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Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Extraordinary Race

It wasn’t until dusk that Su Hao descended from mid-air and stood by the pit.

He stomped his foot on the ground, looking at his handiwork, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “This level of destruction caused by human strength is simply unbelievable.”

Next, Su Hao began carefully searching for the remnants of the “Evil Child” around. To his surprise, he found a piece of broken bone in a distant location, still with a trace of flesh attached to it.

It wasn’t enough to make the Level 6 “Chaos Lord” evolve into a “Evil Child,” but for Su Hao, it was sufficient.

He only needed a fragment of the “Evil Child’s” genetic code.

Su Hao turned to look at the damaged land and surroundings, offering a brief apology.

He leaped into the air again and headed towards the Temple Forest City.

The matter of the “Evil Child”, The [Slaughterer] came to an end here.

Su Hao could now return to his laboratory and continue his unfinished research on Rune Genetics.

Su Hao’s flight speed was swift, and in no time, he silently returned to his laboratory.

He stored the genetic information of the “Evil Child” in his storage space, and after securing the flesh and blood of the “Evil Child,” he lay down to rest.

Just as he closed his eyes, Su Hao suddenly got up and shouted, “Yashan, prepare some food for me, the more, the better!”

The small round rats in the experimental base were instantly shocked, scurrying around in their cages.

Yashan, who was half asleep, suddenly woke up and instinctively replied, “Of course, Boss Wei! Just wait a moment, I’ll prepare it right away.”

After a busy period, Su Hao ate to his heart’s content and was about to go back to sleep.

Yashan hesitated and said, “Boss Wei, this afternoon, I heard a loud noise from a very distant place, accompanied by a severe earthquake. I just wanted to ask if it was…”

Yashan had seen Su Hao’s bombs before, and after feeling the intense shaking and loud noise, his first reaction was that Boss Wei was fighting with someone again!

Indeed, this was Yashan’s first reaction, different from others who thought it was an earthquake. He truly believed that such a commotion could only be caused by Boss Wei.

Su Hao casually replied, “Ah, you mean that? Yes, I caused it! It did make quite a spectacle.”

Yashan swallowed his saliva and thought to himself, “For Boss Wei, it’s indeed just a little spectacle, no doubt about that!”

Su Hao continued, “I went on a trip these past few days and eliminated that ‘Evil Child’ that was killing mutants everywhere. For the time being, we shouldn’t have to worry about the ‘Evil Child’ anymore. We’re supposed to move to Huixiang City, right? You should plan and prepare a strategy.”

Yashan’s mouth gradually opened, and then he froze.

The widely-discussed and terrifying “Evil Child” had been taken down by Boss Wei like that? Didn’t Boss Wei say he might not be a match for the “Evil Child”?

When Yashan looked at Boss Wei again, his eyes had completely changed: “Boss Wei, someone as powerful as you is still so humble! It’s worth learning from you. I, Yashan, should be even more humble than Boss Wei!”

In the following time, Su Hao feasted on rich food at every meal, crazily transforming his vital energy, quickly replenishing the deficit.

Su Hao, back at his peak condition, once again extended his hands towards the little round rats he had been keeping for some time.

He entered a research state once more.

Su Hao first called up the genetic fragment of [Evil Child], the [Slaughterer]. When he looked at it, he almost popped his eyes out.

This genetic sequence of the “Evil Child] not only contained the genes of the “Poison People” sequence but also genes from other mutant sequences. It could be described as a genetic encyclopedia, a treasure trove of genes.

“Upon closer examination, it’s not comprehensive, with at least four advanced genetic segments missing. But it’s terrifying enough. What kind of being did I kill? A ‘god’ as the legends say? Probably not, but it might pass as a ‘demigod’!”

The value of this genetic sequence of the “Evil Child” to Su Hao was unimaginable. It provided a new direction for Su Hao’s advancement.

After studying it for a while, Su Hao set aside the matter of the “Evil Child” because there were more important things to do.

“Next, there’s no one who can stop me from researching runes! This time, I’ll express runes completely within the bodies of the little round rats.”

Su Hao tightened his fist slowly and whispered, “To create a new, extraordinary race with my own hands!”

Two months later, Su Hao turned eighteen.

