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Chapter 206

Chapter 206: The Talented Youngster of Yan, Joining the Great Wu?

The Yan and Wu Competition achieved an unprecedented victory, greatly pleasing Empress Longxin, who opened up a night market and celebrated for three days.

As a result, various activities and night stalls sprouted up across the streets and alleys of the capital city. The brightly lit streets were filled with bustling crowds. This kind of scene hasn’t been seen in a long time!

Lin Beifan couldn’t help himself and immediately changed out of his official attire when he returned home. He then led the young people from his household to happily parade the streets, indulging in eating, drinking, and having fun.

Especially for Lin Beifan, as the greatest contributor to the Yan and Wu Competition, he was supported by the people wherever he went. Even when he wanted to buy something, no one accepted his money. In the end, they insisted on giving it to him.

It left Lin Beifan and his companions with their hands full of food, overwhelmed. Luckily, they had the little princess with them. Her little hands were also filled with food, one mouthful of tanghulu after another, one mouthful of sticky rice dumplings after another. Her face was filled with happiness. “So many delicious things! It would be great if every night was like this!”

“You’ll become as round as a ball, and no one will want you!” Lin Beifan laughed.

“I don’t care if I get fat! There are only two things in the world that can’t be betrayed: one is delicious food, and the other is delicious food! Lin Beifan, you’re the Vice Governor of the Capital now. Can’t you order to open the night market, so there will be delicious food every night from now on?” The little princess was full of anticipation.

Lin Beifan shook his head. “Don’t daydream. Three days of night market opening is already good enough!”

“Why not? Opening the night market is a good idea. It will be lively and bring a rich nightlife! Moreover, many people can come out and set up stalls to earn money, making their lives better. Isn’t this good?” The little princess danced happily.

“Your idea is too simple!” Lin Beifan smiled and shook his head.

Opening the night market does indeed stimulate consumption and boost the economy. However, the cost of social management will also multiply. No matter which world it is, more incidents are prone to occur at night, especially when there are more people.

In this high martial arts world, many people possess some martial skills, strong vitality, and a fierce temperament. It is easy for things to escalate into a fight with just a single wrong word, making management very difficult.

If someone gets drunk and causes trouble, it can’t be controlled. That’s why many places have curfews and do not allow activities at night, making it less likely for incidents to happen.

The capital city is relatively well managed and does not have a curfew, but night markets are still prohibited. Therefore, these three days of night market opening are especially rare and precious.

“Husband, it looks like they are setting off fireworks over there. Let’s go take a look!” Li Shi Shi held Lin Beifan’s hand and excitedly ran towards the distance.

Over there, several fireworks bloomed in the sky, a beautiful sight to behold.

In the palace, Empress Longxin stood alone on a high tower, looking at the lively streets outside the city and the splendid fireworks shooting into the sky, filled with contentment and longing.

“The capital city hasn’t been this lively in a long time. This is the true scene of prosperity! Unfortunately…”

Empress Longxin sighed, “A fleeting moment!”

A white figure appeared and smiled, “There will be opportunities! Your Majesty, you are working towards this direction, eliminating the flaws of the court, preserving the essence, and one day, you will bring peace and prosperity to the world!”

“Yes, although the road ahead is difficult and filled with challenges, I believe that day is not far away!” The Empress said firmly.

Suddenly, she thought of a little troublemaker and a beautiful smile appeared on her lips.

It was his arrival that gave her hope!

Let us, Emperor and subject, work together to save the Great Wu!

At that moment, an old eunuch approached.

The white figure disappeared as if it had never appeared.

“Your Majesty, the Second Highest Scorer in the Imperial Examinations, Liu Hai, seeks an audience with you!” the old eunuch reported.

The Empress turned and asked, “Besides him, is there anyone else?”

The old eunuch lowered his head, “Your Majesty, only him!”

“It’s interesting that he comes alone!” The Empress’s face showed a playful smile.

In the imperial academy, Empress Longxin met Liu Hai, the Second Highest Scorer of the Great Yan Dynasty.

Upon seeing the Empress, Liu Hai immediately greeted, “Greetings, Your Majesty, long live, long live, long live ten thousand years!”

The Empress’s smile became more and more playful. For every subject, there can only be one true Emperor.

He directly called her “Your Majesty” instead of “Empress of Great Wu,” indicating that he had already decided to switch sides.

Today’s performance had already worked.

Talented individuals were coming to pledge their allegiance, and she naturally had to continue accepting them.

She smiled gracefully and said, “Liu Hai, your recent performance has impressed me greatly. However, the Yan and Wu Competition has already ended. What brings you here tonight?”

Liu Hai gritted his teeth and bowed, “May it please Your Majesty, after contemplating and reflecting, I realized that I could not fulfill my lifelong ambitions in the Great Yan. Therefore, I hope to serve Your Majesty in the Great Wu. I beg for Your Majesty’s permission!”

He spoke the truth.

As someone of humble birth, he was fortunate to achieve the Second Highest Scorer title in the imperial examinations, thinking that he could ascend rapidly and achieve greatness.

However, later he realized that he had been too naive.

The Great Yan court had too many talented individuals, and the phenomenon of seniority was severe. Moreover, many people not only had talent but also had influential backgrounds, leading to rapid promotions.

Meanwhile, someone from his own batch, Lin Beifan, who also came from a humble background, had already become a Third Rank official.

Moreover, he held the position of Vice Governor of the Capital, holding significant power. His future prospects were limitless, destined for nobility and high-ranking positions.

The fact that someone from a humble background like him had surpassed everyone frustrated Liu Hai. The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became. Tossed and turned, he suffered from insomnia multiple times.

So, in the absence of opportunities in the Great Yan, he decided to try his luck in the Great Wu.

