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Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Thunder Domain

Su Hao looked around at the faint claw shadows all around him, immediately putting up his defenses. His black crystal armor enlarged and thickened as a precaution.

This Mingzi’s move appeared to be a skill similar to ‘Blood Flesh Assimilation,’ which could allow cells and blood to be introduced into the air, giving the air special properties that could be manipulated.


Su Hao swung his long knife, shattering most of the claw shadows but still getting a few scratches on his armor. His ‘Level 2 – Barrier’ instantly shattered, leaving many deep marks on the black crystal armor.

Su Hao quickly moved out of the range of the claw shadows, distancing himself from this space.

“Why can his claws effortlessly tear through my barrier?” Su Hao glanced at “Mingzi,” who was chasing after him, silently preparing a large “Fire Dragon” rune. He intended to set “Mingzi’s” smooth long fur on fire while he was unprepared.

At the same time, he activated “Air Conversion,” generating a large amount of “Black Sand,” spreading it across almost the entire sky.

Wasn’t the opponent capable of assimilating the air to create sharp claws?

He could do it too!

As the entire sky was filled with black sand, “Mingzi” chasing behind Su Hao also noticed the anomaly. Just as he hesitated, Su Hao turned back.

“Level 2 – Fire Dragon!”

“Huff, huff!”

A huge fire dragon, over a hundred meters long, spewed forth, swaying in the air, instantly engulfing “Mingzi,” who couldn’t react in time.


A scream, and “Mingzi,” with a body on fire, shot out from a long distance, escaping the range of the fire dragon. In mid-air, he struggled to extinguish the flames on his body.

By the time he had put out all the flames, it was too late. His long fur had been burned off by Su Hao, revealing “Mingzi’s” true form. Smoke rose from his body.

“A flying serpent?” Su Hao widened his eyes and quickly corrected himself, “A dragon?”

But it wasn’t either of those. It was just a similar shape. “Mingzi’s” body resembled a slender serpent, with hands and feet connected by wing membranes, long tail, and resembling a rayfish.

If Su Hao hadn’t burned off the opponent’s fur, he wouldn’t have known that “Mingzi” actually had this appearance.

Compared to his own handsome black crystal armor, there was no comparison!

“Mingzi” saw his own ugly appearance exposed to others and immediately became embarrassed and angry, flying off into the distance. While flying, he transformed back into his original human form. After a moment, he transformed into “Mingzi” again, his black long fur completely restored.

Seeing the opponent attempting to flee, Su Hao immediately pursued, saying with a grin, “This sky is my domain!”

Immediately, the black sand that had pervaded the sky began to gather and form one black circular pattern after another, spreading across the entire sky. It was Su Hao’s rune array.

This was specifically designed for dealing with fast and slippery enemies – the Thunder Domain.

The “Thunder Domain” covered a radius of two thousand meters in the sky, and no matter how fast “Mingzi” was, he couldn’t instantly escape.

No matter how massive his blood qi was, it wouldn’t change this fact.

“Thunder Domain,” activate!

Su Hao almost shouted, “Roar! Thunder!” to enhance his momentum.

The runes around “Mingzi” immediately activated.


At first, there was a thunderous burst of lightning, and then this sound connected into a continuous and resounding noise. It gradually grew in intensity, and the sound echoed. This deafening sound made the people below in Huixiang City look up at the sky.

For a moment, everyone saw the thunderous web in the sky and the two black dots in the midst of the battle.

“It’s Mingzi!”

“Who is the other person?”

“I don’t know, can’t see clearly…”

Soon, everyone knew that there were two powerful Mutants battling in the sky.

Had they ever seen such a fierce and dazzling battle before?

One by one, they put down their work and found a good spot, looking up with great interest, as if they were watching a suddenly appeared blockbuster movie.

In the sky above:

A large number of electric arcs flashed and formed a web of lightning, covering “Mingzi” within it.

“Mingzi” was instantly struck silent, convulsing all over and falling towards the ground.

