Chapter 2 – The Weakest Unit (part I)

Posted by Kangmin release on May 21st, 2020

Imperial Calendar – Year 90/6 month.

In the morning. A room of dormitory.

The door slowly opened, an unknown person slipped into the room.

It was a girl with long hair tied behind her head. She carefully made no sound and entered the room with a swift motion like a cat.

On the bed in the room, a young man was sleeping peacefully.

The girl stepped on the bed and jumped.

She cleverly flicked her feet backwards in midair to make a forward flip. Then, with her arms crossed in front of him, she fell towards the bed with gravity.

“Human body ~~~~~~~ Guillotine mass killing !!!”


“It must be hurt.”

“You deserve it.”

Huntis looked up at girl who pressed him, it was Miina.

“I rarely come to wake you up.”

“Did you want to kill me? You said ‘Guillotine’ just now.”

“S-sorry! I tried to stop her …..”

Huntis heard another voice, it was Maron standing in the corner of the room. She timidly shook her body, she like a dog being scolded by its owner, desperately she leaned in and apologized.

It seemed like they both intended to wake him up here, even though no one asked.

“If you don’t wake up, we’ll be late!”

“I do not want to go.”

“Wuaw ~ ~ Han-chan, you’re like a child.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you … ”

Miina then seemed to remember something, she suddenly got up and clenched her fists.

“Don’t you frustrated !? You are ridiculed most of the time! So get up immediately! Our battle was about to begin! Come on, come on, I won’t take no for an answer!”

“Why are you suddenly angry?”

“B-but, she’s right ….. We’re ridiculed by people around us.”

Maron’s pigtails moved smoothly, she had a sad expression.

Huntis also heard that rumor. Unit 29 seems to have become famous at the Academy.

They are known as [The Weakest Unit].

“N-no, it ’s not just our Unit…. Each of us has been given a strange nickname… Mine is “Puppy Maron”…

“That name is actually really wonderful. It sounds very suitable for you. Like the name of a dog.”

“H-How cruel …… Although my name was originally taken from a dog that died before I was born … ”

“So it turned out to be a dog’s name.”

No wonder her name sounds like a dog’s name.

“However, it is from an adult dog ……”

“I see……”

“Maron-chan is very cute. A very cute puppy!!! As for my nickname is “Stupid Warrior”.

(Note: By replacing between “サ” and “カ”, the result will be like this:
バサカ = Basaka/Berserk
バカサ = Bakasa/Stupid)

Miina’s face puffed up, she growled and went to the ground.

“Those people who don’t even know the meaning of fashion don’t understand anything at all. ”

At this moment, a voice was heard from outside the corridor.

“[The little baldy without hair]. Honestly, that sounds really disgusting, but I agree with what you say.”

At that moment, in the corridor a loud voice was heard.

Even Shisurine also came. “What are you doing in my room …..?” Huntis whispered.

“My nickname is [A little hero who accustomed to lose], don’t be mistaken!!”

Dank said furiously asked Shusurine to revise her statement. But it doesn’t matter, his nickname still sounds ugly.

“I’m even being called bald, bald, bald. This is all your fault Maron!”

The one who spoke was a boy who was bald, he is Dank.

“I-I’m really sorry ……”

“It is not worthy of a Knight to apologize!”

“…… W-What should I do then? ……”

“Well …… Could I touch your breasts?”

Hearing Maron’s inquiries, Dank raised corner of his mouth evilly and make exaggerated request.

“Uhuh …… Th-That …..”

“If you do that, I will be able to forgive you ~ ~ ~ ~ All the damage I’ve received has been your fault, I’ve been so sad these days ~ ~ You can’t understand the pain I feel ~ ~”

“….. Uuu ……”

He was playing the victim, but in a more exaggerated way. Maron’s eyes were full of tears.

“I’ll just play it a little. Don’t worry, it’s just a piece of meat right? No, you shouldn’t even think about it, anyway, your breasts are big, so there’s no problem.”

