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Chapter 184

Chapter 184: This Armor is So Cool

The [Child of Fate] Xiu roared loudly and was about to break free from his restraints. However, he suddenly noticed that the thin threads entangling him were intertwined with a shining adamantium chain. He widened his eyes and blurted out, “Lock of Destiny Adamantium Chain! Damn it!”

This extremely rare adamantium crystal was the most potent and lethal substance for the [Child of Fate]. It was powerful because when the [Child of Fate] Xiu transformed, his armor took on the appearance of adamantium crystal and gained its impenetrable hardness, making it nearly indestructible.

The lethality came from the fact that this naturally occurring adamantium crystal was nearly indestructible. Even with the [Child of Fate’s] immense strength, he couldn’t break free. Furthermore, the [Blood and Flesh Transformation] used by [Child of Fate] couldn’t convert natural adamantium into [Transformative Adamantium].

It was perfect for restraining the [Child of Fate]. Once ensnared by the [Lock of Destiny Adamantium Chain], his feet left the ground, rendering him nearly immobile, like a lamb awaiting slaughter.

However, this particular lamb was quite tough, and the executioner might not be able to breach his defenses.

“Crackle, crackle!”

Suddenly, sparks erupted from the [Child of Fate] Xiu’s neck as his adamantium armor at that spot tore apart, but it immediately restored itself. This was the work of [Child of Tranquility] Yueyi, a seven level mutant of [Speedster] sequence.

Although [Child of Tranquility] Yueyi, invisibly fast to the human eye, made a swift strike on the [Child of Fate] Xiu’s neck, it didn’t have much effect on the latter.

From within his large robe, [Child of Constant Wisdom], Chang Xi, extended a hand, splayed his five fingers, and then closed them. Five black crystal armored [Earth Lords] immediately jumped out from the crowd and rushed towards [Child of Fate].

These five [Earth Lords] were intended to consume the [Child of Fate’s] Xiu vitality.

[Child of Constant Wisdom], Chang Xi’s plan was perfect. In his view, the [Child of Fate] Xiu was destined to suffer a calamity this time.

The initial plan was for him to launch the first attack, restrain the [Child of Fate], followed by [Child of Clarity] piercing the armor, [Child of Tranquility] rapidly launching attacks to thoroughly break the defense, and finally, they would swiftly deplete the [Child of Fate’s] energy and finish him off.

But who knew that [Child of Clarity] was inexplicably taken away, leaving a gap in his plan for how to break the [Child of Fate’s] formidable defense and rapidly consume his energy.

However, it seemed that fate favored him as five [Earth Lords] arrived. He could use their “Blood and Flesh Assimilation” to corrode the [Child of Fate’s] adamantium armor. With mutual energy offset under the same origin, they could quickly consume the [Child of Fate’s] energy and eventually kill him.

It was a perfectly executed plan so far.

[Child of Fate] Xiu was doomed!

However, just as [Child of Constant Wisdom] and the others believed they had the upper hand, an unexpected guest entered the battlefield.

The moment this unexpected guest entered the scene, everyone’s attention was drawn to the figure, including the [Child of Fate] suspended helplessly in mid-air.

The reason for the attention wasn’t because of the [Earth Lord] itself, but because of the remarkable armor it wore. It was so dazzling!

With its sleek lines, incredibly stylish design, and subtle engravings that seemed to appear and disappear, it dazzled everyone to the point where they couldn’t even open their eyes. Even the shiny adamantine armor worn by the highest-ranking of the [Shell People] Sequence, [Child of Fate] Xiu, paled in comparison to this [Earth Lord’s]!

Everyone had the same thought: “This armor is so cool!”

It turned out that such a stylish armor existed in the world!

The moment Su Hao entered the scene, he transformed everything within a radius of 300 meters into his Transformed Black Crystal. This included everyone present, including the other nervous [Child of Fate], Ji.

He was hesitating whether to save his father [Child of Fate] Xiu!

Within the Transformed Black Crystal radius, rune patterns were drawn within less than two seconds.


