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Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Finally grasping time

Regarding the work on ‘Gene Toxin 2’, for Su Hao, it was simpler than his previous gene research. He even managed to produce results in less than a month’s time.

After returning to Su Hao’s lab, Yashan asked Su Hao, “Boss Wei, you instructed those small saplings to be arranged in a circle outside the city and planted. Boss Wei, what are those small trees for?”

Su Hao smiled, “Those are not trees, they are a simulated beast area.”

Yashan, puzzled, asked, “Beast area?”

Su Hao replied, “It’s hard to explain. You’ll understand once you see it.”

Scratching his head, Yashan inquired, “So, what should I see?”

Su Hao pointed to a few large cages nearby and said, “Yashan, bring the small round mice from those cages. Let’s go to the beast area.”

Soon, the two arrived at a small hill covered with dense trees, encircled by a straight type of tree arranged neatly in inner and outer rows.

Su Hao referred to this tree as a Barrier Tree, currently in the testing phase where only two rows were planted. When the actual beast area is demarcated, these trees would be densely planted in blocks to prevent the beasts from escaping.

Su Hao said, “Yashan, take these small round mice up the hill and release them.”

Upon his return, Su Hao took Yashan around and then said, “Let’s go back!”

Yashan, puzzled, asked, “Just like that, back?”

Su Hao replied, “What else?”

After a moment of silence, Yashan cautiously asked, “So, what was it that you showed me?”

Su Hao laughed heartily, “If you really want to see, stay here for a couple of months, and you’ll know.”

Yashan scratched his head and said, “Then, I’d rather not see it.”

Su Hao responded, “Let’s go! Soon, you’ll know. Those released mice inside won’t be able to leave. As long as they dare to step out of the range of the Barrier Trees, they’ll die. How about this, get a few people to guard here for a few days, record the condition of the small round mice, and we’ll come back later.”

Yashan nodded, “Okay, Boss Wei.”

Five days later, Su Hao and Yashan returned to the foot of the small hill, found the record-keeper, and Yashan asked, “How are the small round mice on the hill?”

The person, after greeting Su Hao and Yashan, said, “Boss Wei, Yashan Boss, about half of the small round mice are still on the hill. Two days ago, half of them came down from the hill and tried to run outside. Shortly after, they all died. Then, fewer and fewer of the mice dared to come out from inside. Today, none have been seen coming out.”

The essence of the small round mice is not to stop exploring due to the deaths of the scouts. The reason this barrier succeeded was due to environmental selection.

Among such a large group of small round mice, those bold enough to run out died, while the more cautious ones survived. Thus, the offspring of these small round mice would likely inherit their cautious trait.

Yashan was surprised, “All dead? Besides the mice, have other creatures died?”

The person replied, “Nothing found for now. The deaths were all from the marked small round mice.”

Yashan was very amazed, looking at this peculiar tree. He asked Su Hao, “Boss Wei, what kind of tree is this? It’s so miraculous!”

Su Hao said, “Barrier Tree, this is what I mentioned, used to define the beast area.”

Yashan asked, “Can it kill all the beasts that try to escape from the area? Could it cause accidental harm?”

Su Hao confidently stated, “It won’t. It only targets the beasts we raise. No matter the level of the beast, if it dares to intrude into the barrier, there’s only one outcome.”

Yashan gasped and instinctively distanced himself from the Barrier Tree.

Su Hao chuckled, “Don’t worry, it’s harmless to humans!”

After a moment’s thought, Su Hao pointed at the Barrier Trees ahead and said, “Yashan, take these trees as the basis for mass breeding. The more, the better. I’ll write a booklet on breeding methods for you tonight.

“Then, within the jurisdiction of Yangcheng, find an uninhabited area with a decent environment, preferably containing terrains like mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts, rivers, lakes, and slowly plant Barrier Trees around the demarcated area. The aim is to create a forest.”

Yashan immediately assured, “Rest assured, Boss Wei, I’ll make it look great!”

Su Hao nodded, “No rush. Plant them within five years.”

To convince the people of the six cities to form an alliance and establish a new power, mere words wouldn’t be enough. He needed tangible and effective results.

Armed with results and plans, Su Hao would have a stronger position. If the opposition didn’t believe, he could take them to the beast area for a tour, and if still disbelieving… direct replacements could be made!

Once the general direction was set, Su Hao didn’t bother further! As long as he presented the plans and results, the ‘Temple Forest Forest Society’ would unquestionably support him.

After laying out everything clearly, Su Hao returned to the lab, handed Yashan the Barrier Tree breeding method, and locked himself to research the genetic sequences suitable for various organisms.

Six months later, Su Hao turned 22.

During this time, he had finally listed the compatibility of all eight genetic sequences. Once the Barrier Trees in the beast area were planted, the release of the beasts could happen anytime.

The material foundation for this world’s transformation was established; now, it was about rallying everyone’s strength through the ‘Temple Forest Forest Society’ to get the job done.

Regarding this, Su Hao was helpless. If left to him, he would eradicate all dissenting voices and allow only those in agreement to execute. While this might work when there are few people involved, when scaled to the entire population, it wouldn’t be feasible.

The world was too vast, and wiping out dissenters wasn’t a solution. The planted Barrier Trees could be sabotaged by disruptive elements, possibly leading to failure.

Hence, for the successful execution of the plan, the ‘Temple Forest Forest Society’ needed to stand on the side of righteousness.

Su Hao temporarily put the beast area matter aside and resumed studying the scientific knowledge that had been abandoned for an unknown period.

He planned to simultaneously pursue the third item, ‘Join the Study and Exploration of Science Program,’ and the fourth item, ‘In-depth Study of the Nature of the Pinball Space.’ Over three to five years, he aimed to calmly study new theoretical knowledge and delve into the study of the ball space.

“With such a long time at my disposal, it’s time to focus on learning. My knowledge is still too meager; I want more, much more…”

Su Hao entered the ball space, waved his hand, transforming the laboratory in the ball space into the semblance of his original study.

He pulled a chair, sat down, picked up a book from the shelf—’Quantum and Consciousness.’ After flipping through it, he returned it to the shelf, then took out another, ‘Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena.’

Murmuring to himself, “It’s been so long! The joy of learning! Looking back, the journey to this point has experienced so many twists.”

“It seems that to safeguard the joy of learning, I must acquire more significant power.”

“Continuous learning brings mighty strength, and powerful strength, in turn, safeguards my time for learning.”

“Mutual advancement!”

“Mutual achievement!”

“How wonderful!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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