“I-I see …… I-I understand ……”

Somehow the shy Maron was convinced.

“I just have to touch them, just touch them. Haha. Haha”

Dank seemed excited, even though he hadn’t touched them yet, his hands were gripping an obscene spot, he was getting closer to Maron.


At that moment, Shisurine violently hit Dank’s head.

Dank’s slender body was thrown directly against the opposite wall of the corridor. From one point he must still be alive.

Shusurine has the title of [Liyly of Poisonous Tongue]. Shisurine’s eyes emitted a light, she looked at Dank with contempt.

“You are not allowed to approach Maron. You must be at least five meters away from her. Otherwise, I will permanently leave you bald.”

As a result, Huntis was forced to go to the morning lesson. It was already noon, it was time for lunch.

A few days ago, Huntis was reprimanded by Instructor Paretto. This is because he never participates in practical lessons. Probably because he always drops the lessons or just doesn’t go to the classes.

When he took a bite of fried fish in the main dish on the balcony seat, suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, wait. Oh, if it isn’t yours. This is your handkerchief. It’s yours, isn’t it? Eh? No? Really? It’s strange. Whose handkerchief will it be? Wait, I’m sorry, sorry for taking your time.”

A familiar voice. Looking in that direction, Huntis could see Dank talking to a girl.

“…… By the way, you’re a freshman right? Really? O-Okay, I’m a freshman too. My name is Dank Defrik. Elhl? What’s the name? Ah? …… Ah? So you’re Leona-chan, you look beautiful as your name ………… Ah, just kidding! Nahaha! Yeah, this must be called chance encounter is a fate. How about we have some tea?”


Dank was talking to a girl. At first he dropped the handkerchief 100% intentionally. What a bad method. And because he was not familiar enough, he stuttered.

“Um, I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry …”

The girl was a very beautiful woman. But after apologizing, she declined his invitation.

“I-I see! Nahaha! It will be next time!”

“A-ah.. okay I’m leaving now……”


The girl nodded gently and was about to leave. But Dank suddenly stopped the girl not let her go.

“P-please accept it! T-This is my dormitory room number, find me if you need any favors! I am known as an reliable Onii-chan and not only with men, but also with women. Leona- chan if you have any problem, don’t hesitate to come and consult with me, I will be very happy—— ”

Dank’s words have not been finished yet.

Then there was a noise. He got a punch in the face and was knocked to the ground.

A sharp-eyed young man stood there looking down at Dank. He should be the one who beat him. The young man is tall and thick. He threatened Dank with a powerful voice.

“Hey, Bald. How dare you to talk to my teammates?”

“I’m not bald! That’s military hair style!”

Dank got up and with great force he refute. Toai Rope But shouldn’t the other party be angry?

“It is not important! Leona!”

The beautiful girl hid behind the big body of the guy who had appeared. Apparently Commander Eagle was going to end this problem. Seeing himself cornered, Dank apologized. “Wait, I’m sorry …… She is too cute, so I accidentally went too far ……”

However, Eagle was not going to believe him, so he took a few steps forward, suddenly kicked with his right leg. Her foot buried itself in Dank’s abdomen, causing him to groan in pain and curl up on the ground.

“Ughh…… what’s wrong with you !?”

“You are scum, crawl on the ground like an insect!”

Eagle ridiculed him.

“I know your situation, you’re rubbish. I heard you didn’t even succeed in the underground labyrinth, is that true? Hey, get out of here as soon as possible. Anyway, you can never become a knight”

“Don’t say that kind of thing ……”

“S-Stop please!”

At that moment a small figure suddenly rushed, it was Maron. She came from far away, Maron was agitated. Eagle watched her— –

— Knock.

And unfortunately she happened to fall on Dank. Malon’s elbow slammed into Dank’ stomach. What a beautiful sprint elbow.

“Ghg !! ……”

“A-Are you alright Dank-san ……?”

Maron hurriedly checked the situation of Dank. But because of the blow just now, he foamed up and passed out.

