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Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Evolutional Small Failure

In the end, Sister Bai couldn’t bear to listen to Su Hao’s nonsense, so she lifted him up and threw him aside, then turned to ask Yashan.

Yashan stammered, unclear in speech, unable to explain anything.

Next was Bai Jingchun.

Bai Jingchun blinked: “???”

Actually, he didn’t know what had happened.

And that’s how things were left unresolved.

Although Sister Bai always felt that Jingzhong and Jingyi were a bit off, she had no way to deal with these two five-year-old kids.

Finally, Sister Bai said, “Xiaotian! Notify Asheng later, we’ll pack up and change places in a couple of days!”

Xiaotian seemed unsurprised, immediately nodding, “Okay, Sister Bai!”

So, Su Hao’s “Morning Sun Courtyard” began a big move, finding a more secluded location.

The name remained “Morning Sun Courtyard.”

Sister Bai, under a tree in the new courtyard, was quietly thinking. Suddenly, a handsome man in a suit walked in, observing the courtyard with curiosity.

Sister Bai woke up suddenly, turned to look, surprised, “Xiao Linzi, how did you come?”

Xiao Linzi smiled, “Heard you moved again, came to take a look. The environment here is not bad! Sister Bai, you really know how to pick a place.”

Sister Bai waved her hand, helplessly saying, “Got used to it!”

Xiao Linzi wondered, “Why did you suddenly change places? Did something happen?”

After Sister Bai briefly explained the situation, she sighed, “I guess the ‘Resisters’ have started kidnapping children again!”

Xiao Linzi fell silent.

He was born in the “Morning Sun Courtyard” as a summoner. This place that raised him was his home, and the people here were his family.

Children from the “Morning Sun Courtyard” had been kidnapped by the ‘Resisters’ more than once.

The memory of that innocent smiling face resurfaced in Xiao Linzi’s mind.

It was his former playmate, but when he was very young, taken away by the ‘Resisters’ and still no news till now.

It was a perpetual pain in his heart; he hated the ‘Resisters’ to the core, but he had no way, even as a powerful summoner.

Sister Bai suddenly turned around and fiercely punched the tree trunk.


Branches trembled.

Sister Bai said harshly, “Those bastards will pay sooner or later!”

Xiao Linzi stayed only for a while and left, leaving a bag of money for Sister Bai before going, “Sister Bai, ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’ relies on you…”

Sister Bai grabbed the bag of money without hesitation and bluntly said, “Get lost. Just leave the money; no need for unnecessary words!”

Xiao Linzi grinned and left!

“Morning Sun Courtyard” couldn’t rely solely on Sister Bai! Without the support of many family members who had ventured into society, it was impossible to support so many people. However, the number of people willing to contribute kept decreasing. In the end, it still depended on Sister Bai alone.

A month later, the human trafficking incident seemed to have become a thing of the past. Su Hao understood that for a long time, he wouldn’t be plagued by such inexplicable misfortune. However, he couldn’t guarantee what the future held; once unlucky, anything could happen, even getting run over by a truck.

His current strength was far from enough, unable to ensure his survival. Through previous battles, Su Hao realized that the blood content in this body was still too low. After using a few runes, it almost depleted him! If facing multiple summoners together after exhausting his blood, he would be temporarily helpless.

“Tonight, I’ll experiment with evolving into a [Shell Person]!”

Once evolved into a Shell Person, the key wasn’t the increase in defense but the substantial improvement in physical qualities, leading to increased blood energy. With blood, he could use runes!

After secretly making up his mind, Su Hao found Yashan when there was no one around and whispered, “Jingyi, your blood accumulation is enough now. Tonight, I’ll help you evolve into a [Shell Person].”

Yashan had known about this, immediately responding, “Okay, Jingzhong~ Boss!”

The advantage of having Yashan as a little brother became apparent at this moment. If an ordinary Zhu acquisition person evolved into a Shell Person, there would be no need for experiments; they could easily cultivate the gene modification liquid and turn an ordinary person into a Shell Person.

But since he arrived in this world, he had become an ordinary human again. He hadn’t tried evolving a human into a Shell Person!

In case of failure, instant death was a possibility, and he would be barred from this world. With Yashan as insurance, it became much safer. As for Yashan, if he died, it didn’t matter! He could awaken him in the next world!

Having Yashan as a obedient “experimental subject” was simply fantastic.

The more Su Hao looked at Yashan, the more pleasing he found him!

At night, when roommate Bai Jingchun was sound asleep, Su Hao quietly got up. Using his homemade sleeping gas on Bai Jingchun’s nose to ensure he was in a deep sleep, Su Hao then retrieved a syringe and a bottle of transparent liquid from under the bed.

The bottle contained the gene modification liquid designed based on Yashan’s genes, and the syringe was purchased by Su Hao from a pharmacy.

As for where the money came from? A quick stroll down the street provided it—this was something he was familiar with.

By this time, Yashan had obediently laid on the bed, revealing his fair arm, waiting for Boss Wei’s favor.

Su Hao didn’t make Yashan wait long. He injected the tender arm with a large amount of liquid.

This gene modification liquid not only inserted fragments of the [Shell Person]’s extraordinary genes but also included a crucial ‘controller’ sequence.

This ‘controller’ was the key for mutants to control their transformations freely.

Su Hao believed the [Shell Person] gene he designed for Yashan was perfect, but what it would finally become was uncertain. He could only hope for Yashan’s good luck in successfully evolving into a [Shell Person].

After a while, Yashan fell into a deep sleep, and Su Hao kept a close watch on his changes.

Close to an hour later, Yashan’s body began to undergo transformation. The skin dimmed, and orderly dragon scales gradually grew, expanding his entire body.

However, there were differences: the color of the scales changed from the original dark gray to a blue-white color, and the scales became smaller and more densely packed. Su Hao tested the texture and found it became thinner.

Su Hao meticulously observed and recorded, analyzing the differences between the human version of [Shell Person] and the Zhu acquisition person version of [Shell Person].

Four hours later, Yashan woke up smoothly and followed Su Hao’s instructions to perform various movements.

Su Hao recorded and analyzed.

In the end, he summarized three points:

1. The defense of the dragon scales decreased.
2. Scales grew in inappropriate places, affecting blinking and bathroom-related movements.
3. The controller seemed not very effective; Yashan struggled to retract the dragon scales.

Yashan looked pitifully at Su Hao and whispered, “Boss Wei, I need to use the bathroom. What should I do? I want to do both big and small, but I feel a bit blocked!”

Su Hao rubbed his chin calmly and said, “Yashan, don’t panic. Boss Wei will figure it out!” Yashan, trusting, replied, “Okay, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao was actually a bit anxious in his heart. “Looks like the evolution was a bit of a failure! Yashan, you have to endure this!”

Su Hao, with a confident face, said, “Yashan, search for the feeling of reverting, hide it in your mind, imagine its existence, then control it and smoothly revert… look carefully!”

After a moment, Yashan’s face twisted. “Boss Wei, the more I search, the more urgent it becomes…”

Su Hao fell silent, then crawled under the bed again, pulled out a large pair of pliers, and handed it to Yashan. “Yashan, go to the bathroom and clip off the blocked scales yourself!”

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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