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Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Su Hao’s Beauty

Su Hao first recorded the genetic information of “Mingzi” and then properly handled the corpse, storing it in a safe place.

Afterward, he shed the ‘Earth Lord’ form and walked slowly toward Huixiang City

Obtaining the flesh and blood of the highest-level “Lifebearer” in the “Shell People” sequence was both simple and not simple for Su Hao.

To say it was simple, he could charge forward, engage in hundreds of rounds of battle just like with the “Mingzi,” deplete their vitality, and then directly harvest them, ending the fight.

With the strength of Su Hao’s vitality, even the strongest in the city had only about one-third of his vitality, and the weakest had only about one-tenth. In a battle of attrition, no one could outlast Su Hao, ensuring a win.

To say it was not simple, it was because Su Hao wasn’t a person without boundaries.

After all, this was an extremely massive city, inhabited by countless people. If he were to recklessly battle the “Lifebearer” in the city, it would inevitably affect countless lives and might even destroy Huixiang City.

Don’t underestimate the destructive power of the “Earth Lord” and “Lifebearer.”

With just Su Hao alone, if his vitality spread, over half of Huixiang City would be transformed into black crystal armor, and any movement would instantly destroy this part of Huixiang City. Not to mention the higher-level “Lifebearer.”

You can imagine what it would be like if two of them transformed into giant creatures over a hundred meters tall and fought each other.

Ultraman versus monsters!

We don’t know who would win, but the city would be doomed!

So, the safest approach that Su Hao thought of was to secretly approach, use “Level-2 Lightning” continuously to paralyze the target, cut a big piece of flesh, and leave!


The more Su Hao thought about it, the more feasible it seemed. Let’s do it this way!

First, he needed to find out where the “Lifebearer” was.

He had already killed one “Mingzi” and had three Level-7 mutants remaining.

“First, let’s figure out who the ‘Lifebearer’ is!”

When Su Hao entered Huixiang City, he found that everyone had gathered in circles, eagerly discussing the recent battle he had with “Mingzi.”

There was no hesitation in calling “Mingzi” by name, even though most people probably didn’t know what “Mingzi” meant.

“So, there’s no need to secretly inquire. I can ask anyone!”

This was simple!

Su Hao pretended to be clueless and grabbed a nearby ordinary girl from the Zhu family, asking curiously, “Miss, what happened just now? What is everyone talking about?”

The girl was listening intently to someone boasting, and when she was suddenly grabbed, annoyance flickered across her face. She glanced at Su Hao, about to retort with “Can’t you listen yourself?” But when she saw Su Hao’s handsome face and imposing demeanor, she swallowed the words and revealed a bright and sweet smile, looking like a cute little girl. She said, “Hey, mister, what do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything!”

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, suppressing the strange feeling, and managed a forced smile, saying, “I heard someone say that ‘Mingzi’ was captured. Do you know what happened?”

The girl stared directly into Su Hao’s face, her eyes fixed on him, as if she were sizing him up. With an expression that seemed to say, “You are asking the right person!” she said, “Of course, I know. Just a while ago, someone had a grand battle with ‘Mingzi,’ the big boss, up in the sky. It was an extraordinary scene, truly dazzling! I can’t imagine what it’s like to fly up into the sky!”

Su Hao exclaimed, “Someone could actually go head-to-head with ‘Mingzi’? That’s amazing! Who was it? Was it one of the other big bosses in the city?”

The girl giggled and said, “It’s too crowded and noisy here. How about we go somewhere quiet? I’ll treat you to some fruit juice!”

Wasn’t this a bit too fast and direct? Su Hao became more cautious. This girl must have some ulterior motive, either for his beauty or his beauty. He couldn’t let her succeed with just a glass of fruit juice!

Su Hao shook his head and said, “No, thanks. I’m not thirsty.”

The girl wasn’t discouraged at all and said with a slight hint of annoyance, “Well, how about we go sit over there? We can chat more once we’re there. Don’t worry, I understand your curiosity, and I’m very understanding.”

