toe.

So beautiful to the point of being unreal, making it hard to believe!

“The beauty ranking list is truly an interesting thing.”

“But why am I not on it?”

She spoke slowly, her voice soft.

Dressed in a fiery red gown, she looked like a flame that could extinguish at any moment.

The woman sat cross-legged on a high branch, gently swaying her two slender legs like ivory.

Her snow-white, delicate skin emitted a dazzling white light in the sunshine.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes.

Her aquamarine eyes were as dazzling as gemstones, stunning the entire season.

She lowered her head and slowly asked the two people below the tree, “Why do you think I’m not on the list?”

Under the tree, a man wrapped in a black robe, exuding a lifeless aura, paused and said, “Perhaps your name is unheard of. Our place is far from Han, and he’s a blind man, not a deity.”

The woman supported her exquisite chin with her fair slender hand, shaking her head. “But how did he know about the Saintess of Loulan and the Hu Ji of the Xiongnu tribe?”

“Those places are even farther away.”

Loulan is in a distant desert.

The Xiongnu are also on the grasslands outside the northern borders.

Both places are far from Xinzheng.

To travel to these two places, one would have to calculate the time in months because there were no cars or planes at that time.

So many people spent their whole lives without leaving their hometown.

Moreover, with bandits rampant in chaotic times, even fewer people ventured far from home.

He’s a blind man… does he have the ability to travel around different countries? He probably can’t even distinguish directions.

It seemed that she had stumped the man with her intricate question.

She pursed her lips and said, “Or maybe… he is simply ignorant.”

The woman shook her head again, a hint of sorrow glimmering between her slightly furrowed eyebrows.

She seemed very conflicted and concerned about this issue.

You know about people who hide away from the world, but me, who is so active in the Jianghu, how can you not know about me?

The man under the tree choked, regretting why he had answered her question.

He knew that beneath her delicate exterior hid a quirky and cunning heart!

He was just making things difficult for himself!

“Alright, we should go.”

He chose to refuse to answer.

Turning around and walking away, he said, “The master is waiting for us to rescue him.”

The woman was still pondering this question with her head tilted, until the man’s figure was about to disappear into the forest. She sighed quietly and jumped down from the tree branch.

Gracefully like a swallow, she landed perfectly on the shoulder of a giant under the tree.

“Let’s go.”

A dreamy whisper emanated from her luscious red lips.

The ten-foot-tall giant grunted and hurried to catch up.

Several days later, the talk about the Beauty Ranking list, which was being discussed among countries, gradually subsided.

But the blind man who compiled the list continued his daily activities as usual.

Going to the city, telling stories, and then carrying a large bag of money and walking hand in hand with his wife back home.

When they returned home, the two of them sat at the table counting their daily earnings. When they saved up a certain amount, Jing Ni would put the knife coins in a box, ready to exchange them for gold the next day in the city. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient to have so many knife coins at home.

After finishing her busy work, Jing Ni prepared a new quilt to place by the bed.

“Husband, I want to talk to you about something,” she said, snuggled in Li Mo’s arms. Her bright eyes shone faintly in the darkness, resembling stars.

“If you’re tired, we won’t do that this time,” Li Mo said, patting her shoulder affectionately, sensing her fatigue.

Feeling misunderstood, Jing Ni gave him a wry look, silently conveying, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Oh? So we can still do that now?” Li Mo asked, prompting Jing Ni’s silence.

‘Can we not talk about it? If we do it again next time, I’ll put my foot on your face and see how you deal with it!’ she thought, before voicing her actual concern, “I think we should buy a house in Xinzheng. What do you think, husband?”


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