Chapter 2 – The Weakest Unit (part II)

Posted by Kangmin release on May 26th, 2020

Below the Academy is a Labyrinth classified as “Level 1”.

For the Labyrinth Explorers who specialize in investigating, this “Level 1” is just a [Playground] for children. Of course, if some children actually enter the labyrinth, it would be a dangerous place. This is just to describe how low the difficulty of that kind of Labyrinth. In fact, most Units can complete this Labyrinth in just one month.

The Unit 29 has not yet reached the halfway point, and this historic speed can be said to bear the name of weakest unit.

At that moment, a few shadows emerged from the depths of the Labyrinth.

It was Shadow Bats that he encountered last time. The number is also almost the same as at that time.

(Anyway, let ’s look at their progress over the past month.)

Huntis was thinking, Mina took the lead and rushed forward.

“Final Beginning Crush!”

Mina shouted an inexplicable move name (?). At the same time, she circled twice and then started charging up with boxing punches.

Her punches were dodged. But Miina immediately started a chase.

“Burning Icing Miracle Booom!!”

This time she jumped into the air and made two spins, using centrifugal force to knock down her fists like a hammer.

Mina’s eyes widened incredulously.

“How, how is it possible! My attack was easily evaded!?”

“You are idiot!”

Huntis could not help but scold her, and then sighed deeply.

“The Instructor had scolded you before, but you haven’t improved at all …… instead you getting worse.”

“Nyahaha! I looked great right?”

“You know the meaning of worse! Right?”

“Ehh ~ ~ Then you mean it.”

“I don’t mean to make fun of you ……”

Huntis was trying to rearrange his mood.

“First of all, you should carefully observe the opponent. Wait …… I told you not to move yet! …… Well. Get close enough, stay in the position, hit after enemy attacks. You do not need to make unnecessary movements. Hit them with your right fist. That will cause enough damage …… Now! “

“Super Mira——”

“Don’t scream the name of your movements!”


Miina roared, but her punching movement was quit dense. She used her Heraldic Skill [Dawn Thunderbolt] to attack the bats. The body of the little monsters flew out and rolled off to the ground, its body seemed to spasm due electric shocks.

Generally speaking, the power of Heraldic Armament produced by Heraldic Spirit [Volt] is very high. As long as it can hit the enemy, not to mention the Shadow Bat, as long as it is a low-level monster, it can be knocked down with one blow.

(And she has physical strength and quick attack that suitable for melee combat. She must be in the Vanguard… but her way of thinking is slow, it is not the same as her movements )

“Did you see it? This is Miina-sama’s power ~ ~!”

Mina didn’t find herself being rudely evaluated. So she stood up and looked proud.

Huntis turned to look elsewhere. Dank was fighting four bats alone.

“Ghg …… These guys are really though ……”

Huntis seemed to have a lot of doubts in his head. Even though he was desperately swinging his sword, it didn’t hit anything.

(…… Well ~ ~)

Huntis pondered for a while. To be honest, Dank is totally unsuitable for current Vanguard.

Also, his sword skills are really bad.

Furthermore, if he used only ordinary sAbelr. I’m afraid that his Heraldic Skill wouldn’t improve at all.

But he is one of the few people who can use Heraldic Spirits of Darkness, which is a great advantage. If you take away the sight of a monster, you can make them kill each other and thus confuse the enemy in battle.

Although this is only Huntis’ speculation, the reason why Dank passed the entrance exam due this. If he is not a defender but instead concentrates on assisting them on the back, he should be able to become a certain force.

“Dank, use your Heraldic Art!”

“…… I can’t, I don’t have time to do it!”

“Miina, support Dank!”

“Yes Yes!”

Miina just got rid of a second monster, then she rushed to help Dank.


Miina’s fist hit the monster that attacking Dank and it flew out.

Seeing their companion was killed, the remain three bats change their target to attack Miina.


“—— Darkness please come! Take away his vision and hope!”…….”

“Hey Dank! In case you didn’t know [Blackout] didn’t work last time!”

“Of course I know! Now shut up and let me finish it.”

At that moment, Dank began to perform his Heraldic spell.

“——You can see, hear, and feel. However, all of your five senses are just a lie——.”

Everyone’s field of vision blurred. This is a second level Heraldic Art [Illusion].

Although it is of the same level as the [Blackout], this one is more difficult. Because it can confuse opponents with phantom, it also causes hallucinations so it can confuse enemies, it’s a pretty good ability.

Suddenly a dark mist surrounded the bats.

The bat suddenly flew to its companions. They were fighting each other.

“I will hold them ……!” Dank shouted. “Look! That’s my deadly technique!”

“Okay, keep using [Illusion].”

“It-it’s impossible.”

His spell stopped working.

“Ah ……?”

“Where’s that deadly technique you were proud of?”

Huntis took a quick look. Dank was sweating cold.

“Now, it’s just a coincidence that it can’t be released. This is a common thing for heroes!”

Anyway, thanks to Miina’s performance, the bats are completely destroyed.

(Now … Next is ……) Huntis looked back.

Shisurine was torturing a bat again.

“Ehhh, Shisurine-san? What are you doing?”

“Aren’t you seeing it? I’m punishing these beasts for attacking Maron. “

“S-Shisu-chan …… Ehh ……”

“Maron, don’t worry. Whether it’s a monster or a man, I’ll protect you.