In the midst of his experiments, Su Hao was in an exceptionally cheerful mood. He couldn’t help but say, “Ding, new achievement unlocked – adulthood!”

He couldn’t help but laugh at his own words and muttered, “It’s coming soon, the new extraordinary race.”

Another half a year later, Su Hao finally obtained his first extraordinary little round rat – the “Luminous” little round rat.

This “Luminous” little round rat would sporadically emit a dazzling light, like the bathroom light when Sadako from “The Ring” enters it, flashing on and off, mysteriously.

This “Luminous” little round rat was terrified by the light it emitted, running around the room in the hope of getting rid of the inexplicable light.

The more it ran, the faster the light on its body flashed.

In Su Hao’s eyes, this little round rat would be considered a special “monster” in the previous world. It might not have much attack power, but at least it had some unique abilities.

“The current issue is that a little round rat without intelligence can’t control the runes inside its body!”

However, this point wasn’t important to Su Hao. His goal had always been intelligent beings, not other non-thinking creatures.

As long as the runes were recorded in their genes, the task was already successful.

For the “Luminous” little round rat to successfully emit light, the conditions were quite stringent, not as simple as imagined. It wasn’t just about recording complete runes; Su Hao spent a lot of time on that. Successful engraving of the runes wasn’t enough; the little round rat needed to have sufficient surplus vital energy to support the operation of the runes.

And for this, Su Hao had to continuously attempt to implant the “Blood Qi Enhancement” gene fragments, sacrificing many valiant little round rats.

Su Hao captured the “Luminous” little round rat and placed it back into a cage, then absentmindedly reached for another little round rat for experimentation. It was then that he realized the lab’s reserve of rats had run low.

Su Hao had no choice but to push open the lab’s door, instinctively about to call for Yashan’s help in capturing some little round rats.

It suddenly dawned on him that Yashan had left with a large group of “Temple Forest Association” elites to the eastern city of Huixiang two months ago.

At present, in the Temple Forest City, he was only familiar with these little round rats.

Su Hao waved his hand, and numerous little round rats from the breeding room automatically moved into his lab.

Then, he smiled nonchalantly and said, “I’ve always been alone! I’m used to it! Haha, let’s continue with the research on rune genetics. That’s where the real fun is.”

Having spoken quietly, Su Hao was about to turn back to enter the lab when a familiar presence entered his radar.

“Hmm? Yashan, how did he return?”

What Su Hao’s radar detected was indeed Yashan, who was currently flying back to the Temple Forest City at an extremely high speed.

It’s worth noting that the distance from the Temple Forest City to Huixiang City was not short. Even if Yashan could fly at supersonic speeds, it would still take five to six hours.

Yashan’s return at this moment meant that there was something very important to discuss with him. After some thought, Su Hao decided not to return to the lab but instead waited in the courtyard for Yashan to arrive.

Soon enough, he saw the figure of Yashan flying.

Wearing a sleek suit of Golden Armor, wings extended, he looked incredibly handsome.

With a thunderous rumble, Yashan successfully landed on the ground. He had been flying for a while, and as he stood there, he was a bit unsteady on his feet. Su Hao chuckled, “Oh, Yashan, how come you’re back? Seems like your landing technique still needs some improvement!”

Yashan, somewhat embarrassed, said, “You’re absolutely right, Boss Wei. After flying for so long, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to stand on solid ground. By the way, the feeling of flying is so amazing, hahaha.”

Su Hao asked, “Why did you come back? Is there something important?”

Yashan immediately looked serious and said, “Of course, I learned a couple of new dishes over in Huixiang, and I came back specifically to let Boss Wei try them!”

Su Hao, with a quizzical expression, didn’t react much. Yashan continued, “These days, I guess Boss Wei hasn’t been enjoying the meals, and I haven’t been able to sleep well either. So, I decided to return.”

After speaking, Yashan stored his Golden Armor, and then skillfully entered the kitchen, saying, “There are plenty of ingredients here. Boss Wei, please wait a moment, and I’ll have something ready in no time!”

Su Hao simply created a recliner with his Golden Armor, lay down in the courtyard, and watched Yashan busily working in the kitchen. His mood was somewhat complex, and in the end, he sighed quietly, “Yashan, you’ve really been a worthwhile investment!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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