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Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Seventh Level “Mingzi”

Su Hao didn’t say a word, taking advantage of the darkness to escape outside the city, disappearing into the night sky.

Huiyang City is a super-sized city of the first tier in this world, akin to the administrative capital of a country. Only seven such super-sized cities are marked on the map.

They are “Huiyang,” “Xiangdi,” “Shouzhong,” “Gucun,” “Jinshi,” “Xiwei,” and “Anliang.”

These seven cities are quite far apart, and even if Su Hao flies at full speed from Huiyang to the nearest, “Xiangdi,” it would take him half a day.

Don’t underestimate this short distance; if he doesn’t rest on the way, he can fly at least 20,000 kilometers in a day and a night. Given a few days, he might even be able to fly around the planet.

Su Hao’s map had some inaccuracies. He followed the map’s directions and arrived over Huiyang City, but couldn’t find the city’s traces until morning. He had to continuously search while circling around before finally finding this massive city.

Su Hao, from a great height, looked down at the city.

Huiyang City was located at the confluence of three rivers, sprawling and vast, about four times the size of Linyuan City, with an immeasurable population.

It’s hard to imagine such a massive settlement in this relatively underdeveloped world, which must be related to its geographical location. Transportation is always a crucial factor in the development of large cities, regardless of where they are.

However, just as Su Hao marveled at the grandeur of the city, a massive surge of blood qi rose from Huiyang City and flew towards him.

Su Hao was slightly startled and looked in the direction. He saw a blurry figure swiftly approaching him.

He immediately prepared himself, his long knife ready, runes engraved, ready to strike at any moment.

The approaching figure was one of the four strongest blood qi reactions in the city, with blood qi nearly one-third the size of Su Hao’s.

This person must be a Seventh Level Mutant.

This person before him was the strongest Mutant that Su Hao had faced since arriving in this world and represented the world’s ceiling of power.

“Be careful!” Su Hao heightened his vigilance, but for some reason, his cells became excited, a sensation of youthful vigor that he couldn’t fully control.

However, it didn’t matter!

Su Hao pointed his long knife straight at the approaching enemy, not retreating but advancing, charging towards the Seventh Level Mutant.

He aimed to win this battle!

As they got closer, he could see the person’s appearance clearly. Their entire body was covered in long, black fur, smooth and sleek like a seal’s texture, with only two round eyes exposed.

In an instant, the person’s hands spread open, and their massive wing membrane expanded. With another contraction, their speed increased even further, and their sharp claws gleamed with a cold light.

Su Hao immediately confirmed the person’s identity. This was “Mingzi,” the Seventh Level Mutant from the “Nightwalkers” sequence.

Su Hao squinted his eyes, and as they passed each other in mid-air, a clashing sound was heard.

The scene he had imagined of cutting Mingzi in two with one strike didn’t happen. Su Hao’s knife easily severed Mingzi’s claw, while Mingzi left three shallow marks on Su Hao’s chest with its claw.

In that instant of collision, Su Hao’s long knife and Mingzi’s claw clashed, and Su Hao effortlessly severed the claw. In a swift motion, he aimed to cut Mingzi in two, but Mingzi’s body twisted mysteriously, avoiding the attack. It even had time to scratch Su Hao’s chest with its feet.

And so, Mingzi had left three marks on Su Hao’s chest as its battle achievement.

“Hmm?” Both of them looked quite surprised.

Su Hao was amazed by the enemy’s agility in mid-air, which far surpassed his own. Moreover, his “Level 2 – Barrier” was torn apart by the opponent in an instant, relying solely on the “hardening” and “deflection” defenses.

Mingzi was astonished by the sharpness of Su Hao’s long knife and his formidable defense.

Mingzi’s hoarse voice sounded, “This sky is my domain, and I don’t allow anyone to enter. If you don’t want to die, I’ll give you a chance, leave immediately.”

Su Hao smiled and said, “It used to be your domain, but since I arrived, this is my domain!”

“Mingzi” let out a cold snort. Immediately, he flew towards Su Hao. In the moment of nearing Su Hao, his figure blurred and then flowed like a liquid, leaving a long trail behind. He almost appeared behind Su Hao in an instant, and his flashing claws reached for Su Hao’s neck.

In front of his claws, any heavy armor was like nothing. Because his claws were possibly the sharpest objects in the world, with tips almost at the molecular level. As long as there were gaps between the matter, his claws could penetrate those gaps, disrupting the forces between the material molecules, effortlessly tearing apart anything that appeared to be solid.

“Mingzi” didn’t understand the principles of his claws, but he was confident that with this strike, he could at least take a piece of flesh from the black crystal armor-wearer’s neck.

“Level 2 – Lightning!” Su Hao had prepared the runes well in advance, even though he was surprised by the way and speed of the opponent’s attack. Su Hao calmly activated the runes.


A lightning bolt struck “Mingzi.” The claws that were about to reach Su Hao’s neck froze.

“Black Crystal Thorns!” Su Hao couldn’t turn around in mid-air, so he directly sent a large number of black crystal thorns from behind.

“Splatter, splatter, splatter!”

“Mingzi” couldn’t evade in time and was turned into a hedgehog by Su Hao’s black crystal thorns. Immediately, Su Hao spun his body and his long knife swept horizontally.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, “Mingzi” barely regained his mobility and fluidly retreated, avoiding Su Hao’s long knife. Subsequently, the numerous black crystal thorns on his body slid down his long black fur. Su Hao’s black crystal thorns seemed to be stuck in a bundle of yarn and didn’t cause any harm to “Mingzi.”

“Is physical attack ineffective again?” Su Hao wasn’t surprised by this; the abilities of Mutants could be quite diverse.

Su Hao looked at the long fur on “Mingzi’s” body, believing that it definitely had some special properties. He wondered what it would look like after setting it on fire.

At this moment, “Mingzi” had some doubts. What was the light that the opponent had emitted earlier? Was it lightning? How come he had never heard of an Mutant controlling lightning? Moreover, the opponent could fly, and usually, only “Nightwalkers,” “Mimic Shifters,” “Lightfooters,” and maybe “Speed People” could do that, but they could only briefly hover in mid-air.

The black crystal armor-wearer in front of him clearly belonged to the “Shell People” sequence of Mutants. “Mingzi” had never heard of the “Shell People” sequence being able to fly and control lightning. His worldview was seriously challenged by what he was witnessing today.

Furthermore, he realized that he couldn’t defeat this opponent. As soon as he got close, the opponent would attack with lightning, causing his body to go out of control and leaving him vulnerable. He wasn’t afraid, but there was no need to test the opponent’s attacks unnecessarily.

Su Hao exploded forward, pursuing “Mingzi.” He was very curious about the unique qualities of a Seventh Level Mutant and decided to have a fight today for the sake of it.

“Mingzi” was also a tough character. Seeing Su Hao approaching, he wasn’t afraid and circled gracefully in the air, repeatedly evading Su Hao’s pursuit.

When Su Hao approached once more, “Mingzi” narrowed his round eyes.

“Claws of the Void!”

In an instant, a multitude of sharp claws filled the surrounding airspace.

All those claws were aimed at Su Hao.

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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