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Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Bad Idea

When Yashan was on his mission to Elephant Emperor City, Su Hao paid some attention and then ignored him.

If you ask why Su Hao didn’t personally take action to eliminate all Level 7 mutants in the major cities at once?

Given some time, he could indeed do it.

However, Su Hao mentioned that he also has things to do. If everything requires his intervention, running around the world, what use would the “Temple Forest Association” have?

It would be easier to disband it early.

Moreover, to innovate this century, it’s not him, Su Hao, but Yashan!

Su Hao only provides some ideas and suggestions, while doing his own experiments, achieving mutual benefits.

As for the final state of the “Temple Forest Association,” it’s not something Su Hao can care about.

He’s just a little genius seeking knowledge now, finding it difficult to allocate so much energy to fuss over the grand plans of the “Temple Forest Association.”

The key is that the “Temple Forest Association” may not appreciate his straightforward problem-solving approach. When things are done, a bunch of people will come out to point fingers at him.

Why bother?

It’s better to let them do it themselves, success or failure doesn’t matter.

As for him, staying behind the scenes and quietly observing the development of things is sufficient.

Without experiencing some difficulties and hardships, victories will never be cherished.

Especially for Yashan, the “Innovative Century” project is what he needs to do. Su Hao is only responsible for providing ideas, but ultimately, it’s up to Yashan to get this done.

Let him experience the ups and downs of the process of achieving success!

And as the big boss of Yashan, he will only act when it’s crucial, like Yashan’s request for his help when a few people are in need of the leader’s assistance!

So, Su Hao just needs to wait!

Yashan and “Mingzi” Meng Chuan flew in the sky, while “Changzi” wrapped himself into a cocoon and hung under Yashan’s wings.

“Mingzi” Meng Chuan pointed ahead, saying, “Yashan boss, the Elephant Emperor City is not far ahead. Should we land now?”

Yashan squinted and looked into the distance, where a city was vaguely visible, standing amidst the mountains, with a river flowing beside it towards the south.

Yashan nodded, “Let’s land first!”

After the three stabilized themselves, Meng Chuan returned to his normal form and asked, “Yashan boss, what’s next? Should we enter the city directly?”

Yashan replied, “Meng Chuan, tell me more about the news of the Elephant Emperor City!”

Meng Chuan nodded, “Understood, Yashan boss! According to the information gathered, the Elephant Emperor City has four Level 7 mutants: ‘Rongzi’ Qianglai, ‘Xuzi’ Momo, ‘Jingzi’ Kahn, and ‘Mingzi’ Terry.

They respectively lead major factions in the city, and these four factions have clear boundaries, but they restrain themselves and haven’t clashed yet. Even if a fight breaks out, they move outside the city to avoid chaos.

Our people have made contact with them, but none of the faction leaders believe us. They see us as a rival faction playing conspiracies. We almost didn’t make it back.

In summary, the Elephant Emperor City is the most easily solvable city currently because it lacks unity.

The ‘Temple Forest Association’ suggests to align with one or two factions to eliminate the others. Once the Elephant Emperor City unifies, we, the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ will sign an alliance agreement and combine forces to develop a new world.”

Yashan carefully listened and nodded, “What’s the suggestion from the Temple Forest Association?”

Meng Chuan scratched his head, took out a booklet from his bag, flipped through it, and said, “The suggestion from the Temple Forest Association is to align with ‘Xuzi’ Momo and ‘Mingzi’ Terry to take down the other two! The method suggested is: ‘If you’re unwilling to ally with us to take down the other faction, then we’ll ally with the other faction to take you down!’”

Yashan fell into silence.

Under ‘Changzi’ Ash’s indifferent face, there were signs of muscles twitching.

Yashan said, “Who came up with this bad idea?”

Meng Chuan replied, “It seems to be Gaili!”

Yashan commented, “I knew it was that guy’s twisted idea, he’s really heartless!”

