Chapter 2 – The Weakest Unit (part III)

Posted by Kangmin release on May 27th, 2020

Along the way they encountered several monsters, but they easily can defeated them.

The surrounding scene also changed from a labyrinth of rock like a cave to a passage that looked artificially organized.

Huntis thought for a moment to remember the past. It seemed they have arrived to middle of Labyrinth.

At this moment, Dank suddenly found something and pointed in one direction and said,

“There is something there”

It was a very suspicious chest.

“Is it a trap?”

“That is a trap.”

“It must be a trap”

“T-Trap ……?”

Huntis, Dank, Shisurine and Maron looked attentively to that chest.

“….. It’s a classic trick. Most people aren’t going to be fooled to this kind of thing, are they?”

Dank said wryly.

“Hey, look, look! There’s a chest in that place! I want to know what’s inside ~”

Mina approached the treasure chest without any warning, and then she opened the chest without hesitation.

“” “” Hey !! “” “”

Everyone yelled at her in unison. At that moment, a noise was heard above their heads *Clash*.

“Everyone be careful! Overhead!”

Huntis quickly screamed a warning, the roof burst open, a lot of things fell.

*~~ Boom boom boom boom!*

What fell were jelly-like monsters about three to fourty centimeters in size ——

They are commonly known as Slime. There are a variety of bright colors red, yellow, blue and so on, a total of twenty fell.

Although they have almost no attack power, they are in some senses very difficult monsters to defeat.

The reason is that a large number of tentacles protrude from them.


The Slime’s tentacles protruded, Miina made strange noises.

“You, where are you touching? I won’t allow you to touch Maron’s sacred place—— Kya!”

Sticky tentacles touched her entire body, Shisurine made a lovely sound. “S-Stop! N-No! Don’t touch, ahhh ~ ~!”

Even Dank made strange sounds. I don’t know why, but his face seemed to be in a trance.

“—— The flames will judge you, I will impose a prohibited sanction on you!”

Huntis used a second level of Heraldry Art [Fireball]. Three or four slimes were burned.

“Don’t panic! Just don’t attack them!”

He killed some with his sword, Maron suddenly leaped towards Huntis.

“SSS-Senpai !! M-My breast … My breast … I have one on my breast !!”

Upon closer view, there is a slime about 10 cm thick tucked between Maron’s breasts, it writhed.

“P-Please help me to take it off!!!”

“Wait, wait a minute! You, don’t move too much!”

“I-I can’t, it’s very sticky and soft … I-It’s disgusting! Ah, ah, quick, hurry up!”

“I know! Please don’t make those sounds!”

Huntis looked away to avoid seeing Maron’s eyes directly, he put his hand on her cleavage. An indescribably soft feeling was felt. Huntis’s heart began to beat rapidly.

“Strange, where did it go?…. Uhm? So you’re here! But this feel…..Eh…”


“Uh~~ ….. Senpai…”

No matter he rubbed and pulled it, Slime didn’t come out.

(Wait a minute, Slime doesn’t seem to be that big.)

At this moment, Malon cried with a blushing voice.

“That’s, that’s, not Slime. T-that’s my breast~~!!!”

The Slime have gone a long ago.


“We have finally reached the end !!!”

At the deepest part of Labyrinth. A neat little water spring welcomes the arrival of group. Miina took the lead, she rushed forward and crossed a bridge that leads to the isolated island in central spring.

“Even though we’ve been through various things, we made it this far ……”

Huntis was chasing Miina, she was very excited.

Honestly, Huntis did not imagine that it would be so exhausting. Why do I feel so tired just from fighting a slime group? —— No, actually it will be easy to deal with.

The culprit was Miina. She once again fell for a trap, this is simply not intentional. Title of [Stupid Warrior] was indeed worthy of her.

But having said that, Huntis also felt an incredible sense of accomplishment.

At first he just felt bored. However, as he moved into the labyrinth with everyone, he did not know when to start getting excited.

For Huntis, this is a long-forgotten feeling.

Finally, they reached the statue of the goddess. At the feet of the statue, there was an engraved text.

“W-What are these marks?”

Maron yelled enthusiastically. On the other hand, Miina was more excited.

“It is an ancient text, this must be the writings of an ancient lost civilization! Uwaa ~ ~ ~ ~ I am so excited!”

“No, it’s just ordinary modern language.”

“Eh ~ ~ ~ ~ Han-chan not romantic at all.”

Huntis looked at Miina with dissatisfaction on her face.

“But, but, even so I am also very happy! Senpai, really, thank you very much!”

Maron leaned down and thanked him with bright smile.

“Maron, there is no need to thank you at him.”

“S-Shisu-chan …… D-Don’t say those words ……T-thanks to senpai we have been able to succeed …… “

“You are wrong, Maron. Although it’s unpleasant and unreasonable, he is the captain of this unit. So this is his duty.”

What she said was full of sarcasm, but it made Maron very happy.

“I see, Shisu-chan. Senpai is our captain …..”

Seeing her innocent smile, Huntis secretly laughed at himself.

(A person like me …… Captain …… Hah) It was somewhat bitter.


“S-Senpai …… From now on ….. Can we stay together?”

She said that somehow, as usual, there is no way to underestimate yourself.

“Y-Yes ……”

Huntis can’t help but nodding.

After being immersed in the joy after capturing the labyrinth, the group left the water spring.

There was no need to mention the fact that they had trapped several more times on the return trip.