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Chapter 215

Chapter 215 War… Is this not working?

Five days later. A very open area outside the Elephant Emperor City.

Six people stand at a distance.

Meng Chuan looked at the three formidable figures opposite, whispering, “Boss Yashan, didn’t the ‘Temple Forest Alliance’ people say that these gang leaders are at odds with each other? But it seems like they’re quite friendly.”

Yashan glanced at Meng Chuan, saying softly, “Meng Chuan, don’t get so close. Maintain your image. The aura before the battle is crucial, understand?”

Meng Chuan immediately straightened his posture, whispering, “Understood, Boss Yashan!”

Yashan glanced at the three unfriendly individuals opposite, and slowly said, ,”[Mingzi] Terry has a rather lethal ability, I’ll deal with him. Meng Chuan, you go handle the fast [Jingzi], Khan. Ash, you deal with the immensely powerful [Rongzi], Qianglai. Pay attention, if ‘Xuzi’ Momo appears, use the Fire Dragon to burn her!”

Meng Chuan said, “But didn’t ‘Xuzi’ Momo say she wouldn’t come?”

Yashan restrained the urge to slap Meng Chuan and said, “If she said she wouldn’t come, she won’t come.”

Meng Chuan exclaimed, “Doesn’t that make it three versus four?”

Yashan calmly stated, “Even if it’s three versus four, we have the advantage! Trust me, I’ll resolve the opponent as quickly as possible. Even if ‘Xuzi’ Momo appears, there’s no need to fear!”

With Yashan’s reassurance, Meng Chuan felt relieved. He then turned to Ash and asked, “Ash, don’t you have anything to say?”

Ash remained silent for a moment and said, “I’ll follow Yashan’s lead.”

Meanwhile, Su Hao, in the pinball space, observed through Yashan, watching the scene and lightly remarked, “It seems it’s about to get rough. Looks like the peaceful resolution is out of the question!”

While Yashan and the others strategized, the three Level-7 foreign individuals from the Elephant Emperor City also engaged in fervent discussion.

[Jingzi], Khan, like all members of the ‘Speed People’ sequence, had a sturdy lower body and a thin upper body. He played with two short knives, asking, “Do you two wise leaders know the background of the three opponents?”

Terry, with wrinkled face, calmly replied, “Whether we know or not, it doesn’t matter in my view. They are likely also Level-7. If you two don’t exert yourselves, it’ll probably end with no one able to defeat the other, calling off the fight. You should understand the consequences!”

Khan chuckled, “Of course. If we don’t manage to take them all out here, we’ll probably face harassment from the Temple Forest Alliance in the future. If we succeed in killing them here, the Temple Forest Alliance will be ours!”

The burliest Rongzi, Qianglai, grunted loudly, “Why so much talk? Just charge and flatten them all!”

Khan glanced at Qianglai, silently calling him a ‘muscle-headed idiot,’ then said, “How do we split the opponents?”

Terry said, “However you like.”

As Terry finished speaking, Qianglai transformed into a giant, striding toward Yashan’s group.

Khan whispered, “Idiot…”

Fearful of being heard by Qianglai, he turned around to avoid confrontation.

Khan didn’t mind and said, “Then however you want!”

They all believed that, facing any enemy, they might not necessarily win, but they were confident in putting up a good fight.

With that, they suddenly disappeared from the spot.

Ash led, diverting Qianglai to the right.

After inscribing runes, Meng Chuan’s ‘Life Sensing’ ability locked onto the [Jingzi]’s movement trajectory, instantly predicting a strike.

“Swish!” The strike missed but confirmed the adversarial relationship.

Both of them tacitly ran to the left.

Only Yashan and Terry remained in place.

Yashan and Terry both transformed into the ‘Mingzi’ state.

Terry exclaimed, “You’re also a ‘Child of Fate’? What a coincidence!”

(TN: Mingzi = Child of Fate)

But upon seeing Yashan’s armor, which was obviously several grades cooler than his own, his mood instantly plummeted, his voice turning rigid as he said, “You’re the guy who kept bothering me the other day! Today, your life belongs to me!”

Yashan took a deep breath and remained silent, simply thinking to himself, “Can’t be careless. Give it your all in the battle!”

Instantly, both of them activated ‘Flesh Integration’ simultaneously, and the ground under their feet transformed into crystalline, rapidly expanding outward.

Soon, the two crystal forces clashed, not resulting in the intense explosion one might expect.


Under [Mingzi] Yashan, supported by his immense vitality, his overpowering aura devoured [Mingzi] Terry.

Terry was stunned, his eyes wide in disbelief, exclaiming, “What?”

Not only was the armor cooler than his, but how could the conversion of Mingzi energy be stronger than his own?

No matter how Terry resisted, [Mingzi] Yashan didn’t slow down in speed. It directly spread to Terry’s feet, engulfing him within its range. What’s more, [Mingzi] Yashan continued to expand outward, reaching a range of a kilometer.

Terry immediately sensed the danger. He was an experienced ‘Mingzi’ user with a conversion range limit of only 800 meters. But the flamboyant ‘Mingzi’ in front of him effortlessly transformed within a 1,000-meter range, seemingly still at ease. Could his opponent be a fake ‘Mingzi’ user?

Terry heightened his vigilance, and the Mingzi surrounding him thickened.

Yashan reached out, and the Mingzi around Terry rose, forming an immensely large spherical space, encasing him layer by layer.

*Creak, creak, creak!*

Within the Mingzi enclosure surrounding Terry, numerous densely packed spikes emerged, flashing with chilling light.

Terry remained calm; these spikes definitely couldn’t breach his Mingzi’s defenses.


As Yashan twisted his wrist, the encased Mingzi around Terry began to rotate, faster and faster, resembling a high-speed saw, suddenly closing in on Terry in the center.

*Screech, screech, crackle, crackle!*

Accompanied by the harsh sounds, a large number of transparent Mingzi debris flew through the air.

There were pieces from Yashan and pieces from Terry!

Terry widened his eyes, filled with incredulity. A ‘Mingzi’ could actually be used like this? How did he not know?

The Mingzi outside his body was quickly worn away by the high-speed saw teeth, but Terry wasn’t afraid because he could regenerate, and the rate of wear wasn’t faster than his ability to regenerate.

However, Terry’s movements were restricted.

Yashan strolled over to Terry.

Through the transparent Mingzi, Terry saw Yashan outside and thought Yashan might say something, but he was mistaken!

*Second Level – Lightning!*


Terry convulsed all over, instantly losing control of his body, only his two bloodshot eyes staring wide open.

Yashan condensed a spear in his hand.

*Second Level – Penetration,* *Second Level – Hardening,* *Second Level – Oscillation,* *Second Level – Collapse.*

Several runic effects gleamed on the spearhead.

Seeing Terry about to recover quickly, Yashan added a touch of *Second Level – Lightning*.


Another thick electrical arc struck Terry’s body, causing him to once again stiffen.

Yashan’s saw had already worn down the outer layer of [Mingzi] Terry.

With a thrust, Yashan’s spear tip instantly broke through [Mingzi] Terry defense and pierced into his body.


*Collapse* and *Oscillation* erupted successively. Meanwhile, Yashan’s innate runic effect, *Rotation,* also fiercely erupted.


There was a strange muffled sound, much like fruit pulp being churned in a juicer.


Then, two blood-red liquid streams shot out from Terry’s exposed eyes.

Terry’s neck slumped, collapsing softly.

Yashan was perplexed, “Huh? Is that it? I haven’t even finished speaking!”

While observing from a distance, Su Hao also exclaimed, “That was straightforward!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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