The Empress smiled even more brightly, “Welcome! Very welcome! Our Great Wu needs ambitious talents like you! Although you are from the Great Yan, as long as you serve Great Wu, you are a person of Great Wu, and I will treat you equally!”

Liu Hai was overjoyed, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The Empress thought for a moment and said, “It’s rare that you are willing to serve Great Wu. You must not suffer any grievances! How about this, I will first give you a sixth-ranking official position! When you make contributions in the future, I will promote you accordingly!”

Liu Hai’s heart was filled with joy, “Thank you for your benevolence, Your Majesty!”

In the Great Yan, he held a small seventh-ranking official position in the Hanlin Academy, doing menial tasks with no prospects.

Now, as soon as he switched sides, he was immediately promoted. The grace of the Emperor was immense.

He believed that a bright future lay ahead!

Liu Hai thought for a moment and said loudly, “Your Majesty, I have a shocking secret! After much thought, I have decided to inform Your Majesty!”

“What secret? Speak!” The Empress encouraged with a smile.

“May it please Your Majesty, I discovered that during the Yan and Wu Competition, the Vice Governor, Lin Beifan, and the Third Prince of the Great Yan had multiple secret interactions! I suspect that Lin Beifan and the Third Prince colluded in secret. I plead for Your Majesty to investigate!” Liu Hai said.

The smile on the Empress’s face froze slightly!

I knew it, this little troublemaker took money from the Third Prince. He doesn’t miss any opportunity!

He not only took their money but also made them lose everything. It’s so unethical!

All I can say is, well done!

The Empress calmly asked, “If you say they colluded, what were they colluding about?”

“It is highly likely that it was for the Yan and Wu Competition! The Third Prince secretly bribed Lin Beifan to manipulate the results in favor of the Yanwu battle. Liu Hai said loudly…

The Empress spread her hands, “But Great Wu did not lose, on the contrary, we won splendidly! You say they colluded, but where’s the proof? Is it possible that the Third Prince bought himself a loss?”

“This…” Liu Hai was speechless.

Great Wu did indeed win, and they won brilliantly. The claim of collusion was unfounded!

“Your Majesty, actually, during the cultural competition, Lin Beifan intentionally made mistakes! Unfortunately, the luck of the Great Yan was not on their side, so they didn’t win! God bless Great Wu!” Liu Hai said.

The Empress shook her head, “Everything you said is based on your speculations, not enough evidence! The fact is, Sir Lin led the representatives of Great Wu and won the Yan and Wu Competition! His loyalty to our court is evident, and he is the person I trust the most! So, in the future, please refrain from saying such things!”

Liu Hai’s heart was filled with envy!

That annoying guy is so favored!


“Your Majesty, there is actually another matter that can prove Lin Beifan’s betrayal of Great Wu!”

“What is it?” The Empress asked.

Liu Hai said loudly, “May it please Your Majesty, when I served in the Great Yan, I learned that the methods of manufacturing the Great Yan’s air balloons and air cushions were actually bought from Lin Beifan! The Great Yan spent millions of taels of silver to acquire these manufacturing methods, which affected the national treasury. Please investigate, Your Majesty!”

The Empress’s expression changed, her face becoming gloomy. “Do you have any evidence?”

“Your Majesty, this is what I learned from a friendly lower-ranking official. I have no evidence! But, Your Majesty, please think carefully. In the entire Great Wu court, it seems that only Lin Beifan can provide both manufacturing methods at the same time!”

The Empress’s expression became even darker.

Liu Hai secretly glanced at her and felt a secret delight in his heart.

In fact, everything he said was fabricated.

Whether it was true or not, he didn’t know, and it was impossible for him to know.

Anyway, he was just throwing mud at Lin Beifan, making him look bad.

The Empress clearly took his words seriously, which would plant seeds of mistrust.

In the future, Lin Beifan would no longer be favored.

If he fell from grace, all the opportunities that belonged to him would become Liu Hai’s.


The Empress quickly regained her composure and said, “This information is very important. I will send someone to investigate him! If it is true, no matter how many merits he earns, I will not easily forgive him!”

Liu Hai felt secretly delighted. His words had indeed worked!

The Empress continued, “Sir Liu, you can go back with the Great Yan delegation for now!”

Liu Hai panicked, “Your Majesty, are you dismissing me?”

“How could that be?” The Empress showed great thoughtfulness. “Sir, the main reason is that you came to participate in the competition in a hurry without much preparation. So, I want you to go back and prepare yourself before serving Great Wu! Sir, don’t worry, I will send someone to escort you all here!”

Liu Hai breathed a sigh of relief and happily said, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Liu Hai left the study.

The Empress’s face turned cold, “Someone, when Liu Hai leaves Great Wu, find an opportunity to kill him!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


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I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
In the dangerous world of high martial arts, Lin Beifan traversed and found himself bound to a corrupt official system. It seemed that the only way to become stronger was through corruption – a ridiculous notion, but one that he had to follow nonetheless. He found himself embezzling, accepting bribes, and using his power for personal gain, becoming a despised and hated corrupt official. Yet, secretly, he distributed his ill-gotten gains to the people, leaving nothing for himself. He carried the weight of his bad reputation while still trying to make the world a better place. The empress, who knew the truth, shed tears and said, “My dear, I’m sorry for the injustice done to you. Come to my palace tonight.” The intelligent and beautiful women who knew the truth declared, “No matter how the world sees you, we are willing to stand by your side, through thick and thin!” The martial women of the Jianghu who knew the truth vowed, “If they want to take down Lin, they’ll have to get through us first!” Others were left in shock, “He’s clearly a corrupt official, why are you all protecting him?”


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