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Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Onslaught

After Su Hao and Yashan beat Bai Shansong three times, Bai Shansong no longer dared to harbor any ill intentions, avoiding Su Hao and Yashan whenever he saw them.

Since then, no one in the entire orphanage dared to provoke Su Hao and Yashan, and even their roommate Bai Jingchun benefited.

The three youngest became the most formidable presence in the orphanage.

Of course, Bai Jingchun was just an accessory.

While eating, Su Hao pondered Sister Bai’s words.

To become a summoner, talent is crucial. Without the corresponding talent, even with an IQ of 150 and an incredibly strong body, one cannot become a summoner.

But does Su Hao lack talent?

To this, Su Hao revealed a mysterious smile!

What talent does he want?

If he hadn’t been to the world of Zhuo Hua people, and didn’t have the talent of a summoner, he might have been helpless. But now he wasn’t worried at all.

Having talent is good, but even without it, he could create one for himself!

Su Hao’s goal in becoming a summoner isn’t to acquire summoned beasts, but to use the identity and knowledge of a summoner to explore the summoning principles and understand why summoned beasts can achieve spatial transfer.

If successful, Su Hao expects to gain a power in this world so potent it’s suffocating—instant teleportation.

‘So, the top priority is to evolve into a Bone Demon as quickly as possible! Now that I’m already an elite warrior, I need to wait another two months for this body to adapt. After two months, I’ll start evolving into a [Shell] person!’

Su Hao silently calculated the time. He aimed to ascend as quickly as possible, obtain a standing power, and ensure he could survive in this world long enough to thoroughly understand the mysteries of space.

At this moment, the delicate girl Bai Shanlan carried her meal tray, sat across from Yashan, and accused Yashan and Su Hao, “Jingyi, how can you bully your own family?”

Yashan first glanced at his Boss Wei, who was still lost in thought. Seeing Wei still preoccupied, he pretended not to hear and focused on eating.

Playing dumb was a skill Yashan had mastered over the past year and now didn’t need to pretend anymore.

Seeing Yashan ignoring her, Bai Shanlan turned to Su Hao.

Yashan was alarmed; his boss was deep in thought. How could she disturb him now? Was she asking for trouble?

Swift as lightning, Yashan threw down his bowl, grabbed Bai Shanlan’s face, turned it halfway, and forcefully brought it back. Opening her mouth to speak, Yashan grabbed a chicken leg and stuffed it into Bai Shanlan’s mouth, smiling, “Eat!”

Bai Shanlan: “…”

One month later.

In front of the pinball space experiment platform, Su Hao was meticulously examining the genetic code of the [Shell] person he had designed with his own hands.

Human genes were different from Zhuo Hua people’s; he couldn’t directly copy Zhuo Hua people’s [Shell] person plan.

He needs to reorganize and design it, then gradually test it, and only then can he obtain a definitive plan.

Until today, Su Hao finally completed the genetic design, with a success rate of 99.9%.

The same probability as evolving into a “God.”

Su Hao left the pinball space, glanced at Yashan who was frantically copying homework, and said, “Jingyi, continue to be my experimental subject!”

Yashan cheerfully replied, “Sure, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao said, “Call me Boss Jingzhong!”

Yashan immediately changed his tune, “Sure, Boss Jingzhong, being an experimental subject is what I like the most!”

Night fell, and the city lights came on. The city where Su Hao resides is called Yongxin City, a second or third-tier city. At night, the city center is illuminated by various dazzling lights.

The orphanage where Su Hao is located is on the outskirts, with dim lights and many flickering streetlights.

A tall and thin figure appeared on the rooftop of a four-story residential building, observing the not-too-large orphanage.

Behind him, a flat-headed man climbed up, came to the side of the tall, thin figure, and looked down together, observing the orphanage in the dim light.

After a moment, the short-haired man said, “Brother Sheng! I’ve investigated. In this orphanage called ‘Morning Glory Small Courtyard,’ there are three abandoned children around the age of 5, living in the third room from the right.”

Brother Sheng showed a satisfied smile, “Tuozi, well done. As long as we complete this task, our group’s performance for this month will be considered accomplished!”

Tuozi said, “But it took me quite a bit of effort to find out. Who would have thought that such a small place would have such an orphanage? Hehe, but I found it!”

Brother Sheng said, “Let’s go, we’re going down.”

After Brother Sheng finished speaking, he took the lead and jumped directly from the fourth floor. In mid-air, a large black cat passed by and caught him. Landing lightly, there was not a sound.

Tuozi looked enviously at the large black cat under Brother Sheng’s crotch. It was a C-level summoned beast, the Black Striped Leopard, with two skills, ‘Night Invisibility’ and ‘High-speed Claw Strike,’ and extremely strong physical qualities. His own was only a D-level summoned beast, the Burrowing Rat, with only one skill, ‘Burrow,’ suitable only for sneaky activities, not suitable for public appearances.

Tuozi made up his mind that next time, he must summon an imposing one.

He came to a corner of the rooftop, slid down along the water pipe, and sighed, “Ah, my style has been completely lost!”

Soon, the two furtive figures slowly approached the orphanage and quickly arrived under a tree.

Brother Sheng pointed to the muddy ground, “Tuozi, you dig a hole here! I’ll be here to support. If you succeed, come out without making a sound.”

Tuozi nodded, pressed one hand on the ground, closed his eyes, and concentrated.

After two breaths, the light in front of Tuozi distorted, and a burrowing rat the size of a crocodile crawled out from an unknown place, silently lying still.

Tuozi sighed in relief, wiping the non-existent sweat from his forehead, “Not bad, successfully summoned on the first attempt! A sign of great luck!”

He waved his hand, and the burrowing rat leaped up, diving into the ground like a skilled diver, leaving behind a pitch-black hole.

Immediately, a rat’s tail extended from the hole.

Tuozi grabbed the burrowing rat’s tail, turned upside down, and followed it into the hole, being dragged by the burrowing rat, sliding forward in the tunnel.

Just as Su Hao, who was about to fall asleep, suddenly opened his eyes.

A year of “Enhanced Five Senses Function” running at full power greatly enhanced Su Hao’s hearing.

Just now, he heard a series of fragmented sounds coming from underground.

This alerted Su Hao; he understood that such a sound wouldn’t be without reason.

Su Hao lifted the blanket, got up, drew a small knife he had secretly hidden during Freckle Assistant Xiao Tian’s inattention, and then woke up Yashan.

At the same time, a voice echoed in the small dark room, “Yashan, there’s a situation, don’t make a sound!”

Yashan instantly woke up, also drawing a small knife, ready for action.

These two fruit knives were secretly stashed by Su Hao when Freckle Assistant Xiaotian wasn’t paying attention.

For them at this moment, the knives were just right.

“It’s here!”

Su Hao stepped back, slightly crouching, gathering his strength.

A square tile in front of them was gently lifted, and a massive rat’s head emerged from underground.

Su Hao and Yashan subconsciously infused their knives with bloodthirst, suddenly rushing forward, slashing horizontally at the rat’s neck—one on the left, one on the right.


(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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