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Chapter 206

Chapter 206: The Appearance of the Pinball Space

After the disappearance of the illusory simulated study living room, only a misty and dark color remains, like swirling smoke, continuously extending to an unknown end.

There are no colors or shapes here; it’s just Su Hao’s cognition of the pinball space, portraying scenes.

Here, countless information from the distant past until now is stored, serving as the fundamental basis for Su Hao’s survival.

In Su Hao’s understanding, all knowledge is arranged hierarchically and chronologically. The appearance of the pinball space should resemble a long dragon-like whirl, where the dragon’s head represents the present and the unknown length of the dragon’s body and tail symbolize the past.

With the establishment of ‘Little Light’, Su Hao gains more and more knowledge and information, noticing his original information starting to interact with the information recorded within the pinball space. These once unrelated pieces of information become a part of his consciousness, enlarging his original consciousness information.

It’s as if Su Hao’s consciousness gradually, in an organized and logical manner, engulfs the information within the pinball space to enhance himself.

This fusion process between Su Hao’s original information and the pinball space is largely driven by his selective integration of useful information following his own thinking rules to become part of his core being. Otherwise, Su Hao would inevitably collapse under the immense flow of information.

Comparing Su Hao’s conscious information to a drop of ink gradually assimilating water, dropping that ink into a river, if the ink drop can maintain its cohesion and independence, eventually, it will assimilate the entire river into ink. However, if the ink disperses the moment it meets the rushing river, it becomes completely useless.

Clearly, to maintain his self, Su Hao needs to consolidate his consciousness and then absorb a vast amount of knowledge to strengthen himself.

Regular meditation can maintain this process well.

Within the pinball space, Su Hao’s consolidated consciousness gradually fades away, his thoughts freely flowing within the space, wherever his thoughts go, his core being follows.

This is an incredibly mystical experience: within the pinball space, he seems to be everywhere yet unable to comprehend the entirety of this place.

He feels like he’s gone to a very distant place while also continuously revolving in the same spot.

As for Little Light’s existence, it’s a colossal information processing center he constructed, using a part of his consciousness as its core, in conjunction with the space’s characteristics.

Seemingly two independent entities, fundamentally, they’re inseparable.

Therefore, Su Hao’s consciousness, no matter where it travels within the pinball space, can swiftly pinpoint Little Light.

Moreover, the most astonishing thing is the inexplicable connection between Su Hao’s conscious information and the distant, unknown location of a body resembling a vermilion gourd person. This link provides a foundation for Su Hao’s conscious information, enabling his thinking.

His primary consciousness can effortlessly switch between the body and the pinball space, facing no obstacles.

While his primary consciousness is in the body, he’s no different from an ordinary person.

He speculates that it’s akin to a state similar to quantum entanglement.

At a certain moment, his conscious information and body adjusted to the same frequency, creating this inexplicable connection.

Su Hao’s shadow gradually consolidates within the pinball space, murmuring, “Isn’t this similar to ‘projection’?”

After Su Hao evolved into the “Prophet,” he faced a question: Why did his consciousness abilities continue to improve after evolving into the “Prophet”? Over the years, through exploring the pinball space, Su Hao gradually uncovered its rules.

The “Prophet” possessed a powerful brain, granting Su Hao greater information processing abilities. This ability’s feedback resulted in Su Hao’s conscious information gaining more control. For instance, Su Hao’s “meditative contemplation” could be likened to a “logical method” for plundering information, while the “brain” served as the “storage repository.”

This logical method enabled Su Hao to systematically plunder matching information to enhance himself. However, limited by the insufficient capacity of the storage repository, Su Hao couldn’t plunder more information, thus restricting his consciousness abilities.

Ultimately, for thinking, he had to rely on a powerful brain. Likewise, to enhance consciousness abilities, the same applied. If it weren’t for evolving into the “Prophet,” Su Hao wouldn’t have realized why his consciousness abilities couldn’t grow.

He used to hope for some powerful “techniques” to achieve a breakthrough. But the fact was, the inability to improve had nothing to do with these “techniques.” Essentially, the brain wasn’t functioning properly!

Su Hao was immensely grateful for obtaining the “Prophet” genius gene, ensuring intelligence improvements regardless of where he reincarnated in the future.

“But the ‘Prophet’ must have its limitations. When my consciousness abilities reach a certain level, they will inevitably stagnate again…”

Soon, Su Hao noticed the issue: to achieve unlimited enhancement, he’d need an infinitely powerful brain. Was this realistic?

Shaking his head, Su Hao found it impractical. Even if his whole body were a brain, it couldn’t sustain him much farther.

He clenched his fist slowly, realizing, “I’ve acquired enough power for self-preservation. The current issue isn’t about physical strength but my mental consciousness abilities.”

“Then, where should I learn knowledge to continually enhance my mental power without limitations imposed by the brain?”

Perhaps when this world’s body dies, and he wanders into other worlds, he might gain something—maybe in the next world…

“I must cherish every reincarnation opportunity and gain knowledge! Once missed, it’s truly lost!”

Reflecting on missed opportunities in previous reincarnations within martial arts, magical, and xianxia worlds, he felt some regret.

If he could cultivate the so-called ‘divine consciousness’ like the legends of the immortal sects, perhaps everything would fall into place. What is divine consciousness, and how does one cultivate it? Su Hao didn’t know the mystery behind it.

“As long as I stick to my original intentions and keep learning, there’s always a way to achieve it!”

After years of meditative contemplation, Su Hao’s consciousness abilities experienced significant improvement, alongside his academic knowledge.

In these years, his absorption speed of knowledge from various scientific fields has been terrifying, allowing Su Hao to personally experience the vast gap between ‘true geniuses’ and ‘pseudo-geniuses.’

Originally, in the field of ‘mathematics,’ he estimated it would take a dozen or even twenty years to thoroughly understand and absorb it as his own. However, after evolving into the “Prophet,” in just over a year, he devoured all the recorded books.

This efficiency can’t simply be described as a mere ‘several times improvement.’

The question remains if other “Prophets” among the vermilion gourd people can achieve such a level. Su Hao’s estimation leans towards a negative answer due to the relationship with the pinball space, where he practically unlocked the entire thinking potential of the “Prophet.”

It’s evidently not a capacity other “Prophets” possess. Their distinctive qualities merely manifest as heightened intelligence, coupled with special abilities like ‘acquisition’ and ‘analysis.’

After consuming all scientific knowledge these years, Su Hao formed new ideas about ‘Little Light.’

Yes, he aimed to upgrade Little Light from top to bottom. The current Little Light was somewhat falling behind his needs.

With a wave of his hand, the surroundings reverted to the appearance of a laboratory.

“First, upgrade Little Light to version 3.0, then, reform the pinball space, adding new functionalities!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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