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Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Mutant Degeneration Liquid

Since having a new large-scale experimental site, Su Hao divided each day into two parts.

He would stay in the pinball space in the morning, studying and reading, and spend the afternoons wildly modifying the genes of various animals. In the evening, he’d return to the pinball space to study and read again.

His life was extremely regimented.

The purpose of gene modification was to make them evolve into various sequence mutant beasts while implanting the corresponding attacking segment of ‘Gene Toxin 2’ into their bodies, allowing this segment to be passed down from generation to generation.

After reaching a certain quantity, he started releasing them into the enclosed experimental zone for beast mutant creatures.

Later, Su Hao found the efficiency too low, so he forcefully bred these genetically modified beast mutant creatures that had ‘Spring Yao’ injected into them. After breeding to a certain quantity, they were released again.

Not only that, Su Hao was concerned that the beast mutant creatures he had labored to create might foolishly enter the enclosed zone to die, so he researched a type of repelling thicket plant, filling the enclosed area directly with a pungent, unpleasant odor that made any nearby creatures automatically stay away.

He steadily improved this step-by-step, actively solving problems encountered, and the project made significant progress.

Su Hao continued this life for two years. He was twenty-six years old.

With his updated brain, his learning progress was rapid, absorbing a vast amount of knowledge like a sponge.

This gave him a deeper understanding of this world and the universe, mastering more and superior thinking structures, gradually changing the nature of his own thinking, stepping firmly towards being a true ‘genius’.

The mutant creature modification project was also nearing its end, only needing another six months of observation before allowing various levels of beast mutant creatures to breed on their own completely.

It was currently winter, with heavy snow blanketing the ground.

Yashan wore a thick black coat, appearing mature, but upon seeing Su Hao, his temperament instantly changed, showing a joyful face, and said, “Boss Wei, the progress in the mutant creature zone has been smooth so far. We’ve employed three ‘Metamorphic Kings’ to observe the movements of the beast mutant creatures in real-time. We’ve found that the beast mutant creatures have all marked their territories and are not likely to step out of those boundaries easily.”

Then Yashan marveled, “Just as Boss Wei guessed, higher-level beast mutant creatures have occupied the central area, while the further outward we go, the lower the level of the beast mutant creatures.

As long as those high-level beast mutant creatures have sufficient food, they won’t easily venture to the outskirts, providing space for the lower-level creatures to survive. After the lower-level creatures fail to cross the boundary zone, they won’t try again.

This is what you called the ecology of the mutant creature zone, right? It seems this experimental zone is indeed too small.”

Su Hao, seeing three four-year-olds who had finally built a snowman, bent down, grabbed a handful of snow, rolled it into a snowball, and casually threw it, bursting the snowman they had built.

This directly caused the three kids to cry out in frustration, tears nearly streaming down their faces.

After managing to calm their emotions, they moved away from Su Hao and began rebuilding the snowman.

Meanwhile, Su Hao laughed happily, then turned to Yashan and said, “We still need to observe for another ten years. It would be best to establish an observation tower outside the mutant creature zone and arrange personnel to monitor at all times. The mutant creature zone is now gradually on the right track, so let’s hope there won’t be any major issues.”

Yashan nodded and said, “Understood, Boss Wei. Also, many of the various beast mutant creatures previously released were not adapted to the new environment and have almost gone extinct by now. The ones left are those with better survival abilities, and they have at least bred within the mutant creature zone.

As long as we continue to try to release various types of beast mutant creatures and select them, we can form a stable ‘ecosystem’.”

Su Hao nodded and asked, “Is there enough food for the beast mutant creatures?”

Yashan said, “Initially, it wasn’t enough, but after continuously releasing common large herbivores, it can meet the demand. Now, a mountain goat with excellent breeding capabilities has become the main food source for numerous beast mutant creatures. Later, we should be able to find more suitable large beasts.”

Things have developed to a relatively stable stage, no longer requiring Su Hao’s excessive attention; the ‘Temple Forest Association’ can operate autonomously.

Su Hao thought for a moment and said, “Let’s open an mutant experimental class after next spring! For ten-year-old children, there will be two hundred slots available across four classes! Subsequently, every year, we’ll enroll two hundred slots. Depending on the situation, we can expand the enrollment, strictly controlling the quantity to allow the mutant creature zone to achieve a benign development.”

