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Chapter 2 – Login to get [God Level Massage Technique] and start milking point!

Without even thinking about it, Chen Chang’an said.


[System Prompt: The host has successfully logged in and received the God Level Massage Technique reward]

Instantly, Chen Chang’an’s brain became clear and enlightened, and he was able to achieve a mastery of massage techniques.

At that moment.

Feng Wanxi spoke again.

“Disciple, why are you standing there in a daze?”

Chen Chang’an came back to his senses and said with a straight face.

“Master, this disciple has an uncertainty issue.”

“Okay, let’s hear it.”

“Master is an elder and has a high status, while I am just an workman disciple with low status and mediocre talent, I wonder why Master would accept me as a disciple?”

Feng Wanxi said.

“The Sect Leader thought I had nothing to do all day and asked me to take on a disciple to teach, but I’m not knowledgeable and lack experience, hence I randomly sought out ordinary disciples to teach.”

“And among the other disciples, you are the most pleasing to the eye.”

Black lines appeared on Chen Chang’an’s forehead.

“Uh —- random ordinary disciple—”


Of course, Chen Chang’an was still happy.

Whether Feng Wanxi had taken him as her disciple because it was pleasing to her eyes or for some other reason, the important thing was that he had become her disciple.

What’s more, it had unlocked the op cheat – the strongest filial system!

Then this was enough!

At this point, Feng Wanxi asked.

“Disciple, what is your cultivation level?”

“In answer to Master, level 1 Qi Refining Realm.”

Feng Wanxi said again.

“How long have you been cultivating?”

Chen Chang’an was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth to reply.

“Master, I’ve been cultivating for three years, and I feel that after a few more months of cultivation, I can almost break through to the second level of the Qi Refining Realm.”

Feng Wanxi was stunned and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

“Three years?”

“Yes, Master.”

Feng Wanxi placed her hands on her jade cheeks as she looked at Chen Chang’an, sighing in her heart.

He has yet to break through from level 1 Qi Refining Realm for three years. This disciple is no ordinary fool.

In theory, even a disciple with average qualifications would be able to break through to the second level of Qi Refinement within two years at most.

Whereas Chen Chang’an had not broken through in three years, this could only mean that Chen Chang’an’s qualifications were less than average and even poor.

Of course, Feng Wanxi didn’t care.

After all, it wasn’t like she was actually going to teach him by taking him as her disciple.

It was just a perfunctory way of dealing with Sect Leader.

As for the poor qualifications, that was great, she could continue to slack off and teach as she pleased.

After thinking about it, Feng Wanxi spoke up.

“Disciple, there is no need to rush to cultivate, later your Master will slowly teach you, even if you don’t have the aptitude to cultivate, don’t feel bad, your Master can also teach you other skills.”

“Now that you are here at the Feixian Peak, this is your future residence, it is better to get to know it better first.”

“What Master said is true.”

As for Chen Chang’an’s heart, he didn’t care whether Feng Wanxi taught him or not.

Instead, he was thinking about how he could earn filial points from Feng Wanxi.

As long as he had enough filial points, he could buy pills from the [Filial Store] to improve his cultivation and even his cultivation talent.

Not to mention breaking through Level 2 of the Qi Refining Realm, even breaking through the entire Qi Refining Realm wouldn’t be a problem!

Now, it also happened that he had just logged in and obtained the [God Level Massage Technique], which allowed him to get a glimpse of how a person’s essence and physical state was by looking and smelling.

She could tell at a glance that Feng Wanxi wasn’t in a very good mental state and was a little tired.

“Master, seeing that you’re a little tired, let’s let this disciple massage your back and shoulders, what do you think, Master?”

Feng Wanxi raised her pretty eyebrows, apparently not expecting Chen Chang’an to suddenly say something like this out of the blue.

Of course, she could also see the sincerity in Chen Chang’an’s eyes and nodded slightly.

I didn’t expect this disciple of mine to be quite understanding, it’s not bad to take him as a disciple.

“Mm-hmm, this disciple is not good at cultivation, but after years of being a workman, I am not bad at taking care of people, I will definitely give Master a decent service.”

