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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Moon Goddess’s Jealousy Towards the Flame Empress, Two Pairs of Twin Sisters

There are many disciples under the Yin-Yang School, and the hierarchy is extremely strict.

At the top, and also the most mysterious, is the Eastern Lady Taiyi, who always wears a black robe.

No one in the world knows her identity.

Moreover, her strength is profound and unfathomable, making her a figure feared by all cultivators.

Below her is the Flame Empress.

A woman, very beautiful, and very dangerous.

Known as the “First Mysterious Woman of Yin-Yang Arts”, she is also the only archenemy feared by the Moon Godddes.

Both are geniuses in Yin-Yang arts, but the Flame Empress always surpasses her.

And below the Flame Empress is the Moon Goddess, the Right Guardian.

In ancient times, the right was considered superior, so the position of the Right Guardian is half a step higher than the Left Guardian.

In addition to the Left and Right Guardians, there are also five departments below.

The head of the Gold Department is Elder Yun Zhongjun, skilled in formation techniques.

There’s not much to say about this big shot.

The Elders of the Wood Department is Heibai and Shaosiming (Lesser Lord Shao), who made it to the beauty list.

They are a pair of twin sisters.

According to the rules of the Yin-Yang School, the Lesser Lord has the shortest lifespan.

The ending is already predetermined, which is to be killed by the next Lesser Lord.

Elder of Water Department is also a pair of twin sisters.

Both practice the supreme art of the Yin-Yang School.

E Huang practices Bai Lu and Qishuang, with techniques so cold and a character colder than her sister.

Her sister, Nu Ying, practices Shang Shan Ruo Shui, with a gentle and water-like character.

Elder Huo is the Grand Lesser Lord (TN: previously written as Da Shiming; I wasn’t sure if it’s a title or a name), with a charming and captivating appearance, and ruthless and vicious methods.

Truly a seductive beauty with a dark and pure desire, a mature lady who can easily arouse people’s desires.

Elder Tu, Xiangjun, is male, so there’s no need to say more about him.

From top to bottom, there are so many important figures in the Yin-Yang School, and almost all the women have made it onto the beauty list.

So the alias “Beauty’s Nest” seems more suitable for them.

Elder Huo, the Grand Lesser Lord, wears a long skirt of red and black, with slits on both sides of the skirt opening up to one-third of the thigh.

A pair of plump, snow-white beautiful legs emerged as they walked.

Belonging to the Grand Lesser Lord of the Fire Department under the Moon Goddess’s command.

The Moon Goddess usually secludes herself, and many external news is reported to her by the Grand Lesser Lord.

Like this matter of the beauty list.

The Grand Lesser Lord didn’t expect that not only did the Moon Goddess make it onto the list, but she herself did as well.

A dangerous curve lifted her crimson lips as she slowly said, “Interesting, how did this person know about the Moon Goddess?”

She looked at her own hands.

The flame-like reddish skin was eerie, with strange silver patterns on it.

Black nails, like blades coated with poison, flickered with a cold gleam.

She hadn’t expected that one day she would be called a beauty.

Is it because this person is bold, or because he has insight?

Oh, almost forgot.

The one who ranked this list is a blind man!

What the Moon Goddess is concerned about now isn’t how Li Mo knew about her, but…

“Is the Flame Empress also on the list?”

That’s what she’s concerned about!


The Grand Lesser Lord put away her playful expression, her face becoming more cautious.

The Moon Goddeas and the Flame Empress are not on good terms, she worries that the Moon Goddess, upon hearing about the Flame Empress being on the list, will vent her dissatisfaction on her.

But the Moon Goddess had long expected it.

Her eyes were covered with purple gauze, hiding a hint of jealousy in her unseen eyes.

Her enticingly moist lips curled up in a faint sneer.

Sure enough, that woman made it onto the list too!


In a courtyard of the Yin-Yang School.

A sturdy tree with lush branches and leaves.

Beautiful pink flowers bloomed on it.

A gentle breeze brought falling petals, creating a mesmerizing scene.

But no matter how beautiful, it couldn’t compare to the four figures in the courtyard.

They were described as four figures, but in reality, they were the appearances of two people.

E Huang and Nu Ying, along with Heibai and Shaosiming, these two pairs of twins were here at the moment.

Nu Ying smiled softly and said, “Sister, this beauty list is really an interesting thing, even we sisters made it onto it.”

Nu Ying touched her moist cheek, a hint of shyness appearing on her face.

E Huang glanced lightly at her sister, her expression cold as she said, “Have you ever seen that blind man?”

Nu Ying hesitated, “No?”

E Huang seemed to not believe her, questioning, “Never seen him, then how does he know what we look like?”

Well, E Huang knew she hadn’t seen any blind man.

Since she hadn’t seen him, the only possibility was that her sister had.

Since they looked the same, seeing one was like seeing both.

“Elder Nu Ying’s words are true.”

Just when Nu Ying felt wronged, Heibai and Shaosiming beside her spoke up.

Heibai sounded curious, “Neither of us sisters has seen him, and we always wear veils, so you haven’t seen our faces either. How did he find out?”

Shaosiming took over, “He’s an interesting person.”

“I heard he makes a living by telling stories in Xinzheng, and his stories are incredibly fascinating, so he has some reputation there.”

Nu Ying asked in confusion, “Telling stories? What does that mean?”

E Huang glanced at her, “It means narrating stories from books.”

Nu Ying nodded, looking somewhat puzzled.

“Can telling stories really be captivating?”

Shaosiming said lightly, “Go listen for yourself, then you’ll know.”

Nu Ying’s eyes lit up, and E Huang quickly shot her another glance.

Reminding her, “You better not wander off!”

Nu Ying seemed a bit afraid of her sister, sticking out her tongue, “Don’t worry, sister, I won’t.”


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