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Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Awakening

What did Yashan and the others see?

Within a radius of four thousand meters around the entire Temple Forest City, everything turned into a crystalline expanse. Similar to the diamond armor of “Child of Fate.”

However, unlike Yashan’s colorless and transparent diamond armor, this crystal armor is light red, constantly emitting a faint red mist that rises and dissipates.

Temple Forest City became a city of crystal, with all buildings transformed into red crystals, resembling meticulously carved ice sculptures.

The entire city emanated a deadly sense of threat, making the seven-level anomalies in the high sky palpitate.

At the location of Wei’s main experimental base, a massive monster lay prostrate, its body undulating with each breath.

Everyone knew that the lethal threat emanated from this monster.

[Quanzi] Gaili, with a shocked expression, looked at the monster below and recalled the murals he had seen before, murmuring, “Is that… the legendary creature ‘God’? But it’s different!”

How to describe this monster?

Face like a human, body like a tiger, tail like a scorpion, a single horn on its head, robust limbs, wings on its back, resembling a mythical creature.

Light red armor covered the surface of the monster, layer upon layer, similar to the armor of “Child of Fate.”

Looking at the armor on the monster, Yashan found it somewhat familiar, reminiscent of the smooth and gorgeous feeling of Wei’s main armor.

Meng Chuan spat harshly and hoarsely, “Yashan boss, what should we do?”

Yashan also felt very tricky; this monster looked formidable, and he wasn’t sure if they could handle it.

But he was the boss, and there were things he had to face, plus there’s Wei as a backup!

Let’s try first, and if we can’t handle it, then call Wei.

Yashan said calmly, “Have the people around evacuated?”

Meng Chuan immediately replied, “Everyone has evacuated; it doesn’t matter how we fight here!”

Yashan said, “Good, our Level 7 Special Operations Team is undertaking a large mission for the first time. Stay alert, everyone!”

The team shouted in unison, “Yes, Captain Yashan!”

Yashan said, “Let’s go, let’s meet it!”

After that, Yashan’s aircraft landed smoothly at the edge of the red crystal.

After discussion, the group decided to test the strength of this red crystal first.

So, each of the eight people used their means to try attacking the red crystal in front!

After a while, everyone looked at each other.

There wasn’t much effect, but they woke up the monster in the middle!


A deafening roar came from a distance, causing everyone to pale.

Soon, a huge red figure quickly rushed over and stopped in front of everyone, curiously examining the eight people with diverse forms.

“Ka ka ka!”

Yashan extended his hand to form a long knife.

‘Tier 2 – Sharp,’ ‘Tier 2 – Penetration,’ ‘Tier 2 – Hardness’…

With these enhancements, Yashan said in a low voice, “I’ll try first. Be careful, and attack according to the situation.”

As he spoke, Yashan stepped forward, and with rocks and debris flying, he charged towards the red-armored monster.

The red-armored monster blinked its eyes, seeming amused. It extended its claws and gave a playful swipe.


Yashan flew back even faster than when he charged. Meng Chuan and the others were speechless.

Is Yashan, the boss, really that fragile?

Yashan flipped and leaped, stabilizing himself, saying, “Armor-breaking plan, go!”

Following the preset plan, the team attacked with various means. However, in just a moment, the ‘Level 7 Special Operations Team’ disintegrated, completely powerless.

“Use lightning, lightning has some effect on it!” Yashan shouted, and everyone took out ‘Tier 2 – Lightning’ runes, attacking the monster.

‘Tier 2 – Lightning’ indeed caused the monster to pause for a moment, but that was it.

So, while attacking and retreating, they used ‘Tier 2 – Lightning’ as a buffer when they couldn’t escape.

They tried various attack methods but couldn’t inflict much damage on the monster. As they retreated further, they suddenly noticed the monster wasn’t chasing them anymore; instead, it returned to the Temple Forest City and resumed its prostration at the experimental base.

Everyone was puzzled: “???”

Yashan flew into the air, using the ‘Far Sight’ rune on his large spear to observe the monster. He noticed the monster seemed to be playing with something on the ground.

Yashan enlarged the ‘Far Sight’ effect, continuing to magnify… He saw it!

“A small round mouse?”

Yashan saw the huge monster actually lowering its head, using sharp claws to play with a tiny round mouse on the ground. The small round mouse dared not resist, shivering, allowing the monster to toy with it.

Yashan decisively said, “Withdraw first, alert everyone, keep an eye on this monster at all times. Also, release a large number of small round mice into the Temple Forest City. Let’s stabilize the monster first.”

Small round mouse: “…”

When Su Hao woke up from a daze and saw the surroundings, as well as his short and weak arms and legs, he was utterly confused.

What’s going on? Is this the ‘body of God’? So frail?

This isn’t evolution; it’s clearly regression!

But soon, Su Hao realized something was wrong!

He had reincarnated!

He arrived in another world, once again becoming a weak and powerless child.

“Darn it! Failed? A 99.9% success rate, and I still failed! Is Little Light unreliable, or am I just too unlucky?” Su Hao almost couldn’t help but curse.

Su Hao didn’t act rashly; he first observed the environment around him. It was a small room, currently nighttime, with dim light shining in from the window, allowing him to barely see the surroundings.