Feng Wanxi glanced at Chen Chang’an and muttered in her heart.

Are my intentions that clear?

Then, Feng Wanxi lay back down on the boulder and righted her slender, beautiful body before closing those crystal eyes.

“Alright, come on, let me see how good you are at massaging, disciple?”

Chen Chang’an walked over to Feng Wanxi, looking at her lazy, slender back and smelling the faint sweet scent of wine, which made him a little tipsy.

Master has a good body shape.

And also smelled good.

Her skin is so white.

Master ——–

Not good, in the face of this heavenly beauty he couldn’t calm down.

He hurriedly took a deep breath and silently recited the Heart of Ice Technique.

“If your heart is like a heart of ice, even the sky falls you won’t feel afraid…

“If your heart is like a heart of ice, even the sky falls you will not feel fear…


“Do you want to massage me or not, why are you still silent?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming”

Chen Chang’an suppressed his inner restlessness and used [God Level Massage Technique] to concentrate on massaging Feng Wanxi’s back and squeezing her shoulders.

“Master, is the strength appropriate?”


The lazy, teasing sound Feng Wanxi made almost unsettled Chen Chang’an’s dao heart again, and he hurriedly continued to recite the Ice Heart Technique in silence.

After all, this was his first time serving his master, and if he wanted to milk more point in the future, then he had to leave a good impression in his master’s heart.

Chen Chang’an’s technique was extremely skillful, his movements gentle and powerful, each time pressing precisely on Feng Wanxi’s acupuncture points.

It made Feng Wanxi’s entire body feel soft and warm, and she felt refreshed.

This workman disciple was quite proficient at massaging, and the pressure was truly comfortable.

Feng Wanxi’s heart was full of joy, “The first time I saw him, I knew my judgment wasn’t wrong”

The breeze was very soothing and Feng Wanxi was so sleepy that she soon fell asleep again…

Chen Chang’an pressed with seriousness and concentration, like smooth water.

Under the [God Level Massage Technique], he continued to nourish Feng Wanxi’s acupuncture points with his own energi through his five fingers.

Feng Wanxi’s entire body bubbled with a pink heart that only Chen Chang’an could see.

[System Prompt: Currently giving a massage to your Master, gaining +2 filial points.]

[System Prompt: Currently giving a massage to your Master, earning +2 filial points.]


Chen Chang’an’s eyes flashed with excitement, and his technique was like a god, gripping his master’s shoulders like crazy.

“That’s it, squeeze that side, keep squeezing, keep squeezing, aaah~.”

Ten minutes later.

Chen Chang’an was sweating profusely, the energy in his body was mostly depleted, and his hands were numb from the continuous massaging.

The movement stopped and Chen Chang’an looked at his character panel.

It was incredible, a total of 36 filial piety points had been accumulated.

Coupled with covering her with the blanket from before, the total would be 37 filial piety points.

But at that moment, Feng Wanxi’s lazy voice came.

“Mmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keep squeezing, don’t stop~~~~”

Chen Chang’an was speechless.

Master, if you talk like this, others will misunderstand when they hear you…

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Crossing over to the Nine Realms World, Chen Chang’an accepted by the beautiful Feng Wanxi as her direct disciple, opened the [Strongest Filial Piety System]. As long as you care for your master, look after your master, take care of your master and so on, you can gain filial points. “Master, you look tired, let this disciple massage your back and legs.” “Master, this disciple has made you a chocolate cake which is your favorite, open your mouth, ah-” “Master, this is a Great Immortal Sword that this disciple just made today, take it and go kill demons with it. It’s very powerful!” “Hey, Master, come and try on this disciple’s latest invention, Jade Cicada Black Silk Stockings, you have long and slender jade legs, they will look great on you.” Until one day, the beautiful master leaned in Chen Chang’an’s arms and asked him with a red face, “Disciple, why do people say that we show our love?” Chen Chang’an gave beautiful master a kiss to express his innocence. “Master, this is a misunderstanding, this disciple is just doing his filial duty~”


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