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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The status window opened on the first day of enrollment (IV)

“Sorting and filtering, three and there…”

It took three days to arrive at this point. Ivan stood up, rubbing the corners of his eyes, stiffened from the strain.

The sorting criteria were as follows:

The sudden appearance of an individual with significantly altered personality or behavior, people displaying peculiar conduct.

Obtaining further information would have been impossible without the assistance of the intelligence bureau, as it involved delving directly into aristocratic circles

“The issue lies with these individuals.”

One is an orphan enrolled through a practical skill scholarship program, while the other two are associated with the crown prince, stemming from aristocratic backgrounds.

Interfering is a challenge. Even if Ivan conceals his involvement, tracing it will likely link back to the intelligence bureau, which is under Elizaveta’s command. Provoking the aristocracy without concrete evidence might harm Elizaveta’s political influence.

“Is it too difficult to abduct all three…?”

Ivan tapped the table, envisioning the sound Dmitri might make if he had a grievance (a sound akin to one he’d express to Elizaveta).

One is a freshman on a full scholarship, already under extensive scrutiny despite being an orphan. Provoking them recklessly could lead to a complex situation.

The other two are scions of influential aristocratic families. Simply abducting them is naturally impossible.

If one were truly a ‘possessed individual,’ he might act more boldly, but currently, it’s mere suspicion without confirmed evidence.


“Mark these three and observe them for a while.”

Killing is an option at any time.

Even abduction isn’t overly difficult.

However, for a clean, flawless maneuver, preparation is vital.

Therefore, after three days, Ivan resolved to start working at the academy.

From that day on, rumors circulated about monsters appearing at St. Jan’s University.


Trapped in the web of malevolence and fate, Ecdysis, abandoned by destiny, had limited options.

Fortunately, the semester had just commenced. Regardless of the first impression, there was always a chance to alter the circumstances.

For instance, seeking someone ‘even my uncle dares not approach’ was among the options.

“Dad’s friend’s daughter…!”

Whether it was a parental arrangement or a coincidence, it was intriguing that the offspring of the heroes’ party were in the same grade.

No matter how careless her uncle might be, he wouldn’t approach a hero’s child recklessly.

That led to this lunch meeting.

“Pleased to meet you. Ah, Miss Einarsdottir… is it alright to address you this way?”1

“Oh, that simply means ‘Einar’s daughter.’ Please feel free to call me Ecdysis.”

“Hmm… but you’re a… princess, aren’t you?”

“Hahaha, a princess. I’ve never been treated as such before; it almost brings tears to my eyes.”

(TN: Ecdysis’s name is Ecdysis Einarsdottir (Ecdysis the Daughter of Einar), so the spokesperson thought it was her surname.)

Ecdysis, tearing up, enthusiastically shook hands with the charming girl.

“Ah, was I a bit impolite…? I’m sorry. I know Isabelle, so… you’re a freshman in the Knight Department, right? And your name is…?”

“I’m Yuri Frank. Miss Ecdysis. Please, call me Yuri.”

“Essie, stop shaking hands, let go, and step back. You’re of royalty, remember?”

“Sorry!” She returned to her seat and said, “Ah, but I didn’t know about the noble families in Krasilov Court!”

“You didn’t? You’re in trouble, you know?”

Isabelle chuckled and nudged Ecdysis, pretending her lineage was no more significant than royalty.

As Ecdysis, still puzzled, hesitated and blushed, Yuri spoke up.

“I’m just an orphan. Frank isn’t even my real surname, to be honest.”

“Moreover, Yuri is typically a boy’s name. Surviving on the streets is tough using a girl’s name.”

Yuri replied with a carefree laugh. Isabelle smirked and turned to Ecdysis.

“This one is a full scholarship student in our department. Incredibly skilled with a sword.”

“Wow, more than Isabelle?”

“Absolutely, even better than Oscar. Frankly, I was surprised. Where did this kid come from?”

“That’s too much praise. I just got lucky.”

“Luck is also a part of someone’s power.”

Ecdysis felt a warm, comforting feeling.

Yes, this is it. This is right.

A lively spring, warm sunshine, complimenting each other’s skills over a meal, engaging in friendly competition… this ideal.

Unknowingly, she wiped her tears. By now, her uncle might be chatting with the Knight Department students; she forcibly erased that image from her mind.


Isabelle, Ecdysis, and the freshman.

Ivan perched on a tree, observing and jotting down notes.

He couldn’t catch their conversation but was adept at eavesdropping.

The discussion was casual. The name was either Yuri or Yuli.

Both names were on the freshman roster, but if it was on his “suspect list,” it was more likely to be Yuri.

This presents a problem. Of all the people, the ‘suspect’ is in contact with the heroes’ party and goes by the name ‘Yuri.’

Naturally, in the Krasilov cultural zone, the name is masculine. However, in Korea and extending to ‘Northeast Asia,’ it’s used as a feminine name.

If there’s a woman using the name Yuri, the likelihood of a ‘possessed individual’ is high.

He underlined one red line along the line of suspicion.


“What’s he doing?”

Enrique, sporting a wide-brimmed hat, gazed at her disciple Ivan.

Usually sensitive, making approach difficult from this distance, but seemingly unaware of her own presence, indicating his intense focus.

She followed Ivan’s line of sight. Far away, some freshmen were making noise on a bench.

“Is that Isabelle…? That one looks like Ecdysis… they’ve known each other for a while… but I don’t know that one.”

Thinking to briefly check as instructed by the intelligence bureau, she found him following the new students, monitoring the scene like operatives.

“His style remains unchanged. Isn’t he overly enthusiastic for his role?”