Maron raised her head, her attitude was very different, she said desperately to Eagle.

“Y-You are very cruel …… Why did you do this ……? His eyes are turning white! ……”

It seemed Maron didn’t notice that she was the one who made the final blow.

“Are you the [Puppy Maron]? Obviously you are a puppy, you are very seductive.”

Eagle was looking obscenely at Maron’s breasts.

“…… Eagle Isharu. How dare you stare at Maron like that. I won’t spare you.”

Eagle felt a murderous aura, but he placed a contemptuous smile.

“Shisurine Shirubelsto. You belong to the [Weakest Unit]. Hahaha, everyone knows that your admission scores are a disgrace”.

Eagle spoke out loud, trying to make everyone listen.

“You said you wouldn’t spare me, then what are you going to do?”

“Of course, I will kill you.”

Shisurine said it determinedly.

Eagle grimaced.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Damn you really think you can defeat one of the leaders of the Academy?”

“You won’t know if you don’t try it.”

“You must understand. No normal opponent can defeat me. Only the talented can fight me.”

(…… Did he say, talented?)

Huntis was watching the dispute without any discomfort. But when he heard that word, he frowned.

An inexplicable emotion hit his heart.

“Talented, it’s me. I’m different from you guys from the beginning.”

Eagle was talking nonsense.

“…… Shut up. You can say all the things you want, except the word talent.”


Huntis purposely refuted. Eagle watched.

Eagle frowned, he was thinking about who that guy was. Then suddenly her face had a mocking expression.

“Hah, I can’t believe it, you are the repeating student, right? You also belong to the [Weakest Unit]. I can’t believe that everyone has gathered in this place.”

Huntis stood up, he stared from the balcony.

“I don’t think we’re much different from you.”

Eagle had veins on his forehead.

“Ah? What nonsense are you talking about? I am talented, you are all like little fish. No, you are much worse.”

“Talented? Do you think you have talent? You don’t have any of that.”

“…… You are just a repeating student, you don’t have the right to say all these things.”

Eagle said in a respectful tone, but his eyes were clearly full of murderous intent

The atmosphere was tense, the two of them looked at each other for a time.

“SS-Senpai, Senpai, don’t fight him …… Everyone, are watching…”

Maron spoke lightly to Huntis. Looking around, many people had gathered.

Fighting between students is prohibited. If a fight were to happen under everyone’s gaze, they would inevitably be punished. However, to date, Huntis has not been concerned with such things.

Eagle was angry, but took a deep breath and said

“How stupid I’m …… Hey, Senpai, don’t you have more important things to do? You have to complete the Underground Labyrinth again right?”

Eagle seemed to be treating him sympathetically, but actually he was mocking him. It ’s just that Huntis did n’t miss the whisper that Eagle spit out when he was about to leave.

“Haha, isn’t he a former member of Unit-00? For a trash like him can to join that unit, it’s really hard to believe.”


Eagle continued on his way, but Huntis could barely suppress his feelings so it was not long before it exploded.

“Well, it’s been a month since the Underground Labyrinth started, everyone was able to complete them, but we didn’t even make it to half of the journey right?”

“…… This is true, what you say is unpleasant, but that’s what happened.”

Huntis did not participate with the Training Unit so far. When he confirmed the progress with others, he found that Shusurine was very angry.

“It’s just bad luck. It happened that powerful monsters appeared, or accidentally triggered trouble traps, or our body accidentally got tired and made the movements dull.”

“Ah ~~ That kind of feeling I understand! Tiredness always comes up at a very unfortunate time! ”

Dank knew what the feeling was, Mina also approved of his point of view.

“When did I ask your opinions? ……”

Huntis followed the crowd of the Unit 29 into the Underground Labyrinth. Being so humiliated by Eagle made him feel that he could no longer show his own attitude.

For freshmen who want to be promoted to advance grade, they must complete multiple jobs. Of which they must complete the Underground Labyrinth.