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Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Disaster and Transformation

[Evil Child] Lu had once pondered a question seriously: what was the purpose of the existence of the mutants in this world? However, no matter how long he thought about it, he couldn’t find an answer.

Perhaps mutants were just the residual poison from the previous era. The theme of the previous era was to obtain powerful strength, protect the continuation of the race, and any sacrifice for this cause could be understood.

But now, the Zhu Hua People had already achieved ultimate victory, and the world was under the rule of the Zhu Hua People. In other words, the Zhu Hua People no longer needed the mutant group.

The mutants, in the end, were just remnants transitioning from the old era to the new one, and they had lost their purpose. They would eventually fade away.

[Evil Child] Lu traveled alone, going to many places, meeting many people, and pondering for a long time. It wasn’t until he reached the age of fifty that he figured out many things.

In reality, the world had always been changing, and the Zhu Hua People had been progressing. Many novel things emerged from all over the world, allowing the Zhu Hua People to live better lives. But the eight evolutionary sequences of the mutants were still exactly the same as they were a thousand years ago. Apart from killing and devouring, they had no other talents.

In their legends of the [Prophetic People], it was foretold that someone would bring disasters and transformation to the world. As a [Prophetic Person] himself, he didn’t initially understand what it meant. But when he finally comprehended these questions, he suddenly understood the wisdom of his forebears.

He also realized that the world needed people to make such changes. Instead of waiting for the Zhu Hua People to decline to the brink of extinction, why not embark on this grand transformation while the whole tribe hadn’t reached its nadir yet?

Thus, [Evil Child] Lu decided to become the transformation figure prophesied in the past. He would exterminate all mutants, eliminate the remnants from the previous era, and clear away the lingering poison.

Perhaps, this was his purpose for existence!

Originally, he hadn’t made up his mind to do this.

However, not long ago, he saw a novel item in Anliang City. It was said to be a textile machine that could accelerate the production of fabrics, and it originated from a place called the Secluded Forest City.

He studied it carefully for a while and was impressed by the intricate design and ingenious ideas within the machine.

[Evil Child] Lu believed that this was the future of the Zhu Hua People!

A new era had already begun to take shape.

But it was just such a miraculous device that was destroyed during a battle between mutants.

[Evil Child] Lu suddenly woke up!

Perhaps the new era had already arrived! It was the mutants who were obstructing the progress of this era!

So, [Evil Child] Lu made a determined decision. Starting from Anliang City, he would bring disaster to the mutants and transformation to the Zhu Hua People.

This world didn’t need mutants!

[Evil Child] Lu thought about his own matters as he strolled through the broken streets of Linyuan City. His conviction grew stronger, and he silently contemplated, “Perhaps this is the mission of the [Residual Poison Person] sequence!”

A tall and muscular man, shirtless, spent the entire morning clearing an area of building debris. His young son sat beside him, staring blankly as his father worked, occasionally helping with the cleanup of small stones and debris.

This place used to be their home, but it was destroyed in the recent battles.

He was just a modest second-level mutant, a Tracker. He had no intention of evolving further, always careful not to reveal any clues about his abilities. All he wanted was to raise his son properly.

During the initial outbreak of the great battle in Linyuan City, he sensed trouble and immediately fled the city with his son, narrowly escaping harm. Unfortunately, he got separated from his wife. Now, he had just returned to this place, planning to settle here. Maybe one day, his wife would find her way back to them.

The man wiped his sweat with a handkerchief, took his son’s hand, and said, “Come, my boy, I’ll take you to eat some hot and fresh steamed buns! In a few more days, we’ll have a house to live in!”

The boy immediately jumped up with excitement, exclaiming, “Steamed buns!!”

An elderly couple sold out their vegetables, returned to their dilapidated home, and locked the door.

After a short rest, the old lady asked softly, “Old man, do you think our youngest can come back?”

The old man spat and said, “We’re this old, what’s the point of worrying about him? Life and death are fated; whether he comes back or not doesn’t matter!”

The old lady sighed, “Ah, let’s just stay here! We might have to wait another ten or so years.”

After a moment of silence, the old lady suddenly whispered, “Old man, I regret becoming an mutant…”

The old man immediately cut her off, “What nonsense are you talking about? Shut up!”

The old lady, now silent…

Three children, all around the age of ten, gathered together.

One of them, a dark-skinned boy, looked at the boy with a scar on his forehead and said with envy, “Little Eight, you’ve really become an mutant?”

The scarred boy nodded and said, “I don’t know what happened. I just took a bite and unexpectedly turned into one!”

The dark-skinned boy said, “I envy you. I heard that it might kill you if you eat it. I wouldn’t dare.”

Another little girl chimed in, “That’s right, I wouldn’t dare either. Little Eight, you’re really brave!”

Little Eight chuckled foolishly and said, “It’s just luck. But remember, you can’t tell anyone about it.”

In Linyuan City, there were still many mutants living. They were all busy with their own affairs. Despite enduring hardships, they still had hope for the city. They believed that things would get better and that every surviving individual would eventually realize their dreams.

Some mutants actively sought evolution in pursuit of power, making slaughter their way of life, believing they could climb to the pinnacle of this world.

Others had obtained evolution unintentionally and, driven by fear, wanted to hide, taking great care to keep their identity a secret. They had no intention of seeking further evolution.

Then there were those who, while on the path of evolution, found it too dangerous and valued their lives above all else, desiring to return to an ordinary life.

But regardless of their wishes, their thoughts, how much warmth they carried for the world, the moment they consumed the first bite of mutant flesh and evolved into mutants, their fates were sealed.

Because a determined “Slaughterer,” aspiring to kill all mutants, had arrived in their city.

No one would be spared!

The next day, as dawn broke, “Slaughterer” Lu walked out of Linyuan City at a slow pace.

In the vast city of Linyuan, all the mutants had already died in their sleep, without suffering.

The ones to discover the death of these mutants first were the individuals closest to them.

No matter how heart-wrenching their cries, their loved ones and dependents would never wake up again.

However, this world was this cruel. Regardless of who was missing, the sun continued to rise and set as if nothing had changed.

At this very moment, Su Hao arrived near Linyuan City. As he approached, he realized that there were no mutant life signs within the entire city; only ordinary humans remained.

However, Su Hao also had a discovery. Outside the city, there was a seventh-level mutant slowly moving away.

Su Hao revealed a faint smile, thinking to himself, “How fortunate! It’s ‘Slaughterer’ Lu!”


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My Divine Diary

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