Ivan maintained his typical expressionless gaze, skillfully blending into the background with apparent nonchalance. It was his usual meticulous self, almost obsessively focused on his target.

Enrique simply shrugged and withdrew into the shadows.”


“Eugene! Come with me! What classes do you have in the afternoon? I’m going to Biblical Hermeneutics!”

“I have Gospel Exegesis. Sorry.”

“Oh, no! See you later then… study well!”

After smiling and seeing off a student whose name he couldn’t recall, the young man referred to as Eugene solidified his expression and strode down the lecture hall corridor.

It was exhausting. Moreover, it was perplexing.

If he had known there’d be so much to learn, he might not have chosen theology, but at that time, it seemed the most suitable choice.

“I can’t use my body for that kind of thing.”

This was a clear conclusion. Never having wielded a kitchen knife in his life, suddenly engaging in combat with monsters or demons was impossible now.

Yet, selecting a vocation that entirely omitted combat was equally problematic. He had to pick a profession directly involved in the field.

Thus, theology. Through the priestly course, he could learn various buffs, healing skills, and even holy striking spells.

“And this body has expertise in swordsmanship.”

The protagonist of “The Mad Swordsman of the Northern Duchy,” Eugene, was a swordplay genius. This was evident in the system.

While surrounding freshmen showed modest growth between levels 8 and 10, displaying insignificant combat skills, this body achieved the remarkable feat of reaching “Sword Mastery Lv 5” on the first day of possession.

He had already surpassed the level of a first-year instructor at the Knight Department of St. Jan’s University Academy. In other words, he had surpassed the level of a freshman.

However, the challenge lay in the technical aspect of learning swordsmanship and using it to kill—two vastly different things.

For a modern Korean who had never even wrung a chicken’s neck, this was an immensely strenuous task…

“So, a priest would be the best option…”

A rear line that doesn’t demand frontline action. Healing or casting a few spells suffices, and even wielding a sword better than average is acceptable.

It’s commonly said that one should make a real skill a side job. Isn’t it natural that an idol with excellent acting skills gains more popularity than a method actor?

The peculiar issue arising here is that:

First, the curriculum in the Theology Department of St. Jan’s University is as intense as, if not more intense than, that in modern Korea.

Second, there’s a suspicious-looking stone-faced Santa Claus following him.

“Who the heck is he…!”

The original novel didn’t feature such an event. In fact, it portrayed an entirely different world compared to the original storyline. There was no subtly radical Red Empire, no appearances of demon lords, or hero parties in the original novel. It was essentially an average ‘family saga,’ revolving around battles between evil wizard clans and spanning around 1,000 episodes!

The only commonality between this world and that novel was the familiar skill tree, status interface, and the familiar situations within the clans.

“The Northern Grand Duke…? How can there be a Northern Grand Duke when the country of Krasilov itself is in the north!”

“And why can’t I see his level…!”

It’s known that the notation changes to ‘???’ when the gap level exceeds the normal level.

However, even that has its limits. Why is the Academy Gardener’s level displayed like that? He also lamented the fact that even his head clan’s level is 59.

In his peripheral vision, a wide-eyed, bearded monster glared at him from a tree.

No one around him seemed to notice, so he tried to ignore it, but he could vaguely perceive it with his [Expanded Intuition 3Lv].


“He is following a total of three people.”

Enrique was sure. Initially, she considered letting it slide, thinking he was assigned to protect the Hero Party members, but then she realized Ivan was tailing specific students for a certain reason.

The problem was… those three had nothing in common. One was from Theology, another from Knighthood, and the third from Magic studies.

Their backgrounds didn’t match at all—a noble’s son, an orphan, and a writer’s youngest daughter. It just didn’t add up.

“And his mannerisms. The way he glared, crouched in the bushes, resembled a predatory glare… almost like looking at an enemy.”

“We aren’t supposed to touch those students, are we?”

The orphan who nearly broke down the door to enroll on a scholarship seems to be attracting attention from various quarters. The two noble children are from aristocratic families.

They are evidently figures associated with the royal family. It’s unwise to intervene, especially considering they both belong to the Magic and Knight Departments. If there’s one common factor, it’s that the heads of the departments aren’t from Krasilov.

Naturally, the Theology Department is overseen by a Saint, while the Magic Department is managed by the Elves of Kalion. In other words, causing harm to the students would pose a significant issue.

“Surely not. He wouldn’t go to such an extent…”

Enrique smirked, but inwardly, hse was thinking that this lunatic might do it for some reason.

The rogue of the hero party, the vampire who reigned over the back alleys of Frechenkaya for a century, was always prepared to intervene in emergencies and was trailing the student-stalker.


“He looked into my eyes.”

Though trailing far from the main building of the Theology Department, that kid recognized me.

Ivan, with sunken eyes, glared at the young man from the ‘suspect list.’

Yevgeni Nokov Karamjin.

Yevgeni is an ordinary name, nothing special. But the name Yevgeni can also be interpreted as Eugene in the Asian cultural sphere. Naturally, it holds a different meaning than the Catholic saint Eugenios.

Therefore, this individual listed in the ‘suspect list’ is highly likely to be a ‘transmigrator.’

Ivan drew two red underlines. Detection of concealment, suspicious movements, and a suspicious name.

1. The word “dottir” at the end of the sentence is Icelandic and means “daughter.” It is a patronymic suffix, derived from the father’s first name. In Icelandic tradition, a child’s last name is formed by adding the genitive form of their father’s first name to the suffix “-dóttir” for daughters or “-son” for sons.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the translation, feel free to comment.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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