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Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Man, that’s all.

Su Hao was not in a hurry to directly tap into the talents of these three little guys, but wanted to collect physical information, check if the runic genes of Yashan were successfully passed on to the next generation, and whether there would be any changes in the runic genes inherited by the next generation. It’s not realistic to unearth the innate abilities of these three little ones right now.

They’re still too young, unable to grasp elite vitality at all, nor do they have the consciousness to control their vitality.

Waiting another ten years will be about right.

Su Hao returned to the laboratory, entered the pinball space, and began to examine the physical information of the three little ones.

Soon, Su Hao had the results.

All three little ones had a “rotation” rune in their bodies, but it was somewhat incomplete.

However, it’s not a big problem, just needs manual connection to obtain a complete rune.

“Although it’s the result of the combination of genes from both parents, when I modified the genes of Yashan, I deliberately added a gene program that could automatically implant runic genes into the female’s genes during the zygote stage, ensuring that every child born from Yashan would have a complete rune.

Unfortunately, these three little ones don’t have this program. The runic genes their descendants obtain are probably incomplete, which is akin to bloodline loss. Of course, if they can find someone with the same runic genes to combine with, it’s highly probable to generate complete runes…”

Regarding this, Su Hao could only shake her head helplessly, regretting, “So wanting to pass on runic genes from generation to generation is not realistic. With each passing generation, the probability of expressing this gene will become smaller.”

Therefore, Su Hao lost interest in the transmission of runic genes.

The persistent transmission of this gene doesn’t seem to hold much significance for Su Hao in contemplating bloodline inheritance.

So, for Su Hao, this technology serves as a means to engrave runes for himself in the future, and additionally, through this technology, accumulate wealth.

Who wouldn’t be enticed by gaining special powers with just one injection?

After carefully studying the genes and runes of the three little ones, Su Hao wrote a book for these three little ones, called “Rotating Mind Method,” specifically to help them train their vitality and activate the runes within them. By the time they reach around ten years old, they’ll be able to activate their innate powers.

A few days later, Su Ha found Yashan and handed over the booklet, saying, “Yashan, let them slowly practice this ‘Rotating Mind Method’ after they turn six. There will be surprises!”

Yashan took it blankly, casually flipped through it, and found that the booklet was divided into two parts. The vitality training part inside had already been taught by Veer, but what about the later incantations and visualizations?

Yashan didn’t understand, simply nodding, “Okay, Boss Wei.”

Yashan added, “Boss Wei, as you said, we’ve marked out a large area in the wilderness and planted boundary trees around the periphery.”

Su Hao exclaimed, “So fast?”

Yashan smiled, “The ‘Innovative Century,’ this epic project, has now become the goal of everyone in the ‘Temple Forest Association.’ From top to bottom, everyone has sparked endless enthusiasm. For everyone, it’s like a moment of creating a great miracle! Everyone involved will join the ‘Veer Sect,’ be outstanding contributors, and might even be granted the special title of ‘God,’ recorded in history!

According to the current trend, no one can stop the implementation of the ‘Innovative Century’ project. Now, in the territory of Huixiang City, cities big and small have all started to establish academies, mandating enrollment for children of appropriate age. As long as our beasts area operates smoothly, setting up an ‘Exotic People Class’ within the academy is almost finalized.”

Su Hao praised, “Yashan, well done!”

Yashan immediately said, “It’s not much to do with me, it’s mainly due to Boss Wei’s genius-like vision that stunned everyone when they heard about this grand plan. You have no idea about the expressions of the people in the ‘Temple Forest Association’ upon hearing this grand plan, tsk tsk! It’s like discovering they’re actually women.”

With Yashan’s words lifting Su Hao’s spirits, he immediately took Yashan’s arm and said, “Come, let’s go for a stroll in the area for exotic beasts!”

After instructing the nanny to take care of the three little ones, Su Hao and Yashan flew into the sky.

Side by side, overlooking the vast land, they were filled with great ambition for a moment.

Facing the strong wind, Su Hao shouted to Yashan, “Yashan, in the future, all this land will be yours! Wherever you want to go, no one can stop you. A real man should be like this, free in body and soul!!”

However, Yashan couldn’t hear anything, just shouting into the wind, “Okay, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao burst into laughter, “Let’s go, Yashan, let’s compare who can fly faster!”

After saying that, he gestured to Yashan, who finally understood and laughed wildly, saying, “Good! Boss Wei, let’s compare!”

Afterward, both of them almost simultaneously erupted with immense energy at their feet, propelling them forward. Their speed instantly broke the sound barrier, creating a booming sound that echoed far and wide.

Soon, Su Hao began various high-difficulty stunts in the high altitude, greatly intimidating Yashan. Quickly, Yashan followed suit, clumsily attempting various flying maneuvers like Boss Wei.

Surprisingly, Yashan’s learning speed was quite fast, quickly mastering the techniques and flying in a similar manner.

Having fun while flying, a few hours later, the two arrived at the “Exotic Beast Area” drawn by Yashan.

The Exotic Beast Area was approximately as large as Hai Nan Island, surrounded by patches of boundary trees, spanning about a kilometer in width.

After flying around the Exotic Beast Area, Su Hao nodded and said, “Not bad!”

Slowing down, Su Hao said, “Yashan, this place can be used as an experimental site, but as the future Exotic Beast Area, it’s not enough yet!”

Yashan was surprised, “Not enough?”

Su Hao nodded, “The range is too small!”

Yashan widened his eyes, “This is small? We can hardly see the end when flying in the sky!”

Su Hao smiled, “Yashan, broaden your horizons. What can you achieve with this small area? You need to at least enlarge it a hundred times for me!”

Yashan flew unsteadily, shocked, “A hundred times?”

He doubted he had misheard.

Su Hao added, “Yashan, what we want isn’t just a small circle but a vast ecosystem! Not only expand your range by a hundred times, continue planting boundary trees, don’t stop until it’s a boundary belt tens of thousands of meters wide. If there’s still energy left, keep expanding outward!”

Yashan opened his mouth, unable to utter a word. Today, Boss Wei’s words once again reshaped his understanding!


He finally understood the meaning of Boss Wei’s “bigger is better” from before. It seemed he had been too conservative!

Su Hao continued, “Yashan, broaden your mind, don’t be confined by what your eyes see. We want the whole world, do you understand? The world is much bigger than you imagine. I know that such a vast area will definitely come with many difficulties, but so what? Overcome each and every difficulty bit by bit! You have plenty of time, take it slowly!

Moreover, this project isn’t just for a hundred or two hundred years, but an Exotic Beast Area used by people for generations and generations! We are the pioneers, and the scale of the pioneers directly determines the layout of the future world! So, Yashan! It needs to be large! Make it larger and even larger! Understand?”

Yashan was pumped by Su Hao’s words, shouting, “Understood, Boss Wei! Big it is!”

Su Hao also shouted, “Exactly! It’s all about being big. A hundred times I mentioned earlier was too conservative. Keep expanding!”

“Okay, Boss Wei!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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