“E-ehh …… Shisu-chan, uhm…. I really thank you… but…”

Maron seemed want to say something important to Shisurine, but Shisurine seemed to be in a trance.

“Ahh, Maron! You are always so cute. Even though people often tell you that you are a puppy, but that analogy is too rude, because you are prettier than a puppy. In this dirty world, you are a flower, a ray of hope, you are my life. I only live for you, either in the bathrooms or in bed, I am willing to go with you “

“Sorry to bother you, but …..” Huntis timidly raised his hand.

“What’s wrong? Do you know how valuable Maron is to the world? Do you understand how wonderful it is to be with Maron?”

(Calm down. She is so pitiful. She should behave more maturely.)

Huntis’s heart felt uncomfortable, then he said:

“Well …… I’m going to tell you. Now you’ll be in the Vanguard”

“I refuse.”

He flatly refused.

“For me, Maron’s presence is like the air necessary to survive. Don’t you want me to breathe? Do you want me to be murdered? And then, you are just a AFK player all the time, and now you are acting like a Captain? Aren’t you too arrogant?”

(What is she saying?……)

Huntis couldn’t help but sigh.

But still, her sword skill is much better than Dank’s. She is always close to Maron, she is always in the Rear. So Dank is always in trouble in the Vanguard.

No, she has a strange obsession with Maron, so she would be willing to do whatever she wants if something happens to Maron. In short, if he don’t fix this now, this unit will fail in the future.

(Well, even if something has improved ……) Thinking that, he felt a little uncomfortable.

(It’s a little difficult to be serious) Huntis was determined.

All the bats were destroyed, Huntis quickly drew his sword from his waist. And pointing at Shisurine, he said:

“Shisurine, have a duel with me. If you win, I will obey all your orders. But if I win, I want you to obey what I say.”

Shisurine coldly snorted.

“I really hadn’t noticed, but I see it’s a joke, it really surprises me. You want to be a clown right?”

“I’m not kidding. I’m serious.”

“…… If so, I won’t be forgiving, you know I could kill you right?”

“Sure, have no mercy.”

“You will regret having said that”

“Senpai… Shisu-chan ……”

Maron was restless, with worried eyes she watched both of them. By borrowing power from Heraldic Spirit (Sevia), Shisurine used her Heraldic Spell [snow fairy].

On the other hand, Huntis holding his ordinary sword did not use any Heraldic Armament.

“Do you really think you can defeat me just like that? You’re underestimating me”

Shisurine exposed a fearless smile.

So fast. She narrowed the distance between the two of them. Fierce ice pushed him away.

A sharp metallic sound rang through the entire place.

Huntis very accurately blocked Shisurine’s ultra-thin sword.

“…… You were able to block it. It’s kind of amazing.”

“Wow, aren’t you really holding back?”

“Of course. This is a rare opportunity to legally kill you.”

“What you say is horrible ……”

“What’s going on? Why aren’t you afraid? Why? Why !? Damn pig! ……”

Shisurine coldly said many things, contrary to her spells, from her eyes flames of anger seemed to come out. Huntis only gripped the handle of his sword.


Huntis let out a sigh on the first offensive.

He was forced to back off —— His sword was being pressed. So he made a turn to his right side. Both swords collided with each other. But Shisurine’s sword is more flexible, so it did not resist the attack. This is a great opportunity.

However Shisurine already predicted this, she quickly jumped forward. Huntis attacked nowhere.

Shisurine turned around, she was revealing a proud smile.

“You are too naive ——?” When she looked up, she was surprised.

Huntis had disappeared.

“I must tell you that.”


She don’t know when it happened, but Huntis was behind Shisurine. His sword was pointed at his neck.

“H-How did you ……?”

“You lack training. What you attacked, was simply an illusion. So I took advantage of that moment to go after you. By the way, this is a movement caused by my sword skill, [Mirror Mirage].”


“I win.”

Huntis put away his sword.

“Unbelievable ~ You are amazing, Han-chan ~! I didn’t expect you could beat Shisu-chan!”

“Okay. I’m probably the worst of you all ……”

Miina was trying to cheer up, but Shisurine had a complex expression.

“Will you keep the agreement?”

Huntis asked, Shisurine frowned in displeasure.

“Although you’re just a trash who used a treacherous trick to make me lose. Right now I just want to stab your heart with my sword, but there is no way. I will take revenge another day… This this time I will comply with the agreement …… So What do you want me to do? Do you want my body ……? “

Shisurine was shaking her body a little. Huntis looked at her with contemptuous eyes.

“No …… I already told you. I want you to be the Vanguard”

“….. I can’t refuse”

Despite having discontented eyes, Shisurine just nodded.

This allows training in the Labyrinth to be ideal. That was Huntis’s thought, just as he was ready to move on, Maron approached.

“SS-Senpai …… Uhm, what should I do ……?”

“Well …… Anyway, can you fight like you always do? Although Shisurine will be at the front, I will be by your side.”

“S-Senpai is going to be by my side ……” Maron’s face suddenly turned red. Shisurine upon seeing this, revealed a horrible expression, she seemed to be cursing Huntis.

“So that b*stard’s purpose was this ……”

They went deeper into the Labyrinth.