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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – One Day and One Night of Torture for Huang Rong!

In no time, the shopkeeper brought in a set of women’s clothing.

Yang Huan walked up to the screen and draped the clothes on it.

As for Huang Rong’s dirty clothes, Yang Huan threw them away.

Soon, Huang Rong was done washing up, and she put on the clothes that Yang Huan had left for her and walked out.

Yang Huan carefully looked at Huang Rong, his eyes lewd and shameless.

Being stared at like this, Huang Rong felt very uncomfortable.

She had her internal force swirling in her palm, ready to commit suicide!

Huang Rong, dressed in women’s clothing, was indeed very beautiful, worthy of the phrase “the most beautiful in the world” even without makeup.

“If I really wanted to force myself upon you, there wouldn’t be much difference to me between a corpse and a living person,” Yang Huan said with a smile. He always spoke of indecent things with a smile.

Huang Rong was furious when she heard this.

But being clever, she heard what Yang Huan was implying.

She asked cautiously, “Are you saying that you don’t plan on forcing yourself on me?”

“I am indeed an evil person, but I don’t like to force myself on others when it comes to men and women,” Yang Huan replied.

He never planned on forcing himself on Huang Rong in the first place. Although it would have earned him some system rewards, he didn’t see the point. He could earn his rewards in other ways.

“Sit down and eat. We have to hurry on our journey tomorrow,” Yang Huan said.

Huang Rong was still worried, but she realized that his martial arts were far superior to hers. If he really wanted to force himself on her, she would have been helpless.

So she decided to let go of her worries and eat.

It was obvious that she was starving.

Her posture while eating was nothing like that of a lady.

They finished their meal in no time.

With no official coming to their door, Yang Huan decided to practice martial arts.

He took out an iron chain and said, “Sorry, Huang Rong, I have to tie you up to prevent you from running away.”

Yang Huan used the chain to bind Huang Rong.

Throughout the process, Huang Rong did not resist. She knew that it was useless.

For now, she was relatively safe, which was good news.

But it was impossible for her to escape under Yang Huan’s watchful eye.

All she could do now was pray that her father would find her soon and rescue her from this bastard.

Huang Rong was captured, and Yang Huan sat on the bed, practicing the Yin Five Thunder Arts by activating his martial arts.

For some reason, Yang Huan’s cultivation of the Yin Five Thunder Arts progressed rapidly.

In just one night, he had already reached a small achievement in the Yin Five Thunder Arts.

Yang Huan found this strange.

It shouldn’t have been possible since his talent was not very good, and his progress in practicing other martial arts, such as the Fire Dance Whirlwind Sword Technique and the Red Fire Divine Technique, was slow.

It was possible that the Yin Five Thunder Arts were well-suited to him because it focused on Yin and toxicity, and Yang Huan was already very malicious.

Although he encountered many difficulties, he easily comprehended them.

This was an unexpected surprise for Yang Huan.

In Luo City.

Yang Huan rode a horse with Huang Rong tied up behind him.

Huang Rong looked pitiful, and many people pointed fingers at Yang Huan along the way.

Yang Huan pretended not to hear anything.

Of course, if someone cursed him too loudly or rudely, Yang Huan wouldn’t mind giving them a sword.

At the city gate, Yang Huan was stopped by several officials who accused him of murder and tried to capture him.

Yang Huan didn’t waste any words and attacked with a sword move called “Long Rainbow Falling Sun,” killing them all.

[Ding! Murdering multiple officials triggered the Evil Deed System.]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining a reward: the third level of Fire Dance Whirlwind Sword Technique, perfected!]

He was delighted to have reached the third level of the Fire Dance Whirlwind Sword Technique, which he had struggled to enter for several days.

He had the impulse to return to Luo City and kill all of the officials, but he reconsidered; rewards gradually decreased for committing the same bad deed more than once. The bonus was generous because it was his first kill.

If you keep killing, the effect may not be as good.

In addition, Luo City is also a big city. If all the officials of Luo City are killed, it would be a great crime!

If he really does it, the court will definitely not let it go!

In Yang Huan’s eyes, the current court is definitely a behemoth that cannot be provoked.

In order to reduce his reward, it is not worth taking such a big risk.

After leaving Luo City, Yang Huan started to accelerate.

Huang Rong’s martial arts were not bad, and she could catch up with him with her light work.

When she became tired, Yang Huan carried her.

When she recovered, he put her down and let her run again.

On the way, Yang Huan tortured Huang Rong and teased her, and the rewards from the system kept coming.

Although the rewards were decreasing, something was better than nothing.

First, he was rewarded with one year of inner energy, then half a year, and then one month…

As they walked, Yang Huan’s cultivation broke through to the later stage of the Houtian Realm.

He had already accumulated a lot of inner energy and was close to breaking through.

Now that he had broken through, he felt more assured.

After all, the battle at Blackwood Cliff was extremely dangerous, and the higher his cultivation, the greater the chance of survival.

A day had passed.

In the evening, Yang Huan arrived at a city called Xingcheng.

Xingcheng was not far from Blackwood Cliff, and it would take at most half a day to get there.

With Huang Rong, Yang Huan got off his horse and searched for an inn.

Shortly after entering the city, Yang Huan felt that someone was watching him.

He looked over and saw a handsome man in white clothes staring at him from a teahouse.

The man was very handsome, and comparing his looks to Pan An was not an exaggeration. He was no less attractive than Yang Huan.

However, Yang Huan was not interested in the man. He was more interested in the man’s two maids.

The man’s maids were both stunning beauties.

If they were in the pleasure quarters, they would definitely be top-ranking courtesans!

“Master, do you want me to take care of it?” the maid next to the handsome man asked softly.


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Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

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Yang Huan crossed over to [The Smiling, Proud Wanderer] world to become Yue Buqun’s disciple, only to be seduced by the master’s beautiful wife at the beginning! At that time, he activated the ‘Evil Deeds System’, which allowed him to earn rewards for doing evil! [Ding! The host has cheated on the master’s wife, earning a reward: Long Rainbow Sword Technique!] [Ding! The host has killed a fellow disciple and humiliated a senior sister, receiving a reward: Red Fire Divine Skill!] [Ding! The host has deceived his master and killed an ancestor, receive the reward: Demon Heart Crossing!] [Ding! Betrayed the sect and became an imperial dog, receive the reward: Demon Sword with a Thousand Blades!] [Ding! You have conspired to usurp the throne, assassinate the sovereign and destabilize the palace.]


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