Su Hao immediately rushed up with his knife, and “Mingzi” could only watch helplessly as the formidable Su Hao descended upon him, with no way to resist.

Even while falling, bolts of lightning continued to strike him from all directions, leaving his body paralyzed and unresponsive.

“Fire Dragon!”

A fire dragon swept through, burning off all of “Mingzi’s” fur, revealing his slender and graceful body.

“Mingzi” couldn’t even scream.

Once his body was exposed, Su Hao raised his long knife and aimed it at him.

A sudden thrust,


Su Hao impaled “Mingzi” with a single strike.

“Hooking Sting!”

In an instant, the long knife thrust into “Mingzi’s” body burst with numerous barbed spikes, piercing through his body and leaving traces of blood on the hooks.

Then, some of the spikes extended further, changing shape and entwining around “Mingzi’s” body, tightly binding him, almost mummifying him.

Su Hao looked at his handiwork with satisfaction and nodded, “Now you can’t escape.”

Su Hao canceled the Thunder Domain and flew away from the sky over Huixiang City with Mingzi in tow.

After Su Hao and Mingzi retreated, the area below Huixiang City suddenly became lively, with excitement in everyone’s eyes.

“Why did they stop fighting? It was so exciting just now!”

“More lightning, more flames, so thrilling!”

“Didn’t you see? One of them already lost!”

“Lost? I didn’t see that!”

“Are you blind? The tall and skinny Mutant lost and was captured!”

“Who is that tall and skinny Mutant? Could it be Mingzi?”

As this speculation emerged, everyone around collectively took a deep breath, and the atmosphere became strangely quiet. All of them had the same thought: “Mingzi has been captured; this is not good!”

Su Hao brought Mingzi to a rocky area, left the tightly bound Mingzi to the side, and said, “I’ll ask, cooperate, and behave well. I’ll consider letting you go.”

Mingzi was in good mental shape, even though he had been pierced in countless places, none of the wounds were fatal. However, he couldn’t move now, and he was at Su Hao’s mercy.

This was the first time “Mingzi,” a seventh-level Mutant of the “Nightwalkers” sequence, had been treated like this. He snorted coldly but didn’t respond.

Su Hao didn’t care about Mingzi’s attitude. He had given him a chance, and whether Mingzi spoke or not didn’t matter. If he didn’t, someone else would.

Facing people who acted first and talked later like this, Su Hao had no good feelings. He preferred taking action over talking when dealing with them.

If he encountered someone with a bit of politeness, Su Hao might have some goodwill and would consider speaking before acting. But the outcome wouldn’t change much, just the order of events.

Su Hao calmly said, “You are the seventh-level Mutant Mingzi from the ‘Nightwalker’ sequence, right? So, the first question: who are the other three seventh-level Mutants?”

Mingzi closed his eyes and didn’t respond. At his stage, his heart was as firm as iron, and he understood that no matter what, Su Hao wouldn’t let him go. So, why say anything more? If he could make the other party uncomfortable at the last moment, it would be a partial victory for him.

He only regretted that he had been a bit reckless today. He hadn’t fully understood the opponent’s abilities and had rashly engaged in battle. It was truly an irrational decision. Now that he had failed, it was time to accept it, and even though he was near death, he had reached the pinnacle in this life and had no regrets.

Perhaps these years of comfort had led to the loss of awe for the world and the loss of the desire to continue getting stronger.

Mingzi sighed in his heart.

But what he didn’t understand was that if he had shown a better attitude, Su Hao might have let him go. However, his unyielding heart didn’t allow him to place his hopes for survival in the enemy’s mercy. He had always relied on himself for everything, and that had never changed.

Su Hao extended his hand to generate a long knife and took a few steps forward.

Since the other party didn’t speak, there was no need to waste their time.

At that moment, shadowy claw images appeared behind him and reached out to grab Su Hao.

A desperate struggle.

A flash of the knife.


Mingzi’s head was sent flying.


With a critical injury to the vital area, having a lot of blood didn’t help. Not everyone had the crazy self-healing ability of “Earth Lord.”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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