The adamantine armor around Su Hao’s neck was subjected to a fierce attack, producing a string of flames.

“Huh? That was fast!” Su Hao only realized at this moment that he had been attacked by [Child of Tranquility], Yueyi.

[Child of Tranquility], Yueyi, who was moving at high speed, was even more surprised than Su Hao. “It’s so tough! I can’t break through its defenses at all!”

Meanwhile, [Child of Constant Wisdom], Chang Xi, furrowed his brow because he found his “Thread Domain” had been disrupted and seized. He released a large number of thread surges from within his body, entangling Su Hao.

No matter who it is, kill him first.

“Thunder Domain!”

At that moment, Su Hao completed the rune domain, activating all the runes within it.

“Crackle, hiss! Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!”

A powerful electric current instantly swept through the entire area, causing everyone to convulse, go numb, and lose control of their bodies. This included the high-speed [Child of Tranquility], Yueyi, who, upon losing control, was sent crashing into the distance. He was about to escape the Thunder Domain when a thick black crystal wall appeared on the periphery, intercepting [Child of Tranquility], Yueyi within.

“Uh-oh!” Everyone felt the loss of control over their bodies and realized the situation was dire.

It was at this moment that Su Hao smiled and said, “Excuse me, everyone! I’m just here to take something, and then I’ll be on my way.”

Just as Su Hao spoke, everyone gradually regained control over their bodies.

They were about to make a move.

“Crackle, sizzle, sizzle!”

Another wave of electrical shocks swept through, causing people to convulse once more. All the sixth-level mutants on the scene fell to the ground.

Chang Xi’s thin threads, under the second lightning strike, began to soften and lose control. The suspended [Child of Fate], Ji, also fell to the ground.

Su Hao maintained the frequency of one lightning strike every two seconds, pulling out a long knife and walking toward [Child of Fate], Xiu. [Child of Fate], Xiu, stared at Su Hao silently, his voice hoarse and trembling, as if it took great effort to speak, “You’re the one who took the armor of ‘Child of Clarity,’ right?”

Su Hao was surprised by the opponent’s strong physical resilience and originally didn’t intend to answer. But considering that he still needed to harvest the man’s flesh, he politely nodded and said, “Yes.”

In that moment, Su Hao felt a sharp pain in his feet, followed by numbness that spread upward uncontrollably. By the time Su Hao realized what was happening, he had crawled up to his knees.

Thinking quickly, Su Hao decisively swung his blade and cut off his own legs at the base of the thighs. Simultaneously, a black crystal pillar rose from the ground, knocking Su Hao away from [Child of Fate], Xiu. As this happened, the Thunder Domain was filled with lightning, tormenting everyone inside.

As Su Hao landed from mid-air, his legs grew back, fully restored. But he couldn’t help but feel astonished, wondering, “What was that just now?”

Looking at his severed feet, the black crystal armor had completely faded away, leaving them shriveled and looking like the body of an elderly person on the brink of death, covered in age spots.

It seemed like whatever power [Child of Fate], Xiu, had used was extremely draining.

Those who witnessed the entire process couldn’t hide their evident disappointment upon seeing Su Hao escape.

“It seems like the electric power wasn’t enough!” Su Hao increased his blood energy output again, releasing a frenzy of lightning upon the people.

“Crackle, crackle, a series of explosions followed.

Su Hao stood in place, vigilant, as he watched [Child of Fate] Xiu, who was completely engulfed by the lightning.

“I can’t get near this old guy. I don’t know what kind of mysterious ability he has, but it’s too dangerous. Remote control it is!”

With that in mind, Su Hao immediately controlled the Transformed Black Crystal to generate a pair of scissors.

Added to them were [Level 2 – Sharp], [Level 2 – Penetration], and [Level 2 – Hardness.]

He aimed the scissors at [Child of Fate], Xiu’s arm and severed it.


The arm fell to the ground, struck by a black crystal pillar, and Su Hao caught it.

Taking a closer look, he remarked, “Hey! It’s all adamantium armor. Where’s the flesh? This old guy is really cunning!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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