Meng Chuan continued, “The Temple Forest Association also speculated that these Level 7 mutants in the major cities might have secretly united, but the authenticity of the information is uncertain. Shall we proceed according to the suggestion?”

Yashan waved his hand and walked ahead with vigor, “Of course, we’ll follow what was said!”

‘Ash’ followed in silence, while Meng Chuan thought for a moment, put away the notebook, and quickly caught up.

After entering the city, the three split up: Yashan went to find ‘Mingzi’ Terry, Meng Chuan approached ‘Xuzi’ Momo, and ‘Ash’ was in charge of coordination.

Two days later, the three reunited.

Yashan looked visibly upset because ‘Mingzi’ Terry didn’t listen to a word he said and was eventually kicked out.

Yashan was about to explode on the spot; he truly wanted to go and take down ‘Mingzi’ Terry.

However, Meng Chuan appeared quite pleased and said, “Yashan boss, my side went very smoothly. ‘Xuzi’ Momo, that woman who seemed fierce, was surprisingly easy to talk to. After hearing me out, she agreed to ally with us to take down the others. How about your side, Yashan boss?”

Yashan patted Meng Chuan’s back and praised, “You’re really something! Looking good indeed, can make ‘Xuzi’ take notice. I won’t even mention my side; that guy is definitely not our friend. I’ll take care of him personally!”

Meng Chuan felt a bit hesitant, “Yashan boss, we’ve only recruited one person so far. Should we try to find others?”

Yashan waved his hand, “One person is enough! Four against three, a big advantage! Let’s go, take me to meet ‘Xuzi,’ and let’s arrange a fight outside the city! We’ll turn the world upside down!”

Yashan is burning with rage.

Leader Wei was indeed right. If you don’t completely defeat someone, they won’t take you seriously! So, let’s just beat them down first, and then we can talk!

The three successfully met ‘Xuzi’ Momo.

‘Xuzi’ Momo was an elderly-looking woman but dressed exceptionally fashionable, as if unwilling to let her beautiful youth slip away.

‘Xuzi’ Momo, upon seeing the three Level 7 mutants in front of her, couldn’t help but feel a slight shock, despite her preparedness. She tried to maintain her composure. After hearing Yashan’s intentions, she suddenly giggled and with a curious look in her eyes, said, “Do you really have the confidence to take down those guys?”

Yashan stared at her and earnestly replied, “Of course!”

‘Xuzi’ Momo covered her mouth and chuckled, wrinkles accumulating on her face, makeup slightly smudged. She nodded and said, “I have a way to have them all meet outside the city in five days. Whether you can successfully take them down is up to you. And, I won’t participate in this matter; it’s three against three. Hehehe!”

Yashan nodded, “Agreed!”

After setting the time and place, Yashan left with Meng Chuan and Ash.

Three against three… still an advantage!

Meng Chuan said, “Yashan boss, it’s turned into three against three now!”

Yashan replied, “What’s there to fear? You’re not carrying a bunch of runes in vain, are you?”

Meng Chuan felt reassured touching the pile of ‘Level 2 Runes’ in his embrace.

After Yashan and his team departed, ‘Xuzi’ Momo sat on her throne. The smile on her old face had vanished, replaced by a somber expression.

At that moment, a young man with a cheerful smile approached from behind, placing his hand on ‘Xuzi’ Momo’s shoulder, speaking gently, “My beautiful lady, why aren’t you in a good mood today?”

‘Xuzi’ Momo coldly remarked, “It’s those people calling themselves the ‘Temple Forest Association’ again, wanting to take over our Elephant Emperor City! This time, let’s put an end to their ideas completely!”

She extended her withered hand, lifted the man’s chin, and after planting a fierce kiss, she said with a menacing smile, “How could I let them ruin such a good situation in our Elephant Emperor City? What do you think, my sweetie?”

The man nodded with a coquettish smile.

‘Xuzi’ Momo continued, “Go and fetch ‘Jigun’; I have something to instruct him to do!”

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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