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Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Nana, I have a task for you.

After returning to Huixiang City from Yashan, Su Hao once again returned to his laboratory.

Since he instructed Yashan to handle things, Su Hao felt quite relieved. How long it would take to yield results depended on Yashan’s abilities.

Looking at Yashan’s vacant expression, it seemed quite a challenge to handle a woman.

Whether it would take as short as three years or as long as five, only then would it be known whether the “Rune Gene” could be completely passed on to the next generation.

“What is bloodline? This is bloodline!” Su Hao could manually create extraordinary bloodlines, which was quite impressive!

First, Su Hao indulged in self-satisfaction, then delved back into his research.

Through Yashan fathering a child, Su Hao had new ideas.

“Perhaps, Zhu Hua people want to evolve without the need for internal cannibalism among Zhu Hua people!”

What does that mean?

The principle imagined by Su Hao was very simple: since Zhu Hua people could obtain fragments of extraordinary genes from wild beast mutants, they should obtain them from the wild. As long as Yashan could establish a vast empire, ruling the entire continent, then divide the territory into eight major regions, and within these eight regions, select suitable organisms, artificially breed beast mutants.

These areas would be named things like the “Great Strength People” Mutant Zone, “Speed People” Mutant Zone, “Silk Spitting People” Mutant Zone… and so on!

Then establish an Mutant Institute. To evolve into an mutant, there wouldn’t be a need for fighting, only entry into the Mutant Institute’s system for learning, and after earning a certain amount of points, exchange them for a chance to enter the ‘mutant beast zone’ for hunting the evolving flesh. If failed, there would be another chance after a year!

Official “Mutant Competitions” of all levels would be held annually, opening pathways for advancement and honor, to vent the mutants’ exceptionally strong desire for battle.

One could even artificially construct a ‘super mutant beast zone,’ cultivating a large number of dangerous beast mutants. Each year, a limited number would be allowed to enter for exploration, regardless of life or death.

More details would need gradual implementation.

This would create a relatively stable social structure, preventing the complete extinction of all mutants, unlike what the ‘Slaughterer’ achieved through extreme means.

Such miraculous genes were indeed very precious, and Su Hao was still very reluctant to see them disappear like this.

Perhaps, in the distant future, this world would have new evolving genes again, and after acquiring enough knowledge, he might return to this world?

No one can predict the future!

“This approach is worth a try. So, first, I need to select suitable gene carriers. I think the little round mice are quite good, so let’s start with you!” Su Hao once again focused on the little round mice.

The little round mice had brought Su Hao a lot of help and had sacrificed a lot for this. Su Hao decided to bestow upon them a great opportunity!

“Squeak, squeak, squeak—” The little round mice were very alarmed. If they knew what Su Hao was thinking, they might or might not refuse Su Hao’s good intentions.


Huixiang City, Yashan’s room.

Yashan, expressionless, stood up and opened the door, seeing Nana, the “Shadow King,” standing outside with a puzzled expression.

Nana had a soft and beautiful face, big, twinkling eyes full of allure, a well-proportioned figure, and slightly dusky skin that made her look vibrant. The white fur on her ear tips trembled slightly in the gentle breeze.

Nana looked at Yashan with confusion and asked, “Yashan, did you call for me?”

Yashan grabbed Nana’s hand and pulled her into the room, closing the door with a loud bang.

Nana was startled.

Yashan then pushed Nana against the wall, getting closer to her face.

Nana, flustered, blushed but made no resistance.

Yashan said slowly, “Nana, I have a task for you.”

Nana, feeling shy, nodded, unable to meet Yashan’s gaze, softly saying, “Um…”

Yashan continued, “The task is to have a child with me.”

Nana’s heart trembled, she lowered her eyelids, unable to look at Yashan, just nodded softly, “Yes…”

Su Hao miscalculated!

He thought Yashan would have to put in some effort to convince a girl to have a child for him. He didn’t expect that merely assigning a task would lead to success.

What was this? This was known as the top-down assignment of tasks, cooperation, and mutual benefits!

Unaware that Yashan, already living a new life, Su Hao was engrossed in the research of the little round mice.

He discovered that the most suitable sequence for the little round mice was the “Nightwalker” sequence, potentially evolving into a fourth-tier “Night Demon.”

Perhaps the potential of creatures like the little round mice had reached its limit. The success rate of further promotion was close to zero. In Su Hao’s hands, despite injecting the Level 5 “Heavenly King” gene modification fluid, without exception, all of them died. Even the implantation of the ‘Blood Enhancement’ gene was futile.

Regarding this, Su Hao could only say it was beyond his control. A great opportunity presented itself, but the potential of creatures like the little round mice was indeed limited.

So, Su Hao turned his attention to another common creature around the Temple Forest City, the ground pangolin-like creature called the Earth Armadillo.

The Earth Armadillo is a natural carrier of the “Shell People” sequence gene, advancing effortlessly up to the sixth level “Earth Lord.” However, during the promotion to the seventh level “Lifebearer,” the Earth Armadillo began experiencing massive gene collapses and subsequent death.

This indicates that while this creature exhibits extremely strong compatibility with the “Shell People” sequence gene, it still has its own limitations and cannot support the immense power of the “Lifebearer.”

After a thorough analysis, Su Hao discovered a crucial aspect: the size of the organism.

The larger the volume, the greater the potential for carrying energy within itself, and the farther it can progress along the path of evolution.

For this reason, Su Hao deliberately captured several Exploding Bears and guided them towards evolving into the “Great Strength People” sequence. The result? They smoothly evolved all the way to the seventh level “Vessel,” without any issues.

He also chose a few Black Mountain Feral Boars and guided them towards the “Shell People” sequence. They also smoothly evolved to the seventh level “Lifebearer” without any problems.

In summary, each species has its own adapted sequence and its inherent limitations.

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, “So, it means that different species can carry genes of the same sequence but at different levels. This could form an alternative ecosystem within the same mutant beast zone without the need for specific nurturing.”

However, Su Hao pondered another issue, “In that case, the required area for the mutant beast zones would become immensely large, making it impossible to enclose. How can we restrict the movement of the beast mutants within the designated area without them venturing beyond the boundaries of the designated mutant beast zone?”

With ideas emerging, it’s normal for problems to surface one after another while implementing them. The key is to solve these issues step by step.

The initial goal is to get this task done and address the existence-related problems. Once achieved, the focus can shift to determining what works and what doesn’t.

If perfection is pursued from the start, it might seem foolproof but would be incredibly difficult in reality because the world is dynamic, and people are dynamic too.

Su Hao has always understood this principle.

As Su Hao tinkered with various creatures, he contemplated the issue of restricting the range of activity for the beast mutants. While thinking, he suddenly had an idea: “I’ve got it!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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