After some hesitation, Su Hao nodded and said, “Okay.”

So, Su Hao followed the girl and arrived at a pond, where they sat on a bench.

It was relatively quiet here, with clear water in the pond, visible fish swimming, and water plants resembling lotus leaves decorating the surface, along with several vibrant flowers.

Su Hao couldn’t believe that this girl had brought him to such a picturesque place. He was starting to regret his choice. Of all the people to ask, he ended up with a girl who seemed to be lusting after his looks.

Su Hao wanted to get back to the main topic and ask his question again. The somewhat above-average looking girl, named Xiaobu, introduced herself with a beaming smile, saying, “I’m Xiaobu. What’s your name?”

Su Hao took a deep breath, trying to calm his restless emotions, and slowly asked, “My name is Wei. Can you tell me what happened earlier? Could it have been one of the other bosses in the city, or who else has the strength to fight ‘Mingzi’?”

Su Hao tried to steer the conversation toward other Level-7 mutants, but Xiaobu seemed to have difficulty understanding him.

Su Hao realized that he was more comfortable holding a knife to someone’s throat and asking questions directly. These polite conversations didn’t suit him well. Every time the girl veered off topic, he wanted to pull out a knife and get straight to the point.

Xiaobu covered her mouth, chuckling, and said, “Wei, that’s a unique name, very nice!”

Su Hao thought her focus was all wrong. He tried to ask the question once more, and if she didn’t answer, he planned to leave right away.

His tone became much calmer as he asked, word by word, “Do you know where ‘Lifebearer’ is?”

Xiaobu instinctively replied, “Of course!”

Then, with curiosity in her eyes, she looked at Su Hao and said, “He’s at the ‘Dongling Pavilion.’ Who doesn’t know that in Huixiang? You’re quite funny, pretending not to know.”

Su Hao managed to hold back his discomfort and asked directly, “Where is the ‘Dongling Pavilion’? Can you take me there?”

Xiaobu’s eyes lit up. She thought he wanted to go for a walk with her, which was too fast and direct for her liking. She was delighted and said, “Sure! We can walk and talk on the way!”

Su Hao stood up and said, “Lead the way.”

Su Hao realized that with his handsome face, he didn’t need any special skills to chat with Xiaobu. Whenever he had a request, he could express it in the simplest way, as everything was already evident from his face. The more he talked, the further away from the main topic Xiaobu’s information seemed to drift.

“It seems that good-looking people don’t need any skills to flirt, and the same applies in reverse!”

So, Xiaobu happily led Su Hao on a stroll through Huixiang City, with the ultimate goal being the “Dongling Pavilion.”

After a short walk, Su Hao locked onto his target. Xiaobu had led him to the east, and in the east, there was only one Level-7 vitality response. There was no doubt that this person was “Lifebearer.”

Having confirmed his target, Su Hao no longer rushed. Instead, he engaged in casual conversation with Xiaobu.

“Does this ‘Lifevearer’ usually go out shopping?”

Xiaobu replied, “It seems you’re not from around here! I’ve heard that ‘Lifebearer’ is an old man with a lot of influence in Huixiang. He usually stays at the ‘Dongling Pavilion’ and doesn’t attend any major events. I’ve grown up here, but I’ve seen him only a few times.”

Su Hao furrowed his brow and asked, “Can we enter the ‘Dongling Pavilion’?”

Xiaobu said, “No, the ‘Dongling Pavilion’ doesn’t allow outsiders to enter. Security is tight. Wei-ge, do you want to get into the ‘Dongling Pavilion’? What do you plan to do inside?”

Su Hao casually replied, “Yes, I want to meet ‘Lifebearer’.”

However, he was beginning to feel troubled. If “Lifebearer” remained inside the “Dongling Pavilion,” he would have to force his way in to meet him. But once he did that, “Lifebearer” would undoubtedly become wary, leading to an inevitable confrontation.

Just then, Xiaobu casually remarked, “Want to meet ‘Lifebearer’? That’s simple.”

“Hmm?” Su Hao looked at Xiaobu in surprise.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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