He was lying on an iron-frame bed, and there were three more iron-frame beds placed against the wall.

Two of the beds each had a four or five-year-old child sleeping, and one bed was empty. Faint breathing could be heard.

Su Hao glanced at the electric light outside the window, emitting a bright white light; it was an LED light.

“Have I come to a modern world?” Su Hao immediately made a judgment. This seemed to be a dormitory, resembling a daycare or after-school care center. Whatever it was, based on the current situation, he was temporarily safe.

Su Hao didn’t rush to get up; instead, he closed his eyes again and entered the pinball space. He urgently needed to know what had happened during this time.

As Su Hao’s consciousness entered the ball space, Little Light’s voice immediately sounded, “Respected Mr. Su Hao, welcome back. Next, I will…”

Su Hao interrupted immediately, “Report the time interval in units of ten thousand years.”

Little Light’s voice promptly responded, “Respected Mr. Su Hao, the time since your last return is: 3.28 million years.”

This time, Su Hao could only sigh helplessly. Even if he lived a long life, in the face of this sleeping time, it still seemed so brief.

Su Hao said, “Retrieve all data of my evolution into ‘God.’”

The scene in the ball space immediately changed, and the entire process of Su Hao evolving into ‘God’ was displayed before him.

After watching it, Su Hao remained silent for a long time.

It could be said that he succeeded, but he also failed. The success was that Su Hao’s physical body indeed achieved a breakthrough once again. All the genes of the mutant sequences were modified according to the plan, and his body successfully activated these genes, granting his flesh an incredibly powerful strength.

The failure was that all these mutant sequence genes were plundered by Zhu Hua people from other abnormal beasts. When these genes were integrated together, forcibly expressed, the hidden ferocious beast nature within the genes was completely activated, causing this body to lose its rationality.

What is beastly nature?

It’s pure instinct, incapable of thought.

In simpler terms, the brain of the body was forcibly downgraded and destroyed by those genes.

Su Hao’s consciousness could no longer rely on that brain for thinking; it was forcibly ejected from that chaotic and ferocious brain.

It’s like stuffing a person’s consciousness into a pig’s head. Can it think?

It could be said that when Su Hao successfully evolved into ‘God,’ he died.

What made Su Hao regretful was that the perfect body he pursued probably wouldn’t appear in ‘God.’

The road ahead is long!

Su Hao silently said, “The road I have to take is still far!”

Su Hao gave another command to Little Light, “Retrieve information on subsequent developments.”

Soon, scenes of subsequent developments played rapidly before Su Hao.

The scenes were divided into two parts—one was about Yashan, and the other was about Yashan’s son, Heli, and his descendants.

Su Hao first checked the information obtained by Yashan, and after finishing, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. The ‘God’ evolved by his flesh was indeed too strong, causing quite a bit of trouble for the Zhu Hua people. After reading it, he expressed sincere apologies.

However, the existence of ‘God’ focused the hearts of all Zhu Hua people under the banner of the ‘Temple Forest Society,’ jointly resisting the destruction caused by ‘God’ and accelerating the process of world unity.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that ‘God’ caused destruction because ‘God’ always stayed within the original Temple Forest City and never actively ventured outside.

Fighting against ‘God’ was like a group of people teaming up to defeat a dungeon boss.

Later, Yashan organized several campaigns to exterminate ‘God,’ all ending in failure, even teaching ‘God’ how to fight.

Years later, Yashan’s body began to age, and before he completely decayed, he decided to have a final battle with ‘God.’ At the cost of his entire lifespan, he used the ‘Decay’ ability on ‘God.’

Unexpectedly, ‘God’ didn’t die, but Yashan’s own life force depleted, and he died!

Seeing this, Su Hao couldn’t help but praise, “This Yashan truly lived up to the title of the Temple Forest Society’s leader!”

Su Hao then checked Heli’s information.

After Yashan’s death, the Zhu Hua people launched a prolonged and fierce battle against ‘God,’ which lasted for a hundred years. Eventually, ‘God’ grew old and weak, dying at the hands of Heli’s grandson.

Thus, there was a worldwide celebration.

By this time, the Zhu Hua people had already achieved great unity, and the civilization of mutants was rapidly developing.

Unfortunately, Su Hao’s ‘Blessing of the Wisdom of the Creator’ broke off in the fifth generation.

The ‘World Eye Plan’ temporarily experienced a failure.

Su Hao also lost information about subsequent developments.

However, at this point, Su Hao had no regrets. He had mastered the essence of mutants, transformed it into his permanent power.

Suddenly, Su Hao thought of something and immediately accessed the ‘Little Black Room’ that stored Yashan’s consciousness information to check it.

Upon investigation, he was taken aback.

It wasn’t that there was a problem with the ‘Little Black Room,’ but Yashan had also reincarnated into this world at the same time.

And he was lying on the bed next to him!

Su Hao: “…”

Just as Su Hao looked toward the boy with sparse hair lying next to him in the dim light, that boy also woke up and opened his eyes.

After being confused for a moment, he immediately jumped up, shouting, “Is ‘God’ dead? Meng Chuan! Meng Chuan? If not dead, come out quickly!”

Su Hao couldn’t bear it and immediately jumped up, pointing at Yashan, “Yashan, shut up! Be quiet! Can’t you see that everyone else is sleeping?”

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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