Yashan’s eyes lit up, waiting for this sentence for a long time, and immediately exclaimed, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao continued, “Yashan, set the rules before starting the classes. Temporarily, hunting or killing same-level or lower-level beast mutant creatures is not allowed! The mutant creature zone is for evolution, not a place for indulging in slaughter.

If they don’t accept it, they won’t be allowed to become mutant students. If they become students and violate the rules, their mutant abilities will be revoked.”

For Su Hao, if someone couldn’t even defeat creatures at the same level and was in life-threatening danger, they wouldn’t qualify to evolve into higher-level mutants. If they died, so be it—no remorse.

Anything done carries some risk.

Yashan was astonished, “mutant abilities can be revoked? By killing them directly?”

Su Hao chuckled, “Of course, they can be revoked! I’ve already researched a special type of small round rodent that can produce a particular liquid. As long as a sufficient amount of this liquid is injected into an mutant’s body, it can revoke all of their mutant abilities, reverting them to ordinary people.”

Yashan took in a sharp breath, feeling a chill down his spine, “This kind of small rodent…”

Su Hao pointed casually, “You’ve seen it before. It’s that kind with a tuft of red hair on its head over there.”

Yashan, taking a look, involuntarily took two steps back.

Su Hao continued, “I call this type of rodent a Regression Mouse, and the liquid it secretes is called Regression Liquid. This will now be managed by the highest level of the ‘Temple Forest Association.’

Do not let people know that the Regression Liquid comes from the Regression Mouse, and those who rear the Regression Mouse should not know this liquid is called the Regression Liquid. When the Regression Liquid appears in front of people, it should undergo color and taste alterations. Do you understand, Yashan?”

Yashan deeply breathed in the cold air, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Internally, Yashan marveled, ‘Boss Wei… is too powerful!’

He couldn’t imagine anything that Boss Wei couldn’t achieve.

Everything Boss Wei did exceeded his understanding.

No, not just his—exceeded the understanding of everyone in the Temple Forest Association.

So, bestowing upon Boss Wei the title of a ‘God’ isn’t too excessive. As long as the ‘Innovation Century’ project succeeds, Boss Wei’s divine status as the ‘God of Creation’ will undoubtedly be on par with the highest deity, ‘Great God Zhu Huo,’ of the Zhu Huo people!

Su Hao then said, “Yashan, have you made contact with the people from the other six major cities?”

Yashan smiled, “We’re in contact. There’s a fellow there who proposed compiling what we’re doing into various children’s rhymes and stories, then extensively spreading them to the other six major cities.

It’s starting to show some effect. Many people are now coming from distant places. If we continue spreading for some more time, the people in the six cities will surely be half-believing, half-doubting. At that point, when we send someone to make contact, it will yield twice the result with half the effort.”

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, “That fellow is really talented, huh?”

Su Hao casually grabbed another snowball and once again demolished the lopsided snowmen of the three little ones.

Then these three little ones became unhappy, lying on the ground, rolling and throwing a tantrum, demanding that Uncle Wei restore their snowman.

Ying Nair, being the second eldest, was somewhat timid, whereas the youngest, Hiker, had the most courage and the fiercest demeanor. He ran angrily to Yashan and complained, “Dad! Look at Uncle Wei, he ruined our snowman!”

Yashan scratched his head, nodding in agreement, “Yeah, Dad saw it!”

Ying Nair and Heli looked at their father in shock from a distance—this was it, weren’t you supposed to stand up for your own kids?

Unexpectedly, Yashan said, “You three, go and make more snowmen for Uncle Wei to smash!”

Su Hao, Ying Nair, Heli, Hiker: “…”

The Temple Forest Association expanded rapidly, a large area on the map came under the management of the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ and all dissent and resistance gradually vanished.

The power of people uniting for a common goal was beyond imagination.

With the continuous expansion of the Temple Forest Association, this world underwent tremendous changes.

Yet, Su Hao, the one orchestrating everything, did not personally involve himself in these events.

After ensuring that the overall direction did not deviate, he allowed things to evolve on their own.

How things would ultimately turn out, Su Hao had no clue in his heart, only knowing that it was bound to deviate from what he expected.

But he didn’t care!

Reaching this stage was already a form of giving back to this world. Whether they could seize the opportunity to completely change the fate of the Zhu Huo people and the mutants was up to them.

Su Hao returned to the pinball space, waving his hand, causing the study and living room to vanish, revealing the entirety of the pinball space within Su Hao’s consciousness.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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