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Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Su Hao’s selfishness

“Diamonds are forever and forever they will be passed on”!

This is a very classic example.

When that clear and translucent gemstone is given another layer of meaning by people, its value becomes immeasurable.

Why does everyone willingly believe that diamonds are ‘eternal’?

It’s because they believe not in the diamond itself, but in the sincere ‘love’.

And Su Hao’s method of deceiving the world through Yashan is simple.

Publish a textbook, or the autobiography of ‘God of Genesis,’ telling that the Mutant Beast Zone exists naturally, emanating an energy from the depths of the earth, keeping the Mutant Beasts within a certain area.

Using a first-person perspective, depict the great exploration journey of the ‘God of Genesis’ and the great discoveries.

Most importantly, disguise the Boundary Tree well. Change the name of the Boundary Tree and plant it everywhere.

In ten or twenty years, when people form a consensus, this lie will be unbreakable.

No one will think of breaking the boundary of the Mutant Beast Zone by destroying the Boundary Tree. Instead, their focus will be on the seemingly groundless natural energy from the depths of the earth.

After listening to Su Hao’s description, Yashan couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Wei, many people already know about the Boundary Tree!”

Su Hao helplessly replied, “Are you silly? If they know, they know! Next, find an opportunity to ‘slip up,’ admitting that you’ve deceived everyone, and that the Mutant Beast Zone and the Boundary Tree are completely unrelated. When this piece of gossip spreads, hold a meeting, publicly reveal the great discoveries of the ‘God of Genesis,’ and let them guess slowly! Over time, it will be hard to distinguish truth from falsehood.”

Yashan suddenly understood.

Su Hao continued, “Yashan, there are many intelligent people, but there are even more ordinary people who won’t think that much. Your position is high enough, and your prestige is strong enough; whatever you say, they’ll believe. Once these people form a consensus, even intelligent individuals can be misled. Let time handle everything! We can deceive for as long as possible; future generations will have their ways, and that’s beyond our control.”

Indeed, Boss Wei seemed unstoppable in this world.

Yashan, filled with admiration, nodded to indicate understanding, “Boss Wei, I understand what to do!”

Moments later, Yashan added, “Boss Wei, our ‘Temple Forest Association’ is ready. Next, we will gradually and officially invite the seven-level mutants from Elephant Emperor, Shou Zhong, Gu Cun, Jin Shi, and Xi Wei, the five cities, to visit our ‘Mutant Beast Zone.’ Then, we’ll extend an alliance invitation, and if they refuse, we’ll directly start a war!”

Su Hao asked, “Are you sure?”

Yashan clenched his fist and slowly replied, “Boss Wei, I have absolute confidence in my own strength! Within my Rotating Vajra Domain, mere seven-level mutants are nothing! Moreover, it might not necessarily result in a war; I’ll try to resolve things peacefully as much as possible. The destructive power of seven-level mutants is too great, and unless absolutely necessary, we won’t easily initiate a war.”

Su Hao nodded, “Go ahead and do it! Forge a new era for your dream with your own hands!”

But then, Yashan hesitated, “However, Boss Wei, there are quite a few seven-level mutants from the five cities. If we can’t come to an agreement, and they unite against us, I’m afraid I won’t be a match! At that time, I’ll need your help!”

Su Hao assured, “Don’t worry about that. Let’s go! Let’s go back!”

The two leaped into the sky and quickly disappeared.

After returning to Temple Forest City, Su Hao pondered and felt that something was amiss.

Although Yashan fervently promised that he could easily handle the individual seven-level mutants from other cities, the abilities of these individuals were incredibly mysterious, and each had developed different powers, leading to potential risks.

If Yashan were to accidentally die, Su Hao would lack a key figure in controlling the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ and finding a replacement with enough prestige would be challenging and inconvenient.

After careful consideration, Su Hao decided to give Yashan an insurance policy, simultaneously using Yashan as the first human test subject in the pinball space.

Su Hao’s focus is on conducting a human experiment while ensuring an insurance for Yashan is just secondary.

Su Hao called Yashan to his lab and said, “Yashan, close your eyes and lie down. I need to conduct a small experiment.”

Without any hesitation, Yashan lay down and closed his eyes as instructed.

Su Hao continued, “Later, I’ll infuse blood qi into your brain. Completely relax and don’t resist.”

Yashan nodded, saying, “Okay, Boss Wei.”

Observing Yashan lying down, Su Hao’s thoughts raced. He had to understand the mechanics of the pinball space, which was certain. Otherwise, he’d always have an underlying unease.

Conducting numerous experiments was the most direct means to unravel the mechanism of the pinball space. He had a premonition that, over time, the pinball space would inevitably change hands, and eventually, he would perish.

All his efforts would become someone else’s asset. Thus, he needed to daringly experiment and cautiously confirm to thoroughly understand the principles behind ‘consciousness information’ and the ‘pinball space.’

Only by mastering the entire pinball space could it truly belong to him, beyond anyone’s control. Only then could he achieve true eternity.

Looking at Yashan quietly lying there waiting for the experiment, Su Hao contemplated. He had been with Yashan for nearly thirty years, understanding everything on his mind. In this world, Yashan was the only person he could truly trust.

Yashan wasn’t too bright, not too complex in thought, and had a tendency to be stubborn, but he had immense trust in his ‘Boss Wei,’ almost to a fault. He was just a bit timid and afraid of death.

For Su Hao, having such a person as his first human test subject couldn’t be more suitable. Even if something uncontrollable occurred, Su Hao could use his long-standing authority to control and suppress him. Using any other test subject wouldn’t be as effective; if something went wrong, the direction things would take remained unknown.

Regarding using a small round rat for experimentation?

The small round rat’s experiment was only preliminary. A less intelligent small round rat, even if the experiment succeeded, wouldn’t represent much.

A human with strong thinking abilities in experiments was imperative and persuasive, something that needed to be done.

After confirming the readiness of the black room, Su Hao placed his hand on Yashan’s forehead, slowly inputting blood qi until saturation.

And Yashan’s consciousness information was successfully recorded!

After withdrawing the blood qi, Su Hao asked, “Yashan, do you feel anything unusual?”

Yashan shook his head after a moment’s thought and replied, “Initially, it felt very comfortable, then a bit dizzy, but now, there’s nothing amiss.”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Alright, Yashan, you can leave. Go back to Huixiang and handle your affairs! Don’t disturb me for the next two months; arrange for someone to manage the experimental base.”

Yashan nodded, “Understood, Boss Wei! This time back, I’ll properly devise the plan for the alliance with the five cities.”

After Yashan left, Su Hao immediately entered the pinball space and looked at the small black room where Yashan’s consciousness information was recorded.

Inside the small compartment, Yashan’s image lay still without any movement. The system report had already started to relay the recording results:

“Successfully recorded Yashan’s brain information, independently segmented consciousness information, isolated within the small black room, current authority level one, and all perception has been blocked. Based on consciousness information fluctuations, Yashan hasn’t noticed anything abnormal.”

Su Hao breathed a long sigh of relief, feeling a weight lift from his heart.

“The small black room plan is a success! Even if a new consciousness accidentally enters the pinball space, my small black room will block it, making the space imperceptible.”

As for Yashan’s consciousness, it will remain confined within the small black room. Su Hao would continue observing the dynamics of Yashan’s consciousness information, collecting data, and further strengthening and perfecting the functionality of the ‘small black room’ until it became unbreakable.

Su Hao wouldn’t easily relinquish even a bit of authority, not even to those closest to him.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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