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Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Permissions, the ‘Small Black Room’

Can the pinball space really record the consciousness of others?

After this question arose, it occasionally flashed through Su Hao’s mind.

The fundamental reason was that Su Hao felt a threat, a real, life-threatening threat.

Previously, he thought of himself as the most special one. Inside the pinball space, only his consciousness information existed, making the pinball space naturally his personal property.

Relying on the characteristics of the pinball space, obtaining eternity seemed natural.

However, when this doubt arose, Su Hao started feeling a bit uneasy!

The future is long, unlimitedly long. If, in the future, other consciousness information unintentionally enters the pinball space, what should he do?

In other words, what would happen?

Is it possible that, just as he devoured the information within the pinball space, the newly recorded consciousness information might inadvertently devour him?

The universe is vast, with countless powerful beings. He couldn’t be sure that he could definitely defeat any recorded consciousness information. He only needed one powerful being to appear, and then he would truly be finished.

And this is also the reason why Su Hao made the determined decision to rebuild the ‘Light of the Universe’.

The fifth section, the ‘Expansion Permission Section’, was established for this purpose.

The goal is singular: to set permissions for consciousness information that is intentionally or unintentionally recorded into the pinball space.

And now, it’s reached the testing phase.

Permissions are divided into several levels,

Level one: Even if consciousness information is recorded, one cannot be aware of the space’s existence, equivalent to consciousness being locked.

Level two: Consciousness can enter the pinball space to a limited extent, but it’s confined within the small black room, unable to perceive more information or access any functions.

Level three: Consciousness can to a limited extent enter the small black room, and can moderately alter the virtual environment of the small black room.

And so on, each level opening up a few minor permissions.

This is used to test the effectiveness of the small black room and to fix any possible loopholes within it.

But, the premise is that all of this must happen within the small black room. Su Hao absolutely doesn’t allow anyone to share the pinball space with him.

Yes, it involves a fundamental issue; Su Hao is indeed so petty.

So, the question arises: how can one confine a consciousness information within the small black room and ensure that this consciousness information can’t escape from the small black room?

After thinking for a while, Su Hao came up with a reliable answer.

“The first method involves constructing a mental maze, restricting the extension of thought, making it continuously loop in place, but it’s difficult to control the permissions.

The second method utilizes the immense computational function of the Little Light to establish a powerful information access rule set, using the space’s positive and negative characteristics, building a ‘permit’ and ‘reject’ bidirectional access mechanism for the small black room, then assigning all permissions within the small black room as ‘reject access’. This thoroughly intercepts the information inside the small black room within the defined scope.”

However, for Su Hao, this is still not secure, so such a small black room must be layered upon itself, endlessly nested, with each layer executing different rules to enforce the command of refusal to access.

If some consciousness information unintentionally breaks through the innermost layer of the small black room, there’s another layer waiting for it.

In the tenth layer, an information erasure mechanism is set. If consciousness information continuously breaches more than ten layers, the segment of information will be permanently deleted automatically.

This process loops.

The most crucial thing is that Su Hao wants to construct such a small black room with at least ten thousand layers, the more secure, the better.

Regarding erasing information, Su Hao tried it. Using a large amount of information and intense impact, it can disperse and destroy the information structure of a rule, forming a chaotic flow of information to achieve erasure.

Su Hao looked at the small round mouse quietly staying in the small black room and murmured, “The current small black room is in an absolutely prohibited state of information retrieval. Even if the weak consciousness of the small round mouse can switch to the pinball space, perception is a complete darkness and stillness, like blocking all perception.”

Su Hao was very satisfied with his masterpiece, saying, “In other words, even if the small round mouse enters the pinball space, it won’t be aware that it has entered. It will just think it closed its eyes and took a nap.”

Next, Su Hao will proceed with the second round of testing.

That is to grant second-level permissions to one of the small round mice, making it aware that it has entered a strange enclosed space.

Su Hao instructed Little Light, saying, “Little Light, grant second-level permissions to Subject G-3.”

“Little Light received. Second-level permissions granted, attempting to forcibly summon the consciousness of Subject G-3, summon successful, Subject G-3 has entered the small black room. Next, will construct the scene of the small black room and test Subject G-3’s response, collecting data.”

Little Light quickly responded, not needing much direction from Su Hao, and fulfilled all of Su Hao’s requirements one by one.

Su Hao praised, “Indeed, the experience after the upgrade is completely different.”

In Su Hao’s field of vision, the small round mouse marked as G-3 immediately started to move.

Clearly, a moment ago, it was playing with its companions in the cage, and the next moment, it inexplicably found itself in this dim and narrow place, causing extreme panic.

“Squeak, squeak!” It helplessly turned around, then emitted a frightened cry, seemingly calling for its companions!

After running in the narrow small black room for a while, it stopped in fear, huddling in a corner of the small black room.

Su Hao’s mood, however, was very complicated.

Until this moment, the answer was already very clear!

As long as the corresponding method is found, the consciousness information of any life can be recorded into the pinball space.

He, Su Hao, is indeed not the special one, just fortunate to be the first!

He truly is just an ordinary person.

This made Su Hao both fearful and relieved.

The fear lies in the fact that he is not as invincible and immortal as previously imagined; he still might face complete death.

The point of relief lies in the fact that he has confirmed that there is no higher controlling entity above him, specially designing this pinball space for him.

He, Su Hao, truly entered the pinball space inadvertently.

The logic behind this is simple: if Su Hao were special, it would inevitably hide unimaginable secrets, implying manipulation, which is terrifying to think about.

If Su Hao isn’t special, it means all of this is a coincidence.

Perhaps it’s the first coincidence ever to occur in the history of the universe.

The probability of Su Hao’s consciousness information accidentally colliding into the pinball space is incredibly small, almost close to impossible.

This event, compared to Su Hao actively recording the consciousness of the small round mouse and integrating it into the pinball space, is fundamentally different.

However, with one instance of this kind of coincidence, there could be a second time, and that’s what makes Su Hao most nervous.

“Perhaps, in the distant future, while I’m unaware, the pinball space might be invaded by other consciousnesses! I have to be cautious!”

For the first time, Su Hao felt what intense crisis meant!

Su Hao resolved inwardly: “First, I must find every possible way to become stronger as soon as possible, like a divine saint from myths, indestructible, guarding my own achievements.”

He really didn’t want all the knowledge accumulated through countless hardships across who knows how many worlds to ultimately become someone else’s stepping stone.

If that were the case, just the thought of it feels somewhat sad!

Thinking this, Su Hao continued giving instructions, “Little Light, grant it the third-level permissions!”

“Third-level permissions have been granted.”

Just after waiting for a moment, the small black room where the small round mouse stayed underwent a change, leaving Su Hao completely dumbfounded.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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